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Hello pretty ladies. I have been watching this app...

Hello pretty ladies. I have been watching this app for about 5 days non stop. So much info and helpful info on here. I am looking to have lipo and BBL done this November with Dr Mcadoo. I am scheduled to pay my deposit this Friday 9/30/16 and get the ball rolling! I am 5'4 154 lbs . Hopefully I can get connected to other dolls that will be having SX during that time. I have included some wish pics that I have found on here. You ladies look amazing !! Soon I will post my struggle body =)

Struggle pic of me now ????

So....this is me now. I have had this belly for months now that looks like I'm 4 months pregnant. People ask me from time to time "Are you pregnant?" I can't even get upset with them because I do look pregnant LOL. I am just counting down until I can get rid of this belly and get some booty as well!

Deposit Paid!!

Not only did I pay my deposit but my best-friend just decided she would go to! So I may be delaying my surgery date back just a tad...but that's cool because I would rather go with someone I know!!!

We both have discussed doing this for so long but just never got serious with it. We have always been each other's "pusher" so I'm super hype now!!

This belly ughhh

It's gots ta go y'all! I can't take it anymore!! I'm sick of sucking in my belly when I walk around!! I'm too pretty of a girl to be walking around like this lol smh

At work thinking about thinking

I swear if you constantly read the positive and negatives about your chosen surgeon you will go nuts.

Some days you are confident about your decision then the next day you read something negative and you are like hmmm...maybe I should look elsewhere.

At this point I am just trusting God. With my decision.

With that being said...Ladies once you make your decision on who you want to go with ...stick with it. Especially if you have consistently researched and are happy with his or her results...pray about it and move forward. Always remember there will always be positive and negatives about EVERYTHING!! Your experience may be totally different then the next persons..

Hope everyone has a prosperous day...back to reading reviews :)


First of all I don't appreciate the Admin taking down my post about the Mcadoo dolls group we created on "blank"....it's not like it's going to take away the people from here! Smh

Anyway!!! I'm at work randomly thinking about "back shots" yes back shots...I hate doing it from behind right now with my husband because there is no "Behind" back there lol smh

Once I have this surgery it's going to be onnnn and poppin...all back shots!!!

Ok back to work lmao

Getting prepared

So....me and my bestfriend have both been going nuts wit what to take before and what to buy to prepare for our surgery...

One minute I feel like we are prob getting too many things then the next I feel like we still aren't prepared..

Does anyone know the REAL must haves?! Shoot me a list because you darn sure can't get it out of seduction. From now on I'm just going to have my Spanish co-worker call and ask questions for me. I can't take it anymore...

I'm starting to feel like others when they say Seduction is all about the money and that's cool but atleast let us know what we should be doing to prepare for something so serious! I should not have to find out everything on these blogs....

That's my vent for today...lol

Another wish pic

I don't know who this is but I need this donkey butt..

Update!! Moving right along

My flights have been purchased, RH booked and I'm almost finished paying for my surgery! God is good..

Another right now pic of me

RIDICULOUS!!! I love to eat and now that I'm older it has begin to "stick" I remember when I was younger people would say "Girl all that food you eat and you never gain, when u get about 30 that food gonna start sticking " well guys it's STICKING!!! I'm really going to have to cut back after my procedure next month bc I don't want this to be in vain !

Purchased my faja !!

I ordered a size XL...I better have a lot of booty for it =).....nah but I know with wearing a tank under it and all the boards/foams the XL should be fine...less than a month to go..

Birth control

I'm feeling a little weird about this...ok everyone knows you have to stop your birth control a month prior which I actually just found out this week...I have issues with this...im on the Nuva ring and I had plans of taking my Nuva ring out the week before SX so my period could come on early instead of my surgery week...now that I am not going to have it in I won't be able to finesse my period....

Has anyone heard of anyone having this surgery while their period is on? I'm tight!

And last but not least...I just got married and I'm NOT tryna get pregnant right now...smh it's gonna be a long 30 days of trusting the "pull out method" smh!

I realize this is for good reason but sheeeesh!

21 days 16 hours 59 mins left until

Now that my friend has successfully had her surgery I am so HYPE and ready! I have pretty much everything I need...just waiting on the date!!

What's in my bag?....take a look!

Morning ladies! Just wanted to share with you guys what I currently have packed. I am not trying to overpack so I'm trying to keep it as basic as possible...

My bag consists of....
Waist trainer vest
Butt IN faja
4 maxi dress
1 going home outfit (cotton pants and top)
2 different kinds of compression socks...one pair that goes up to my panty line and the others stop right under my knee
Arincare tablets
Bromelain pills
Stool softer
Arnica tea
Tanks (not sure I will really need these)
And a night out fit...

I still have to get/pack
Arnicare Gel
Moo moo
Another night fit or two
Antibacterial soap
And I'm sure a FEW more things on my list that I'm prob forgetting at the moment but here's a start! Two more weeks!!

Thinking about thinking...again

I'm at work wondering if Ima have a Judy or just a natural looking booty? ...

To be honest I've never seen a butt look like their wish pic...I think everyone gets their own shape based off THEIR body...

That's like me bringing in a pic of nicki Minaj and expecting him to work that type of miracle on my lil body...not gonna happen without a implant and other things...

I've decided as long as my booty turns out round vs the flat it is right now...I will be happy...

I'm not going to do a round 2 so whatever he does will be my look. If there is absolutely NO difference then I will be back to seductions with a revision bc although I don't expect to walk outta there with a nicki Minaj I do EXPECT a difference. I could do squats my damn self and obtain a certain look.

I am including in this post how I look when I go to the gym twice a day and do squats and ab work...my point is I can obtain this look my damn self in less than 6 months if I devote my time to the gym (which I'm not which is the reason I'm having surgery) but I'm not tryna pay 4K+ just to look the exact same!!

Final blood work today!! (Hopefully)

I had blood work done like two weeks ago just to see where I stood...everything came out fine but with my surgery being in Nov I had to get it redone so it could be current...

So I am sitting here waiting for my name to be called to have my EKG, urinalysis, and all the other blood work crap done...

Another step closer!!

My concern today is all the candy I ate last night from trick or treating...I already know my sugar level is gonna be out the roof...DAH WELL!

New Wish Pic

lol a girl can wish cant she?!?

Talk about a scare!

Lemme tell y'all...I liked to had died on myself... I got my blood results back and the sheet said Positive beside pregnant ...I almost lost it!

Come to find out I was reading the sheet wrong...I am NOT preggo, my hemo is still rocking at 12.6 which is the exact same it was two weeks ago.

So now I will fax this to seductions in the am and get my clearance!

I will be making several copies of my blood work results because I know how MESSY they are there.

It's really sad how everyone says the same thing about them and the one review I did read that was positive was prob an employee faking for them.

I'm just ready to get safely done with all of this and have a nice body that I can twerk with at KOD I meant in my bed* lol

My reason for not posting pics yet lmfao!! However pics included in this!

Morning ladies!!

Let me first start off by saying I really hate when ppl post a review and they never post pics ...like yea yea wish pics are cool and all but what do YOU look like?

I won't even read a review that doesn't have real pics of themselves. Everybody has a struggle body starting off DUHHHH so what's the big stink? Posting pics allows people to see the difference after your surgery and also I sometimes compare my size with people my size to get a idea of how i may look even tho that's not always certain!

The reason I've not posted pics is bc I have tattoos all over the place and I never knew how to put a picture on them lol sure I could have asked but MEHhhhhhhhh lol

But anywho here are my struggle pics. As you can see I look 8 months pregnant baby is coming out next month LOL and as far as my butt it's flat but I do have a lil bit of hips ????

Itch relief!

I've heard and read several ppl say that they went into a itch attack...I think I'm gonna purchase this to help with that when the time comes!

Hello it's meeeee!!! SX update!

Hi Ladies,

I am currently 11days post op and I feel great!

I had my surgery November 17th...I was in ALOT of pain right after up until 2 days ago. When I say pain I'm speaking more of stiffness. Omg! Getting off the bed was a pure struggle!!!

As far as my results I love it! My swelling has went down so I'm not as swole as I was right after surgery.

My main goal for having this was to have a flat stomach everything else was just extra!

Dolls Recovery Getaway

I stayed at Dolls recovery Getaway Nov 17-19th....I had no complaints...I didn't realize so many bad reviews had been posted. All of the girls in the house during my stay there all felt the same way I did. They enjoyed it. The food was great, the nurses were cool. One of them I know won't last long b/c of her attitude but it still didn't bother me I just kept talking to her. The staff was always a buzz away. If I had to do it again I would stay there.

People people ! There will always be good and bad reviews about everything and everyone...sometimes u just have to step out on faith!

If I've read a review that says they take mad long to pick u up...that's the first thing I would be saying to them "listen, I do not want to be waiting around please be here on time" etc I would stress that several times...

Whatever ur concerned about ..make them aware of that I can guarantee u won't have any issues !!
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