Can't wait for my new derrière!!!

Hey!! I've been on this site for weeks and while...

Hey!! I've been on this site for weeks and while reading BBL reviews I decided to just go for it. I've been thinking about doing a BBL for about 2+ years and never had the courage to just follow through. About to make my deposit Friday to lock in my date. Any suggestions on what to do to prepare? Thanks a bunch in advance. Nervous and excited all at the same time.

Recovery Home

So I making the deposit and am offered the recovery home option. Does anyone recommend this or go it alone with only massages and bringing own supplies? Help!! Thanks.

Working out and eating right!! NO MORE PASTA I wanna cry!!

The time has come to begin losing some weight before my procedure. I think I can do it, like I really have a choice tho! 12weeks the countdown has commenced. Bikes and treadmills will be my two favoritiest :) things to do ever. May have to detox as well. Humphh all in the name of a rounder and phat derriere. I take that challenge.

Oh My...Happy Dance!!!

Got my date in September with Dr. Fisher. I am so excited, great start to my day. Everyone thought it was all talk even after I made the initial deposit. I am ready for this, I've earned it. I want to feel a little more comfortable with my body. Go from little butt to donk. YAY!!!!

3lbs down Week 1. Not too shabby!!!

It's not as bad as I thought it would be. A little focus and determination goes a hell of a long way. Better eating was all I needed. The coming weeks I will be incorporating exercise at least 30 mins a day. Morning cardio and afternoon strength training sessions. Ladies, if you are trying to get down for your surgery like I was advised too 1400 cals 3 meals/3snacks in a 300/200 combination is really worth trying. I know for myself eating better always did the trick but now I want to push myself to build lean muscles so that I will be a little leaner after surgery all around with my phatty lol. 9 weeks to go and I am so excited.
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