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*Treatment results may vary

I have constantly been on RealSelf...at work I...

I have constantly been on RealSelf...at work I might add! Yipes! I can't help it, getting a BBL is all I think about! I have spent hours researching doctors and comparing prices/skills/outcomes etc. Yesterday I scheduled my appt with Dr. Fisher for May 17th, would love a sx buddy. Ive had several virtual consultants and I was told by nearly all of them that I would need to gain weight to have a "meaningful" BBL. I didn't think I was THAT skinny! So, last night I made the fattest burrito with lots of rice, cheese and ground beef! Yum! Anyone else trying to gain? What are you eating? Also, I have been looking into a RH....possibly Xanadu...any input?

Here are my "befores"

Do you guys think I'll have enough fat or should I gain some weight? I had a few virtual consultations and most of them said I should gain 10 or 15 lbs!

I wish!

playing with ps app


What I'm doing to prepare!!

My sx isn't until May 17th....in the mean time I can't get off of RS!! I'm obsessed...I wish more people were getting more BBLs just so I can read their stories. lol. So in order to make the time pass more quickly I feel like I have to do something to work towards my sx. It seems soooo far away. I have 110 days! Ugh. :|

Here's what I'm doing now:

*Ginseng (have to stop before sx)

*Ginkgo Biloba (also have to stop)

*Hair, Skin and Nail vitamins by Natures Bounty (before bed)

*Green Smoothie in the morning (protein powder, coconut oil, beets, Maca, chia seeds, carrots and ginger)


*Eating more (I usually skip meals and usually eat a little bit when I'm really hungry. Now I am trying to eat even when I'm not starving but know that I should. Lots of protein!)

*Getting sleep schedule on track (Has been difficult....work full-time...school full-time and a two year old little boy!)

*BioOil (waiting to get it from Amazon...going to try and get my skin in the best condition now so that it will heal faster.

Allllsssoooooo.......I need to start working out again! I am a runner and love to get my blood flowing...I just haven't had the time. I heard that you'll heal faster if you workout. What do you guys think about my regimen? What are you dolls doing?? I'm wondering if coconut oil will help my skin too??

Peace, Love and Juicy Bootys!!

I think I've made a decision....

Well after hours of RS stalking, I think I've finally got to recognize my feelings with the BBL. I've looked at Dr. Hazani's website and the outcomes of most of his patients...he's amazing. Hazani is pricey and maybe that's what steered me away initially....but....(no pun intended lol) I think that it would definitely be worth it to save up to go to the doctor I really think will give me the best results. No offense Dr. Fisher....but the staff at Vanity have scared me away. Like most realselfers who've dealt with Vanity, I have lost contact with my coordinator. This is a major decision in my life, I don't want to feel neglected afterward should their be any complications or questions.

I haven't seen one bad review on Hazani as of yet....If any one knows of one please tell me!! For real I want to read the good, bad and the ugly so I know what I may be in for.

I think I'VE GOT IT!!!!!!!

So, for the fat to stay put it has to become vascularized and get blood supply. I think I've figured out why we lose so much volume!!!! When we're laying on our stomachs the entire time, blood is actually rushing away from the booty. I WONDER if we found a way to lay on our backs without the butt (glorious BUTT!) touching the bed or whatever if it would help the booty get better blood supply!!!

I really think I'm on to something!! Think about it, if you hold your arm up pointing towards the sky, the blood will rush out of your hand and eventually it will tingle and get numb because it's losing blood supply.

I am going to try this trick when I get mine done...I think it'll work!

2 MONTHS and 17 DAYS!!!!!!!!

I haven't updated in a while...but I have definitely been following RS-ers journeys. You guys look really great!! It definitely gives me some reassurance for my procedure. I had to change my surgery date to May 13th instead of the 17th. That way I will have more recovery time and won't have to miss as much work. The plane tickets have been paid for, condo in Miami from airbnb...paid for. I've already started to order supplies. :) I KNOW it's sooooo early but I can't help it.

I finally got a tape measure and was able to take my measurements.

Bust - 37
Waist - 28
Butt - 36

I've gained about 8 lbs and weigh around 140 lbs right now......I'm 5'3.

I'm trying to figure out what size faja I would need. It seems like most ladies on here get a size 40......also tho most ladies are taller/bigger than I am. Ugh......I reallllllllly don't want to pay $120 at Vanity.

In the meantime I am just trying to save money. I sure don't want to be broke after I get back from Miami. lol. Love you guys....thank you for being so supportive and for all of the good information!!

It's too soon!!

When I started my BBL countdown I had 120 something days. Now I'm at 58!!!!!!!! O.M.G. I know it's going to go by soooo fast. I won't lie, I am a little stressed about $. I still have $2500 to pay on my surgery. Everything else is paid for.....supplies, plane tickets, airbnb. I hope I can pull this off in 58 days.....oh goodness. Hustle hustle!! I put a bunch of stuff up for sale on FB lol.....clothes and a stroller. Every little bit counts at this point.

Well, a few people at work found out. It's a couple girls and they sound super excited for me lol....they just wanna see the booty!! :) I work in an office of maybe 20 people so I know that they're going to figure it out sooner or later. I feel like their reactions would be even worse if I tried to keep it some big secret. But I'm not going to announce it either!

There have been so many ladies recently who've gotten their BBls from Fisher and they look effing amazing!! Definitely gives me hope. I've gained a good 12lbs...I definitely feel it! If my boobs can stay this big and then shift my tummy fat to my booty, I think I'll be a happy girl!!

Any ideas on how to come up with the rest of the surgery $$?

So many

41 DAYS!!!!

Things are starting to get REAL!! I was stressed out about $ for a little but, but I know how to get my hustle on. I've started doing mystery shopping on my lunch breaks at work and I've begun selling clothes I don't/won't wear. I'll put a link to the mystery shopping site at the end in case anyone else is looking for some extra spending $.

I soooo excited...and nervous! I, of course, and going to miss my son. He's 2 years old and he's my ENTIRE world. I am going to be in Miami for 10 days and I know I will probably cry a few times. The second thing I'm nervous about is caring for him when I get back. He definitely needs me to pick him up and he's a feisty little guy...requires a lot of attention. His Dad can help but right now we are living separately which makes it difficult. Do any ladies have kids who've had to go through this? Any advice??

I've got most of my supplies...I'll post a list later. It's hard to believe that in 11 days there will only be 30 days left!!! #teamfisher #fisherwisher

Here's the info to the Mystery Shopping company...they're legit:

I recently was hired by this company called BestMark, they are hired by various lucrative companies (Chevrolet, Audi, Dodge etc) to conduct quality checks etc.

I just completed my first job yesterday, I test drove an Audi SUV, completed a survey on my experience and earned $17. This is one of the lesser paying jobs too! One of the jobs required you to get an oil change by a certain auto shop and then report on your experience. They reimburse the service work and pay you an additional $40.

If you're interested in being a mystery shopper you can apply at this link:

If you then refer others to BestMark you can earn up to $25/person

BBL Pillow for sale??

Does anyone have a BBL pillow for sale? I also bought the seat from Curve Cure for $99. I will most likely be selling it after I'm done using it. I want the BBL pillow to use at work...it's a little more discreet. The Curve Cure seat is HOT PINK!! lol

Wish Pics

Weight gain

So here's an update on my weight gain. I'm 5'3 and I went from 130 to probably around 142/143. I'm hoping fisher can take all of that fat off. What do u guys think?

My supply list so far.

I posted all of my supplies on vbribriesca1's post...I thought I'd just copy & paste to my page so I don't have to type it all over again. lol.

lol....I did the same thing. I'll tell you the things that I bought:

*Hilands Arnica Tablets (Helps with bruising/swelling and pain.)
*Arnica Tea
*Hibiclens - antimicrobial soap for before/after sx
*Vitamin Code "Healthy Blood" vitamin...has iron and mineral. I've been taking this for several weeks and will continue until sx and after.
*T-Relief - Pain ointment
*Cell Food Silica Formula - supposed to help with the repair of tissues etc.
*Omega 3-6-9
*Melatonin to help me sleep
*Tape Measure
*Black loose fitting dresses - won't show blood.
*Puppy pee pee pads - to put underneath me so I don't bleed on the bed.
*Anti-embolism stockings
*Tummy Binder
*Fajas Diane & Geordi 2397 Sz. 38 - I think it's going to be too small for right after sx but maybe good for stage 2 garment.
*Stool softener

That's all I can think of right now.

One Piece Lipo Foams??? Vets needed!!!!!

Hey, I found this lipo foam that is all one piece. Has anyone used this or do you think it's a good idea? do your lipo foams get blood on them?

Cheap Lipo Foams!!

Hey ladies!! I've been buying supplies for my sx on May 13th :). I found some really cheap lipo foams for only $4.70 a sheet. Here's the link:


Cheap fajas online!!

Ok ladies...one more post. I found AWESOME fajas from the Vedette website. Some of them are only $25!!!!! Here's the link:


You're welcome ;)


So BBL sisters....I have 27 days until my sx. It's crazy because my countdown started at like 120 days and it seemed like the day would never arrive. It still kinda seems far away but I know it's not.

I have my doctors appt on April 20th (next Wednesday) to get my blood work done. I'm also going to try and get her to prescribe me some different vitamins so I won't be out of pocket and my insurance can pay for it! lol...penny pinchin!

I've started doing yoga in the morning and before bed...there's a YouTube channel called Yoga With Adrienne and I totally love it, she's great! and funny! I've also started doing an ab routine in the mornings too. Gotta have those sexy abs after I get lipo'd! I've quit drinking Rockstar energy drinks...I was having one a day..EVERYDAY! Not anymore, now I have some green tea in the morning (which I am going to quit in a week or so) and I drink TONS of water! I am starting to quit the junk food too, I was eating it to gain weight but I think my results will be better if I each wholesome foods.

Tomorrow is payday and I'm going to get the following items:

*Maxi Pads
*Silicone strips
*Benadryl gel
*Dark towels
*House shoes
*Seamless tank tops
*Granny panties
*Dark colored robe
*Shower curtain liner
*Clorox wipes
*medical tape
*stool softener

I should have everything after that!!

*dream is coming true*
Muahs!! Love you guys, thank you to everyone for showing me the way, giving me guidance and overall just being awesome. RS 4 life!! lol jk.

Made my FINAL Payment

I can't believe that I am all ready to go!! I just wired my final payment to vanity. I'm actually doing this lol!! I think I'll feel that way up until I get knocked out for sx. I have all of my supplies, fajas, pillows, meical supplies, supplements etc.

I've been drinking a TON of water and I have actually lost the weight that I "gained" for sx. I read in someone else's review that Hasan said that you shouldn't gain weight for the sx because "you don't want fat arms and a fat face." lol TRUE! Plus, I had to eat so much junk food to get up in weight like that, I wasn't feeling healthy at all. I think that I'll have great results with the fat that I have.

I'll keep you ladies posted through out my journey. If you have any questions, I'd be happy to answer.

Oh, also.....I bought a package from "Jenns Perfect Body", it comes with lipo foams, abdominal board and a really nice back triangle for $55. I think that's an excellent deal. Usually lipo foams are around $35, Back triangle around $24 and abdominal board around $25.

When buying bromelain...

On the front of most bottles of bromelain you'll find a GDU number. GDU stands for Gelatin Digesting Units and it shows the potency of the supplement. I bought one that has 3000 GDU....one of the higher ones. Definitely make sure you're buying high quality supplements. I recommend Garden of Life...they can be kinda pricey though...but excellent whole food vitamins. Also I found a great site with AWESOME prices...plus when you join they'll email you a coupon for $10 off a purchase of $30 or more. the site is called www.vitacost.com

*Drum Roll please!!**

I went and had my labs done today :). Everything looks great! My hemo was 13.7! :) Miami....here I come!!

Labs Cleared!

Ana sent me an email yesterday and let me know that everything looked good with my labs! I have 18 days until my sx. I'm actually not that nervous. I've been planning this for a while so I've got all the supplies I'll need and I know what to expect from recovery (I think!) I made a deposit with Marian at massage professionals. THEY'RE HAVING A SALE RIGHT NOW! 5 massages for $200 instead of $250. I hear that she's the best.


Here's some pictures of all of my supplies. Let me know if you have any questions :)

New Faja for Sale - Size 38

I bought this faja like a month ago...it is brand new, I have not even had my surgery yet. It is a size 38 and would be perfect for a stage 2 garment. I paid $80 for it and I would be willing to sell it for $60 which included S&H.


So I've been planning this trip for several months. I was so excited that I reserved and payed for two condos in Miami back in Feb. The first one was right around the corner from Vanity...like literally a half mile. We would stay at this one for 5 days and then the last 4 days I rented a condo right on Miami beach. Love the beach! :) Well a couple of days ago I wake up with a text from the first condo owner saying "I'm sorry, I've had a family emergency and I won't be able to take guests until August." WTF!!! I was so freaking mad. Are you serious? How am I going to find a place that has all of my requirements like washer/dryer, wifi, flatscreen in the bedroom etc etc that was close to Vanity, open for those dates and cheaper or same price as the first place. Aaaaaaaaaghhhhhh!!!!!!!!

Welllll luckily I got onto Airbnb....they immediately refunded my money and I was able to find a place that was a little bit farther away but it was also $240 cheaper. :)

Be careful when using Airbnb....they can cancel whenever!

4 days until we leave!!

It's ACTUALLY HERE!! I'm soooo freaking excited....and nervous of course. I've got all of the supplies ecept for a shower curtain liner and a marble lol. Now that it's crunch time I'm going to post a bunch of wish pics that I've collected/stolen from other rs-ers. Thanks ladies!!

It's SO funny how...

After looking at all this bootyful on realself....I look at Nicki Minaj like...it's not thaaaat big! Am I right ?? Lol

Alright ladies.....

My sx is THIS WEEK!!! Freaking crazy...the day that I never thought would come....has come. Last night I packed my bags...I'm hoping that it's not over the 50 lb. weight limit. I'm a little bit nervous...my bf is trying to get things straightened out with his license so we can get a rental car instead of paying for uber. $$$ *panic* I would looooove to save like $300+ that'd be awesome. I quit drinking caffeine completely. I went from drinking 1 Rockstar to green tea and now nothing. Caffeine leaches your body of minerals, vitamins and water. Not to mention it constricts your blood vessels, therefore decreasing circulation. I also quit using my vape...so hard. I began taking my arnica and bromelain today. I heard that it is beneficial if you start 3-4 days before sx. I also ordered some quercetin, it's supposed to help boost the effects of the bromelain. I have soo much to do before we leave...but at the same time...I can't wait to be on that plane. I intentionally made the flight at 6am cuz I don't think I could wait any longer. I'll be posting more pics and my measurements before I go.

My last post til Miami!

Ladies...it's the night before Miami. My flight leaves at 6am! This is my last post until I get there. Once I get at the place we'll be staying, I'll take pics and post again. Love you guys...Thank you for taking this journey with me :)


Wow...the past 24 hours has been crazy! My hubby and I are operating on like 1 hour of sleep...tried to sleep on the plane but it was pointless. We arrived in Miami at 12pm and decided to get a rental car...Miami drivers are aggressive and I kinda like to no nonsense driving....get outta my way! We immediately went to Vanity. The interior was small but nice. Unlike most other girls, I have had a great experience with Vanity. No problems...so far. Right as a arrived I got a call from Ana and she told me my surgery is at 7AM! OMG!!! I'm so freaking excited! I was worried that I wasnt going to be until the end of the day. I'll be his second patient. I completed all of the paperwork which was repetitive and tedious. They weighed me...139lbs. I'll take my final measurements tonight and share...along with my last before pics. I wasn't able to meet with Dr. Fisher which is OK because I needed to go pick up the key to the Airbnb place we are staying at. It's a cute property...the only thing I'm upset about is in the ad I swear it said that there was a washer/dryer which is a total requirement! We are going to have to find a laundromat I guess. :(

@ Vanity

Morning of surgery!

I'm surprisingly calm this morning. I've disenfected the place we're we are staying with lysol spray lol. The hubby probably woke up to the apt STINKING of lemon lysol. I haven't had anything to eat and I am holding my pee for the pregnancy test lol. I know that if I go now I won't be able to later. My surgery is at 7AM and it's a few minutes after 5 right now. I am about to hop in the shower and hibiclens myself to death...no infections!! Wish me luck! First stop....bootyland!



Triple booked??

Well I got here to Vanity and no one was here so we walked over to Starbucks and my hubby got some coffee. When we came back the door was open and a lady let me come and sit in the back. I'm really kinda frustrated/pissed right now because they scheduled someone for 6:15, 6:45 AND then my appt at 7:00!!!! Wtf!!! So now I might be here for like 6 hours before my actually surgery. I haven't had anything to eat/drink and I've been holding my pee for this stupid pregnancy test. Fml. I know that they do that because some people will cancel but it's still f**ked up! I thought I would be IN surgery not too long after my sx time. I haven't heard of anything like this happening with other girls who come to Fisher. Ughhhhjh!!!!

Go time!

Hey everybody! Clorson4's husband here. Everything is AOk and going swimmingly. They just came out and let me know that she is starting her procedure! They said with Sx and recovery it Sx be about 4 hours. Will update in a little while :)


The Sx went very well. We are back at our condo and she is resting. What a trooper


She'll update you guys when she feels better. In the meantime here are some pics!


Hey dolls, I wrote this before my sx:

Dr. Fisher came in and we chit chatted for a little bit and joked around ...he was cracking jokes about me being from OK. Then he took pictures of me...I said they could be posted to social media. We discussed "what I was working with". I found out some things about myself that I didn't know. Apparently, I have slight scoliosis or one of my legs is longer than the other! Crazy! But now I know why I always lean when I'm driving or I can feel kinda off when I walk. Ugh. I also was talking about how I have a short torso and he said you actually have a long torso...short waist though. He marked me up and said that I should see a huge difference. I have abdominal separation from having a baby. I think this can be fixed with exercise right? Maybe not. I'm so excited to see my results. I feel like I've been waiting back here forever. They brought me back at 7:30 and it is now like 9:45 I think. Right before he left the room he said it will be a while longer. Aggghh I'm impatient lol. They are listening to music in the operating rooms which really doesn't bother me. For example, when I'm cleaning the house I listen to music and it helps me focus and typically I do a better job too. I think the same thing applies to them. Well, when I left the waiting room my m an was in and out of sleep...we've had a crazy past couple days! Lol then one of the nurses mentioned to me that he was out there passed out. Haha too funny. Wish I could go to sleep...I'll have plenty of that in the next 3 days. So right now I'm just trying to type about anything to pass the time before my surgery. Well...yesterday when I came into my pre-op the lady with the fajas said "after you get done come and see me for your measurements...or did you already buy one?" So I told her that I already bought one and she said "oh yeah...where'd you get it? Was it cheaper??" Lol so I just told her, I got it from Amazon and yes it was cheaper. She looked pissed. I wonder if she makes commission or something. Oh well...she asked.

Still waiting...every minute seems like an hour...can't wait to get on that table and get it done with.

After pics!!




Post-op update!

Hey girls....sorry i havent updated ive been resting. Immediately after surgery, I woke up freezing cold and shaking. All the muscles in my body were tensed up and my butt was throbbing! I was a freaking grump also. My boyfriend called a cab and this medical assistant rolled me out to the curb in a wheelchair. When it became obvious that the cab was going to be longer than expected she took me back inside. So she rolls me inside the door and just walks away..she just left me there! It hurt my butt to sit on my knees so I sat normally but I held myself up with my arms. I was getting so tired and kept thinking when is she going to come back. It felt like it took forever. When she came back I asked her for Gatorade....I thought thought that they should've offered right when I woke up right? Oh btw...I brought a black robe to wear after surgery andd that worked really well I can't imagine having to mess with clothes. I was in a lot of pain...I couldn't tell what hurt the worst! My hips probably hurt more than anything.

The cab finally came and we got back to the Airbnb place. All I wanted to do was lay down. The pain med really helped. I was leaking alot...my faja felt so gross and damp. Dr. Fisher told me to leave it on no matter what. I napped all day and night. The next day I woke up around 11:30am...my boyfriend called Vanity to find out about my post-op, they said for me to be there by 1pm. It felt so good to be up and walking around...I couldn't get enough of it lol...I walked around the waiting room and then after we walked over to the faja store across the street. When the post-op nurse saw me she was like "you don't look like you had surgery yesterday!" Lol I guess I was being pretty active for someone who just had sx.

I've been drinking protein shakes with drops of Cell food Silica. Arnica tea, tablets and bromelain. LOTS of water...like as much as I can. And plenty of rest.I definitely get stiff though so I think it's imprtant to stretch and walk around as much as possible. I was super happy to take off my faja and see my results. I freaking love it..I think it'll look great here in a few weeks. Let me know if u guys have any questions!

Post Op Day 3

Today has been great! I'm so happy with my results. I can't wait to feel normal again. I can definitely tell there has been nerve damage...which is obviously expected...it just feels weird. I've been sleeping n and off for the past 2 days and honestly it's making me feel kinda depressed. At home I am constantly moving and doing something so being cooped up and out of it makes me feel weird.

I just got back from my massage with Marian...seriously she's the best. It wasnt as bad as I thought it was going to be. Definitely painful though. I touch my stomach lightly and gently and then to have someone just dive the f*ck in was like wow okay!


Pics 2

Day 4 Post Op Pics

These are a couple days late :) I'll take some more today!

Day 4 - Pink Dress

Day 6

Hey ladies! I am so sorry for not updating things have been pretty crazy. Last night at our air B&B our host came and knocked on the door and was asking about when we were leaving. I thought this was super odd and so we explained to him that we would be gone the next morning. But I guess I made my calculations wrong and apparently we were supposed to be out yesterday. Yikes! So we had to rush around and find a hotel room which I had not budgeted into our plan. But luckily we found a place So today has been a great day. For the last few days of our vacation I rented and Airbnb that is right on Miami Beach. I've been feeling great and in fact I have probably been way more active than I should be... Don't tell dr. Fisher LOL. I had another massage today at medical massage professionals with Marion and I accidentally forgot to take my pain medication before I went for my massage and let me tell you that was a mistake! It hurt so bad without pain meds. So I have one more massage tomorrow and that will be my last one. I am a little bit concerned about finding someone who does lymphatic drainage massage is in Oklahoma City. But I'll figure it out when I get back home. My garment is fitting well and I am wearing a size 40. However, when I wake up in the morning my back hurts and the Garment seems really tight. This morning I got up some lemon and squeezed it into some water and that seemed to help with a lot of my inflammation. That's an old trick that I used to use for hangovers. I should have thought of it sooner. Overall I have been eating pretty healthy and eating meals that are high in protein and low in sodium. Between my husband and I we have gone through six cases of water since we have been in Miami. Hopefully I am making my 2 gallon mark. Tomorrow I am going to get my drain out and I am a little bit nervous about the swelling that some people talk about getting after the drain is out. I'm going to ask dr. Fisher about how often I should be wearing my lipo foams because I think they are really annoying and then make me look fat. If I can wear them on and off that would be great. I would where them as much as I can and then take breaks and taking them off Let me know if you ladies have any other questions.

Day 6

I am feeling this dress with my new booty!

Post op Update

Hey ladies sorry that it's been so long since I've updated. Things have been going very well. On Friday I went to dr. Fisher's office to get my drain taken out. When I went in there were a ton of girls of course, like usual. I didn't actually get to see dr. Fisher but I got to meet with his assistant and she cut the stitches out and took my drain out also. It was such a relief to get that thing out but it hurt pretty bad. She did it really quick, but she also didn't give me any warning so I couldn't brace myself for the pain. I just got back home today and I'm really happy to be back with my baby, my two year old. The plane ride was okay. I used my booty buddy pillow for both flights. The first flight was 2 hours and 45 minutes long, by the end of it my butt was hurting and I was ready to get up. Overall the booty buddy work pretty well. I have accepted the fact that I am going to have to put pressure on my butt at some time. There are a lot of ladies on here who are so strict about not putting any pressure on their butt, and I have such respect for them. I wish that my lifestyle was like that. Tomorrow I have to return to work I will be 9 days post-op. I purchased the curve cure seat and I will put that in my driver seat and use that to drive. I know my son knew that something was up because he kept saying sit down Mama sit down. LOL. To read him bedtime stories I put my booty buddy under the small of my back and bend my knees so my butt was raised up off of the bed, that seemed to work well.

I feel like my butt has rounded out and flushed a little bit since my surgery. It is still high and very hard. I've noticed on my stomach that there are some hard knots that I'm going to have to massage. Right now my stomach is still very sensitive and I was told that I should not have any massages until 7 days after my drain has been removed. I asked Fisher's assistant about the lipo foams and she was very adamant that I have to wear them 24/7 for the next 6 weeks. She also commented that I looked really great for only being a week after surgery and she even brought in another girl to take a look at my results. I told her what I've been doing and she said that I probably look so great because I've been staying active and I've been drinking a lot of water. Everyone should listen to their body, but I think that as soon as you feel like you can be up doing things you need to push yourself to get up. The more active I am the better I feel but I definitely take breaks in between to rest and lay down. I know that it's time to lay down whenever I feel like my legs and my butt start feeling kind of tight. I'm going to post some pics from today and I'll keep you guys updated as I go on with my recovery.

Day 9

Day 10

Work went well today. It was awkward driving with the Curve cure seat and the driver's seat, it made me very tall LOL. At least I could drive and it was somewhat comfortable. I do worry about putting pressure on my butt, but there's really not a whole lot I can do. Today after work I came home and took my garment off and I noticed that I was pretty swollen and my stomach look a little bit Lumpy. I felt an area to the right of my belly button that felt like there might be a seroma developing. If it is 1 it is definitely in the early stages. So I put on my stage 2 garment and it felt much better. I think part of my issue was not having as much compression as I should have. I already feel better and I can't wait to see the results that I get in the next couple days with wearing a tighter garment.

Day 14

No faja!

Before and After pics

This evening I was feeling a little bit down about my results, I started thinking that not that much has changed. So then I decided to make some before and after pictures and I feel much better clearly there is a huge difference. Enjoy!

Swelling! Blessing and a CURSE!

Within the past couple of days my swelling has gone down a lot. But I've also noticed that my booty has gone down quite a bit. Maybe it's all in my head, I am a little bit paranoid because I do have to sit at work and I have to drive a lot. I use my booty buddy and my curve curci in my car which helps a lot. Still hoping that that sitting doesn't affect the booty though. I got so used to my butt being huge and round with the swelling so now that the swelling has gone down it seems small to me like it's a normal size butt. Now I completely understand what other dogs are talking about when they talk about booty greed. At first I was hoping that my butt would go down in size a little bit but now I'm wishing that I could bring it back. Yes I used to think that the second round was crazy but I totally get it now. So overall things have been going pretty good, I need to up my water intake. I drink so much water in Miami and for the first week that I was back, but I've been slacking the past couple days. I do have one major concern and that is my stomach. All over the front of my stomach there are lumps and hard spots. I've done a lot of research and it seems that this is completely normal with liposuction, but it is still a concern of mine. I hope that it doesn't turn into permanent scar tissue because that would really suck. I've been massaging my stomach with my hands using Bio-Oil. I have also been using a handheld back massager on my stomach for about 20 minutes or so a day. It seems to help but I haven't noticed any significant difference. In the questions and answers section of real self most of the plastic surgeons say that these lumps and irregularities should smooth themselves out by 6 weeks and of course we won't see the final result until 6 months. I don't know if I can wait that long. I have been using my lipo foams, I wear three of them at a time. I cut one of them in half so that it is now two smaller pieces I like to put one piece on my lower abdomen and the other piece on my upper abdomen, I feel that it gives me the compression that I need that way. I would really love to hear from other ladies have had issues with lumps and bumps and hard spots.

One month post op!

Hey dolls!!! Sorry to keep ya waiting ;) I've been so crazy busy. Over all things have been going really well, I LOVE my shape and the booty...perfect size! Right now my waist is measuring 27 and the booty is at 42. My tummy is still lumpy and hard and I think I have a small seroma right below and on the inside of my right ribs. Today was payday so I bought a handheld ultrasound massager for $140. Apparently it will help the scar tissue break down and make the swelling go away...we shall see! The past week I've had to sit on my butt for about an hour and a half like 4 different times. I was so paranoid and it sucked but I don't think I'm going to lose any more size! *crosses fingers* VETS!!! When did ur booty stop shrinking!? When could you see the final size?? I'm still taking arnica and trying to eat healthy. I have to sit at work...on the booty buddy but I try to get up a lot and walk around. I'll update more later! Love you guys! Oh and btw...I think my next sx is going to be a breast lift with augmentation:))

Week 5 and booty still fly!!

Hey ladies!! Things have been great! I feel back to normal and my healing is going well too. The booty is softening up and has stayed about the same size. This morning I noticed that I had lost half an in on my waist and my BUTT. Must've been swelling. I was having major issues with my stomach. It was hard and knotty everywhere especially around my belly button and middle of my stomach. I bought a hand held ultrasound massager and I really think it is making a difference. I massage my stomach in small circles slowly for 15 minutes and then I put a wet hot towel on my stomach several times and then I use a regular hand held massager on the heat setting for a few minutes. I've also been stretching a lot even though it burns and sometimes hurts but it helps break down the scar tissue. Currently my waist is at 26.5 and the booty is at 41.5. I'll be posting pictures later!!

Week 7 Post Op

Hi ladies!!! Sorry it's been so long! I've been looking for a good time to take pics but life has been crazy...me excuse though. I've been very happy with my results! My waist is getting smaller. I still have a lot of hard spots and knots. I use my ultrasound massager and back massager on it a few times a week. I've also started taking hot Epsom salt baths and I feel like that's helping too. :)

Here's a link to the ultrasound massager I bought: http://www.lgmedsupply.com/pselgulunwic.html?gclid=CLi6lLGD2s0CFVGAaQodsUAOmg

I've been sitting on my butt since 6 weeks. I always sit on a cushy surface and I get up when I start feeling uncomfortable. My butt has stayed about the same size and it's now soft and jiggly. I made a twerk video lmao and I'm going to see if I can upload it haha! Let me know if you guys have any questions!

Twerk video!!

Enjoy! :)

Twerk Video pt.2

11 months post op

Been thinking about round two??
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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