25yr, 155lbs BBL W/Dr.Hunsaker Sept23, 2015. Miami, FL (Doctor change to Dr. Llorente)

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Hey everyone,thanks in advance for all feedback...

Hey everyone,thanks in advance for all feedback and support :)
I have been dreaming of a BBL for over 10yrs and now the time has come! I've always been on the more petite side standing at 5'3 usually between 127-135lbs (gained weight for procedure) with huge DDD breast and NO bottom. So I'm sure you can imagine why I'd like this procedure. I'd like to be well proportioned. (a DDD backside is not what I'm going for lol, but I would like it to be a nice full, plump bottom with projection and a cuff. Hour glass like from the front)
Although this is something I've planned on doing almost half my life I still have my reservations. I'll be an out of town patient traveling from Washington DC to Miami. My surgery is already paid for tho I have not met my doctor face to face yet. I'm wondering if anyone has gotten work done at the CG Cosmetics Surgery Center by Dr.Robert Hunsaker (or at this facility period). My experience so far with the center and my coordinator has been pretty pleasant no complaints. I'm really looking forward to seeing my results. Also if there is anyone out there with the same body build who has gotten this procedure I'd love to hear/see your results.
I have anxiety so please no negativity.

Dreadful Before pics

Hey real self beauties, here are my befores! Wish pics coming next.

Plastic Surgery Simulation Pics of Me

Hey beauties, this is my first time using an enhancement app so bare with me... This is only an idea of what I want give or take a little.

2weeks to Go!!!

Hello again beauties, my big day is exactly 2wks from today yayyy!!! I'll be updating my review more from now on. I'm kinda freaking out and I feel really unprepared. I haven't started getting any of my supplies but I will be doing that this weekend. I went and got my blood work done Tuesday morning so hopefully my results come back perfect! (CG should be receiving the results tmmrw) My stay arrangements are all set with Keyla. I can't wait to meet her in person she seems so nice. I went back nd forth with the amount of days I would stay in town and I decided 6days should be sufficient.
I haven't been on this site for very long but from what I seen the level of support is amazing. Unfortunately I haven't gotten much feedback but I will continue to share my journey. Smiles.

Positive Vibes Only!!!!

Hey there beauties.
A week from now at this exact time I'll will be in Miami a day away from the bigger better me! As close as my date is, I don't feel anywhere near to ready. But nevertheless, it's happening. THIS IS HAPPENING! I've decided that only Positive Vibes will consume my thoughts, words, nd actions from this point on........So, I've been cutting coupons trying to save on everything I need. (Still haven't gone shopping) I will complete most of my list by the weekend. Only thing I'm not concerned with buying is my garment which I will purchase frm my doctor. (They wouldn't tell me what kind they use no matter how many times I asked, only tht it cost $160)
In other news, after plenty of back nd forth I gathered the courage to tell my mom about my surgery. It went better than I expected. And even better news, I'm happy to say I've found my biggest supporter here on RS and I cant express how thankful and greatfull I am. It's amazing how ppl yu barely know will stick up for wht yu want and stand beside yu thru it all. Even writing this is making me teary eyed. @Tawana4372 YU ARE AMAZING!!! Yu have no idea of the emotional weight uve help me overcome. I'm so blessed to have found yu. XoXoXo
Until next post, stay Positive and SMILE beauties : ) : )

Bloodwork, Supplies & ALL SMILES!!!!

Hey beauties, hope everyone is well. Had a looong day yesterday which is why I'm just now posting. Let me start frm the beginning, so I got my blood work done last Tuesday (15days prior like instructed) but I'd been worrying since I knew the results should have come in tht Friday but hadn't heard frm CG. Long story short, after calling around I was told my results were lost. I didn't panic, and in the end everything was worked out. MY BLOODWORK IS GOOD, YAYYY!!! ...After tht baby emotional roller coaster I finally got out to Wal-mart to start grabbing the necessities. Added a couple of pics so I wouldn't have to name everything. Also added the 'standard' BBL Checklist. Not in the pics are things I already have like maxi dresses nd personal toiletries. You'll notice the pic with a crap load of vitamins, those are my pre-op pills. I originally wanted the Make Me Heal pre and post op bundle but my budget wouldn't allow it sooooo I looked up the different types of vitamins in the kit and made my own daily supplement packs. Of course it's not the exact same thing but it's close enough nd it will do! I didn't find the PeeEz in store so I ordered it on Amazon Prime, it should be here no later than Saturday. Haven't gotten a protein powder yet, if anyone knows of a good one feel free to share....Everything's becoming more real now. I'm excited, feels good to cross things off my list. Until next time, Smile beauties ; )

Ready To Share My Journey

Hey there beauties,
First let me apologize for not keeping yu posted at the time these events actually took place. It's been kinda rough. I am 1wk 4days post (Yayyyy!!!) I will post a couple different updates reviewing CG, Keylas Recovery house, my doctor, the procedure and my results. Bare with me beauties as it has been one Hell of a ride!

My* Experience With CG Cosmetics

*The following review/statements on CG are my personal experience and opinions*

I found CG while searching the internet for Miami surgeons. When I found the website and saw the "deals" . I gave them a call and after sending pics and info about myself I was assigned to Catherine as my coordinator. Catherine was very good at contacting me and getting back to me. She was not so good at providing detailed information on certain questions I had, everything was always sounded like the general response. For example: What type of compression garments do you use?.... The garments we have are really nice they are tight and the doctor recommends you get it here at the office for $160. Another issue I had was after I made my final payment she did not return any of my calls. Even when I had the issue of them misplacing my bloodwrk and telling me they never received it. I ended up pretty much solving that issue. Tho after I was told I was all set for surgery I receive a phone call the EVENING before saying my glucose was high and I needed new bloodwrk. And right when I thought it couldn't get any worse, at my pre-op the DAY BEFORE surgery I'm told that my doctor would not be Dr.Hunsaker but Dr.Llorente. Something that my coordinator knew but never informed me of. I was also told that I would not meet him until 1hr before my surgery. What could I say?...I'd paid all this money, traveled down there, paid a crap ton of money to stay at Keylas and I was not about to forfeit anything. So after I had a panic attack or three and had some friends check out Dr.Llorente I was at ease with the change. That evening I was given my surgery time for 10a.m....a couple hours later I was contacted and told my time had changed to 5p.m! Overall the ladies in CG are very pleasant :) but I was not happy with the lack of communication I received throughout the process.

The Big Day....Dr.Llorente & Results!

I came in a hour early as instructed. After going into my chill room and receiving the IV i waited with pictures in hand to meet my doctor. It wasn't long before Dr. Llorente came in and I was ready. I showed him what I wanted I explained and I stood up so that he could mark me. It seemed he understood what I wanted. While he was marking me he assured me that I had enough fat to take out the maximum allowed 4000cc. This made me happy because I had been trying to gain weight for this procedure for a long time.After allowing me to ask other questions I wanted nd needed to ask, he got up and left out, I was ready for surgery!
When I woke up I was facedown on the table with my Faja already placed on me. I wasn't much pain and I was pretty much able to walk on my own. I couldn't wait to see what my body look like. Once back at the house I remember passing a big mirror and feeling like I looked a little small, smaller than I expected. But I was a little out of it from the anesthesia so I just went on to sleep. Once I fully came to I look at myself and my butt looked so tiny. I was very confused and a little disappointed. I remember thinking out loud 'if my butt looks this small with swelling it can't be much after'. I couldn't wait till 11a.m the next day to go to my post-op and find out what exactly Dr. Llorente had done.
When I got to my postop I was greeted by Dr. Ortega, who was not my doctor...I asked him where my surgeon was he told me he was not working that day but he would conduct the follow up. He had no information on my procedure,no notes from my doctor, didn't even ask me to take my garment off, and it all upset me because I needed answers. I asked what was the point of me coming in for postop if I cant get any information on the surgery that I had gotten from my doctor. I told him I needed to speak with my doctor! An appointment was set for me to meet with Dr.Llorente the upcoming Monday but somehow after my caretaker spoke with Dr. Ortega I was told to come back tht day at 2pm.
I arrived bck at the office at 2 nd waited for the Dr. He came in and asked me wht was up after letting me know tht he was just there for paperwork and he doesn't usually see patients on tht day. I asked him to give me details on wht it is he did exactly. He told me he was able to get the full 4000cc but tht he only put 900cc on each side. I was furious!!! I had specifically gained all that weight just for my surgery be cuz I wanted as much ass as possible. I asked him why didn't he use it all or at least use more, enough to give me the volume and projection we talked about. He tells me thts all tht would fit which I find to be bullshit!! I've seen ppl way smaller than me get 1200-1300+cc put in. He then says 'well Yu already had a nice butt, I just enhanced it a bit' and I replied 'I did not come here for a nice enhanced butt, I came here for a FAT ASS!' I was so hurt, and nothing could be done. The fat was gone....trashed :/ He kept with the whole fat wouldn't fit thing and I was so over the whole experience. Once I left I was down for a while but it was no point in crying.
Whn I got to my appointment on Monday he checked everything out said it was all healing nice. I took tht opportunity to ask him about a round 2. He told me I should wait at least 6mnths before thinking about a revision.... Which is wht I will do, but I kno wht I want and this is not it! I'm just wondering now how and where I'm gonna gain fat since I had the lipo. After we finished talking he sent a nurse in to remove my stitches (which hurt like a &!$?*).
Overall, Dr. Llorente was nice and did nice work, but he did not do wht we discussed. Don't get me wrong, My body looks good but it's just not wht I wanted. And I feel like this surgery was for nothing especially because wht I wanted was very very obtainable.
P.S. Whn I arrived home I realized tht they had left stitches in not 1 but 2places. (My back and under my left breast) I had my mom remove the ones frm my back and I removed the ones frm my breast (after my mom found it too difficult nd nauseating since the knot was now under new growing skin).

Nice Doctor. Answered all my questions, made his self available after. Did a good job on my stomach, tho not to happy with the fat transfer.

3 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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