24 Year Old, No Kids and in Desperate Need of BBL - Miami, FL

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Hello guys, I can't believe I'm starting my review...

Hello guys, I can't believe I'm starting my review on this whole process after stalking this site for close to 2 years now. Btw the website needs improvement on better navigation.

I have a very big gut and I'm looking for that tiny waist and heart shaped butt effect which I know requires aggressive liposuction. I have done extensive research and tbh, I'm just confused with whom I should go with.

The doctors that I'm feeling right now are

Dr hasan- has deaths in the past but amazing sculptor
Dr fisher- very long wait time but very artistic and knows what he is doing
Dr jimerson- way too expensive but his results are perfection
Dr blinski- very blunt and weight requirements are realistically hard for me to obtain right now
Dr delvecchio- amazing amazing artist but price point
Dr Ghurani- possible option but not sure how aggressive he is willing to go.

I need a surgeon who is very aggressive with their lipo and can give me that upside down heart result I like.

I would love to go with DR HASAN but I'm just scared since he has had couple of deaths in his practice.

Future Hasan doll November 22nd?!

Hi guys, you guys are basically all the support I would be having for this procedure. My family doesn't know about this and aren't supportive of this procedure. Only a few friends are. My coordinator at Vanity Shirley Miranda called me today in reference to asking United to release the funds for dr Hassan. I felt a little bit like my coordinator was all about the money but I'm putting down an addition 1,000next week for surgery. Is there any HASAN dolls on the same date. I'm in need of a surgery buddy so badly.


So HASAN is having a promo for 4K which is amazing ofcourse but with all the horrible experiences people are having, I really don't know you guys. HASAN does great work but I would love to live to enjoy the results.

Changed coordinators at vanity

Changed my coordinator at vanity again today from Shirley--Amy--Leo. Communication is really key for me
when it comes to this process.
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