23 Y/o Single Mother of 2 Finally Doing Something for Myself! - Miami, FL

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Hi everyone! I'm so excited to finally be doing...

Hi everyone! I'm so excited to finally be doing something for myself! I've had the worse year last year but now I'm getting back to the old me. Today I put my deposit down with Dr. Alvarez to get a BBL! My body finna be lit I can not wait! I haven't set a date yet because I work and I'm a full time student. I start back college late August so hopefully I can get my procedure before then.

Any NJ Alvarez Dolls

So usually in the $4,100 BBL deal the blood work you need prior to surgery is included but not for us Jersey girls. So how do I go about getting the blood work done and do it cost a lot?

My before picture

Nurse or Recovery House

So I'm on budget lol I'm trying to decide what to cut cost on. I have family in West Palm Beach which isn't far from Miami. I have that I can stay with there. Should I just stay with her and hire a nurse if that's needed? Help ladies

Why my before pictures not working -_-

I'm going to try this again

Maybe no recovery house

So I have read some reviews where some dolls have opted out on recovery houses. I'm thinking about staying in a hotel in Miami the first night and pay for a nurse then going to stay with family in West Palm Beach. There are some good recovery boxes out there I'm considering the one posted!

OMG I haven't been on here in forever

So here's a update! I've decided to stay at a recovery house! Curvy Angels Recovery Care :) . I did my blood work today at Lab Corp I'm in Jersey so Spectrum doesn't cover my blood work. My flight is already booked I used the Hooper app it's a life saver :)

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