25 with Two Kids. Looking Towards Becoming a Ghurani or Duran Doll!!!!! - Miami, FL

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Hello realselfers! I am a 25 year old female with...

Hello realselfers! I am a 25 year old female with two kids stuck between a bbl and a tt. I really love Duran's work however i'm afraid to travel that far. I stumbled upon Dr Ghurani and his work is the best ive seen in the US so far (he doesn't beat Duran though). any who, I received a quote from Dr. Ghurani for a bbl at $5500usd. That's not bad at all for his quality of work most US docs want $7000-$10,000 (yeah right). im so indecisive. Hope I can find some bbl sisters that are willing to help this newbie out!


So today I received three quotes. I have a quote for $7100 from DURAN which includes a TT BBL AND BA, $6900 from CABRAL which includes a TT BBL AND BA, and $5500 for GHURANI for JUST the BBL and LIPO 360. Whilst I'm leaning more towards GHURANI for traveling reasons, I'm really REALLY wanting to go to DURAN! Dr Ghurani also told me I don't need a tummy tuck and for implants it's $2500 more. I have 3 months to pay a deposit so I guess its crunch time!!! I'll post some before and wish pics in a few!
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