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So basically let's just say it's safe to say I've...

So basically let's just say it's safe to say I've stalked realself for approximately 6 months!! Lol ive decided on dr fisher.. His work is impeccable!! Currently I weigh around 195 and I plan to drop 30 pounds before surgery here are some wish pics. Everyone at the office seems pretty nice and professional I've heard some stories how an organized vanity Cosmetics can be but I haven't yet to experience that


So I woke up this morning and scroll down my Instagram news feed when I stumbled upon more pictures of dr. Yily de los Santos work and I'm so impressed it's making me second-guess dr. Fisher I just love the projection and slim waist she gives as well as the consistency of her work I think I'm going to make that change and stick to it I just emailed her surgical coordinator about possibly securing a date for June 20th crossing my fingers hoping they respond soon

deposit paid!!

Shit just got real!!! Surgery was booked today with dr.yily for june 20th!!.. Now its time to get things in order. Pass port ,meds, faja, etc...

passport ordered

So I apply for my passport today and had it expedited for two weeks can't believe I'm really going through with it but there's no turning back now

Switching to cabral

Hey dolls sorry its been a while.. Quick update!! I've decided to go with Dr.Cabral instead of Yily.. After looking at his work I'm far more impressed then with yilys.. Any way I'm scheduled for October 6th. I'll be staying at serenity
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