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So I've been doing tons of research. I initially...

So I've been doing tons of research. I initially went with Cabral, but the thought of going to DR gives me anxiety. Cabral is an outstanding surgeon but I don't speak Spanish so I couldn't get past the language barrier. Initially I was going to have my friend come with me who is Salvadorian BUT I was going to have to pay for her flight and stay at the RH. So after I eliminated Cabral I thought about Blinski but I want a vixen silhouette. Blinski gives you an ass but I also want hips also.
I've heard horror stories about vanity but I'm willing to deal with that because Fishers' results are phenomenal. I called Vanity today and spoke with Alexis. She quoted me 6,000 which includes (12 areas of lipo, stage 1 garment/faja, and 5 post opp massages). The deposit to hold my date is 1,000 which applies towards my procedure.

My current weight is 210, I'm 5'9 so she told me to maintain my weight and not gain anything else.
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