VANITY!!!! FRAUD Lets not allow vanity ruin our life. Please do your research its not worth it

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Hello I am 30 yr old. No kids. I have had a breast...

Hello I am 30 yr old. No kids. I have had a breast implant before but I desperately need a lift. Will be getting a bbl first then my breast lift after. I have been stalking this forum forever and you girls are awesome. It's about time I join and talk about my story. So my surgery is scheduled for October with Vanity I have paid them and sent in my photo. I picked Dr. Fisher for my procedure. Here is my now picture as of today

My height and weight and wondering if I should loose weight

Hello ladies, you all have been so nice and welcoming, so I have been wondering of I should loose weight for my procedure, I am 5 feet and about 128 to 130 lbs right now. I am thinking about dropping down to about 125 for my bbl. Dr. Fisher said I am perfect and initially my coordinator also mentioned to not loose weight. But I want to look toned after bbl so I have been doing light work outs, like yoga and Pilates and occasional elliptical. Anyway I guess I don't want any unrealistic bbl but I definitely want some bubble. I will post a picture of my wish picture on this post.

I'm super anxious and nervous

I have been so obsessed with booty pictures this past week. I wake up I look at booty and before I sleep I look at booty all day all night lol. I am going to Mexico next week for 2 weeks then after I come back from Mexico I need to start getting ready for Miami. I am still confused about what supplies I need to buy. It's really hard getting in touch with my coordinator but I am trying to be positive. I am also on the hunt for a hotel or condo because I plan on staying for a little over 14 days after surgery. My fiancé is coming with me. Anyway goodnight it's late now

Dreaming of my booty

I had a dream last night that I had my butt done lol. It was huge and jiggly. I was showing it to my finances mom and grandma lol and shaking it for them. How silly. Funny thing was I couldn't remember meeting the doctor or even anything from the procedure. I guess it's on my mind 24/7 I need to stop obsessing over it. Btw this is my definite wish pics I now know that I want that projection high booty.

I would like to share this email with you ladies! Praying that we all get the respect we deserve from these businesses.

To whom it may concern!

Hello my name is Lillian, I have been an avid reader on your site for a few years now. About a year ago after reading reviews I decided to proceed on having some cosmetic surgery done from one of the promoted centers on your site. Vanity Cosmetics. I placed a deposit for my procedure with them and after a few months of really horrible bad customer service I began to reconsider the entire decisions. I started digging deeper and finding out that this business is not only ran poorly and unprofessional but they have also been reports of deaths from doctors during surgery. I made a firm decision to cancel my surgery and submit for refund as I was advised by Mercedes and Claudia that my refund will take a few weeks to process. Weeks passed and months passed I called back to check on the status of my refund only to be put on hold and ran around like a dog. I was told to contact my bank which could no longer assist me since it was past 60 days and disputes should be resolved within that time frame. I have since looked online with numerous horrible reviews and BBB complaints on this particular matter that I am also dealing with. I will be contacting my attorney regarding this fraudulent act I believe is taking place and many girls like me are being taken advantage of by Vanity. I am asking that you remove them from your site or ask them to refund deposits that are due to the rightful owners.

I would appreciate some acknowledgement to this matter from you

Kind regards,


Link to bbb


So as many of you know, Vanity is still refusing to honor the refund policy that they guaranteed me before they took my money. I am upset with the staff especially Claudia because she refuses to honor the refund policy. I have been told to dispute the transaction with my bank which is useless since it is past 60 days and the dispute has to be filed before 60 days. I originally paid them a deposit in July of 2500. After reading multiple reviews and hearing of deaths from that clinic I decided to change my mind on the surgery and in september I called and filed for a refund and I was told I will receive the refund in 45 days. 45 days later I called and of course most of the staff I had previously been working with had quit including a girl called mercedes. Now Claudia was now the office manager and kept putting me on hold for about 2 more weeks to finally tell me that their merchant changed and I will need to take it to my bank to get a refund. What kind of nonsense is that? I called my bank only to find out that that was a lie and a dispute can not be filed after 60 days. I have been dealing with vanity since last year regarding this dispute and still no resolution. The staff is so rude and unprofessional. I wish every girl the best and a safe and comfortable environment when doing this kind of surgery but please watch out for Vanity! My entire experience dealing with them has been horrid! From the beginning moving from one coordinator to another after each one quits its like a fast food restaurant dealing with them and no one should have to put their life in jeopardy for that. I will be speaking to my attorney regarding my refund because the unfair treatment has been taken way too far from them. I wish I knew before giving them my money about all these complaints I have seen online (BBB, yelp) regarding this company, I would have been more cautious. So just sending you lovely ladies an FYI. Stay Blessed
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