36 Years Old W/ 2 Kids......Need a Change & A Lift!! - Miami, FL

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I've been considering BBL surgery for over a year...

I've been considering BBL surgery for over a year now but have been to scared to get it. I have a nice shape however I'm missing an Ass!! I want to the surgery so bad. Well I want the results. My cousin had it done by Dr. Fisher and she looks fabulous however I'm going to go with Dr. McAdoo. Can't wait

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Dr. McAdoo NEW location......

So I was pretty much scheduled for surgery when I received a call stating that Dr McAdoo was no longer with encore. I asked where he was and they just stated over and over that he was not go with them and that they we're referring all of his patients to Dr Vall!! That under no circumstances work for me considering I had done so much research for so long. Started my research with dr. Fisher and ended with Dr McAdoo so there was no way that I was going to start over considering I needed to my surgery done next month in September!!

Anyway, I found Dr. McAdoo!! He is now at Seduction Jardon Cosmetics. The staff was very nice and I was able to book my appointment with Dr. McAdoo for September 16, 2016. I'm super excited!! I will soon be a McAdoo doll!!

In my research I also found this young lady named Yani. She has a private RH. They offer personalized round-the-clock care, 24 hours a day with three hot meals a day and snacks. I'm going with them for my post-op care. I'm not going with anyone so it was extremely important to me to have personalized care. I'll keep everyone posted.
Aventura Plastic Surgeon

I've spoken with two coordinators so far and I'm staying to get excited. I want to have the surgery at the end of July 2016. They said that my preferred date was actually available but for another doctor in the office......Dr. McAdoo. They were running a special. It was kind of hard to find reviews with pictures for Dr. McAdoo on RealSelf however there were a few and they seemed satisfied. Additionally, I successfully found him on Instagram, where he had several before and after pictures. I'm super nervous yet excited at the same time!! I can't wait to get approved!! BUT dolls.......I need your help on a few things. 1. What garment is best to buy?? 2. What post surgery pillow is best to use?? 3. What supplies do I need?? 4. Should I be taking iron or any other vitamins now?? 5. What a realistic timeliness to return to work?? 6. How many massage should I plan for in order to help ensure a good recovery?? 7. Best Recovery facility in Miami??

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