26 Year Old, 1 Kid, Scheduled with BLINKSKI - Miami, FL

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Went to consultation last week. Love at first...

Went to consultation last week. Love at first sight with this physician. So honest and so cool! Older guy with a ton of experience. Made me feel like other surgery decisions were a bad call without saying one negative comment. Glad I chose a private practice rather than the typical 8th street clinic. Ladies, BEWARE. Take into consideration the much classic quote, what you pay for us what you get. Don't risk your procedures and even less your lives for a cheaper alternative.

Before & Wish Pics

I didn't upload wish pics with my original post and I know that's the best way to interpret real results so, here they are!

Forgot to add...

I showed a couple of my wish pics to Dr. Blinski and I was told to achieve those results, I would have to gain 5-10 lbs. Fyi, I'm currently 150lbs. The HEAVIEST I've ever been. My usual weight was always around 125-130 and I'm 5'4. So, given this, I already feel extremely over weight :( although I know that all that fat will eventually go to my bootay, I'm not getting lipo on my arms nor on my face! Am I going to look fat??? Ughhhh! Ladies, I appreciate some feedback on this. How was your weight gain process?? Was it beneficial in the end?? After surgery, how'd you feel about your weight?! Thank you!!!

Labs this coming Thursday and sx on 11/28

Time is flying. I have my pre op this Thursday and surgery 11/28. I am freaking out!!! I haven't bought any supplies yet. Ladies, what are your supply suggestions outside of the obvious bbl pillow? I've seen girls get all different types of creams, gels and other bbl gadgets. What's actually useful, what actually works and what can I skip?!

Does anyone have any experience with post op cellulite? I've gained so much weight and so quickly it's given me a few dimples! I know bbl does not remove it so what have you girls done to get rid of it post surgery?


Twas the night before surgery

Scheduled for sx in the morning at 6am. My nerves are up the wall but seriously stalking some of your posts have made me feel a little more at ease. Final pre op measurements are: waist 31, hips 39. Update y'all soon.


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