23 Years Old. Finally Getting my BBL! - Miami, FL

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Hello everyone! I am 23 years old in northern...

Hello everyone! I am 23 years old in northern Cali, no kids and no surgeries before. Been on this website for a while now and finally decided to choose Blinski! Put down my deposit last week for June 2017. Going to be following you all on your journey until it's time for mine. Hopefully I can learn a lot from you all so I can be really prepared for my surgery. So excited!

Questions and concerns. Feedback would be appreciated!

Hi dolls I am writing this because I have some questions and I'm not trying to bother Dr. Blinski's offfice with my worries.. my surgery is in June and I was originally going to quit my job in order to rest as much as I can during my recovery time. I recently got promoted and it would be dumb to quit a couple months after. How long is the recovery time? I don't want it to be "obvious" when I come back to work either. I work as a secretary too, so I sit most of the day..
also, my family does not know I'm getting this surgery done, they are way too judgemental. I'm a little worrisome that they might find out when I come back even though I've been planning to wear long sweaters and cardigans for months after surgery lol. Basically, I just need advice from any dolls that have been through this before. Was your family judgemental? Did you not want to make it obvious? Did you have to end up telling people that you got surgery? If not, then what was your excuse for looking so different?
I'm 23 years old and so far only my best friend knows, so I'm looking for surgery sisters to give me advice pls! . I'm going to tell my mom sometime in February.. thanks guys

Date exchange?

I'm having my surgery beginning of June. Would someone in July like to switch dates? Reason is im traveling in July and don't want to take off June and July from work. Let me know if anyone wants to switch! :)
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