34 Years Old, Mother of One.. Looking to Have Lipo, and Bbl - Miami, FL

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Looking to become a Blinski Doll. Have has many...

Looking to become a Blinski Doll. Have has many consults from Miami,FL from Dr.Salama, to Dominican Republic with Dr Duran. Still deciding but Dr Blinski has my eyes right now. Making Appointmentioned for consult this week with Dr. Blinski. Can't wait till I get a quote and sugery date very excited looking to have sugery at the end of the year.

Curvy Angels Recovery Home

Hello ladies I dont post much I do more of observing. I'm in the process of looking for a good recovery home to stay in after my sugery with Dr Salama in Miami Fl. And it came to my attention when I noticed a fued between a patient and the owner of Curvy Angels Recovery. I started following Curvy Angels about a month ago just as I followed a few others from miami aswell just to read reviews and comments from patients and etc to come to my decision as to who I will go with to stay after sugery. So as the fued went on between the owner and the patient I was appalled as to how the owner conducted her self but of course I will always give business owners the benefit being that disagreements will occur at times with clients, But where I lost my respect for the owner is when I go on her page after I notice the fued to find out that she un friend me. Now let me say this i have never commented or liked anything on this women's page so why would you un friend someone especially when you have a business page and the reason for the page is to promote your business and as a business owner you are a customer searching for CUSTOMERS. now I did notice alot of people say she unfollowed and blocks and etc for reasons like people decide to book with another recovery home indtead of hers which is wrong! But of course your free to do whatever you want so why should you get upset? Its enough business to go around. Instead of going against other business especially of the same kind why not collaborate and help eachother. Now I see that the accusations against her are true and I am happy she unfollowed me because have i had book my stay with her i would have been upset if i experience what this young lady experience and proved to future so dolls meanwhile Curvy Angels Owner is calling this young lady all types of names and and other stuff and can't prove what this young lady was stating was false. God works in mysterious ways having that this owner doesnt know me, and my IG page is also not private btw. So back to this fued with this young lady and the owner This young lady simply just stated a comment about her stay nothing more and this owner went ballistic and conducted her self in a terrible manner and just went so over board to the point this former client had to put on IG about this owner and pressed facts. Now ladies if you are booking with this RH I suggest you do more research on her she is not a professional what's so ever she appears to be very rude and trashy please beware of the RH's you choose. Should you need any facts and proof you can visit the young ladies page on IG @money.qu33n which she has all the facts on her experience mean while Curvy Angels owner of course deleted all the bad unprofessional pics of the client and her business which is a Bigger no no as a professional. I'm sorry I had to make this a review but I don't think PAYING clients should go through this or clients that is just shopping around who didn't do anything to get blocked out because of your unprofessional doings to you clients. However due to this mess of a fued I came across a fairly new RH which is gorgeous based called Dollsrecoverygetawaymiami which is a fairly new RH which I spoke to the owner and she was very Polite and I booked my stay and now I'm set. At this point I really don't care if there isn't any reviews yet but i have seen comments from patients who booked and are staying before me in the up coming months so i will wait on their reviews and pics on this RH because every business has to start their first day and I take it as staying at a hotel if i dont like what im receiving the first few days or the pics are a fraud or something in that nature I will politely terminate my stay there, as I would do with a hotel. yes it's a bit much to go through but I rather take my chances and go through that instead of what I read on this Curvy Angels owner and experience being unfriended by her for no apparent reason. Feel free to comment and help me out ladies if you can thank you.

Miami Plastic Surgeon

Very sweet and polite Doctor not to mention the staff are Dolls love them.

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