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Hello Dolls!!! I am a 30 year old with 1 child. I...

Hello Dolls!!!

I am a 30 year old with 1 child. I have always been unhappy with my body. Ever since a child a have been larger than the girls and women around me and I have always been very self conscious about my size and shape. I mean I am by no means a female Andre the Giant, but at 6 ft tall and always slightly overweight and have a larger build, my size has been larger than average and less feminine than I wish I was. I have been extremely interested in a BBL for years but never thought to really pursue it. In the past few years I have gained and lost weight but have come to love myself and embrace my size for who I am but at the same time even though I love me I still want to have the pride and feel sexy all the time and have a bangin body! lol . Of course I still have things I want to look better even though I love me, and a BBL would correct my trouble areas and give me that curvy hourglass and voluptuous booty I have always wanted .

OK! So I am having a dilemma though! I am researching my surgeon and I am so torn! I have fallen in love love love with Dr Blinksi's results! His work is EXACTLY the results I am looking for. I emailed his office and he emailed me back the same day on a Saturday requesting picture and said it would cost $7900 with $900 deposit and would be scheduled October 2017. Now Im 100% ok with the time frame because that will allow time to prepare mentally and financially, but the cost was more than I was expecting to pay for the procedure just based off the reviews I have read on Realself from other Blinski patients saying they paid in the $5k range (yes I know prices change, but I just wasnt preparded for such a jump). But at the same time if you want the quality and service sometimes you have to pay for it which I understand completely. On the other side I have come across Dr. Rami Ghurani who also is highly rated and has BEAUTIFUL results. I have researched him thoroughly as well and while I do like Dr Blinski's Lipo results better and how small his patients waists have turned out (which is my desire), Dr. Rami Ghurani has some amazing patients results as well. On top of that the procedure online is saying they are doing BBL for $3850 right now on special and that would save me thousands! But I am just trying to look for a little advice from some VETS here. Im open to opinions. I dont have anyone to really talk to in my life about all this that will really understand the struggle, so Im reaching out to try and find some help from some fellow dolls :)

Also has anyone used Carecredit? I have actually had it for year and I see a lot of surgeons take it for financing options, what has been the experience with it?

A Bit Discouraged.

So I was emailing with Dr Blinski last night and sent him my pictures. He responded super fast which I loved that he emailed me within minuets on a Sunday night! I mean c'mon thats pretty awesome! But he said BBL would be easy to do, BUT the extra skin would require a tummy tuck. That bummed me out a bit. I really dont like the idea of a tummy tuck and to be honest the thought of having another surgery to get rid of the skin is upsetting. I didnt even realize that would be an issue. going through more pain and the money. I already will be putting myself in a lot of debt to get the shape I want, and tummy tucks are just as much. sorry for venting. Has anyone else been told this but had good results from just a bbl alone that they were happy with their tummy?

I have wanted to do a BBL for years now. But now...

I have wanted to do a BBL for years now. But now that its actually within my grasp I'm scared. I have read the stories lately of women dying because of BBL. I have had a child since I discovered this is what I want and now I have this fear of dying on the table and leaving my child motherless. I know this is a rare occurrence that women have died, but has anyone else delt with this fear before this procedure?

Figured I will post some wish pics finally. I'm...

Figured I will post some wish pics finally. I'm calling Monday to pay my deposit. I called today and talked to Rose and got the exact date that will be available for me. I'm gonna pay a portion on my care credit now and pay off and then the rest when it's closer to surgery date, just so my monthly payment isn't insane.

Being that I work in a call center environment I sit all day, so I have been worried about sitting when I get back to work. I am going to stretch my time off for about 2 to 2 1/2 weeks. I kno that's not long, but we gotta work bc this ass isn't gonna pay for itself lol. Luckily my job has stand up desks but they have to be approved by a dr, so I'm curious if Dr Blinski would be able to or willing to sign paperwork to get that approved.  Also just curious about lipo boards, when do you start wearing them? How many massages did you get, and are they as terrible and painful as they seemed?

Massages? Length of Stay?

I am wanting honest opinion... Do the massages hurt? I have heard mixed reviews. and when you got them how many after Sx did you have? And any recommendations on places to go? I found a place 'Medical Massage Professionals' was curious if anyone had any experience with them. Blinski includes one with his price, but just wanting to know how many you had and how much they ran price wise.

Also if you traveled from out of town how long did you stay? I know reading everywhere I see at minimum 5 days, but I will be driving with my fiance and I live about 5 hours away. So I was just wondering if anyone who didnt fly went home sooner than 5 days? I have a large SUV so I will be laying down my back seats an setting up my area back there for the trip so i wont actually be sitting up.  Thanks Dolls!

omg!! im scheduled!!

Im so excited right now!! I just called and paid my deposit for my
surgery and I am officially going to have my BBL done October 3rd, 2017
with Dr. Blinski. It's so far away but that's fine because I will have
plenty of time to get myself prepared mentally and save up for hotel and
massages. It seems so surreal! I can't express how excited I am after
all this time of following others journeys it's finally my turn. Please
VETS any advice or tips/tricks I'm completely open to hear advice since
this is uncharted water for me.


Waiting waiting waiting. Ughhhhhhhhhhh my SX is so far away. Lol. But you know they say "All good things to those who wait". And I feel like this is true for this. I'm glad I went with Dr. B and I feel extremely confident he will be able to give me the dream body I have been wanting. I'm glad I didn't take a chance and chose a cheaper and sooner appt just to get it done ya know? And possibly end up with results I wasn't happy with, or even worse a botched job.

So upset with myself tho, I started a list of everything I needed to buy and places to get massages..Hours of research on Realself getting tips and stuff from vets...And restarted my computer on accident and hadn't saved my list and lost everything!! I did save some things on my Amazon, but it wasnt a full list. I will just have to stalk some supply lists again and start over. Also I wanna try to see if there are any methods or creams or something that can help me tighten my loose skin up on my tummy a bit so it's not too bad after my BBL. Nyonenhave any tips?

In Clothes

Just wanted to post some pics of my flat booty in clothes lol as you can see I am pretty flat back there unfortunately! I can't wait to have some curves and stop looking like a refrigerator box lol. I used to think I had a little bump...But I have come to the realization that I was not blessed with any junknin my trunk lol


I feel so ridiculous to be addicted to looking at butts all the time
lol. I feel like a butt stalker and I feel pretty obsessed sometimes.
I'm just so ready to have my body reflect how I feel In the inside ya
know? It's like I get dressed and I feel good and sexy..But they I see
myself sometimes In pictures and I'm just like "damn is this really what
my body is right now!?" No bueno! Weightloss and having a baby has not
been kind to my body lol. But I have faith In Dr Blinski. I look at his
Instagram very frequently and Everytime I do I know I made the best
choice for me.

Hesitant to Tell Others?

Has anyone else delt hesitant to tell others in their life? I have
told immediate family..And they are all supportive. Some don't
understand why I feel the need to do it because they see me fine the way
I am, but they support me regardless if it will make me happy.

But I'm a little curious how people will react after. Should I say
something to people I work with? Or just come back like ***bam! I got
snatched and got some ass on vacation*** lol. I work in a huge call
center so I know people are gonna probably gossip about me.. but I know
it's bc I'ma be bangin! Lol so I'm just curious did anyone else go
through this? How did it pan out for u?

Counting down the days.

Posting some more wish/admiration pics. It's officially less than 9 months until my surgery. Seems so close but so far at the same time. I'm just so ready for the day to come. I'm not gonna to lie tho, I am soooo not looking forward to the recovery that first week. I'm no weakling by any means, but I am nervous about the pain right after and from what I read the massages hurt like hell too. Ugh. The price of beauty right? Lol I wish I could meet Dr B before my preop, but driving 5 hours for an in person consultation is just not gonna happen lol. I'm the type of person that has to have all my ducks in a row and I'm just nervous about all the what ifs. But from what I have read their office is very organized so I'm sure when Jackie contacts me when time comes closer I'll feel better about things. Sorry so the rambling ... But thanks for reading dolls!
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