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Hi ladies! So I guess my journey starts here lol I...

Hi ladies! So I guess my journey starts here lol I have been stalking this site for about 3 weeks now and I love it! Yalls reviews have honestly helped me out so much I have been wanting a bbl for a couple years now after I had my son my body was clearly not the same anymore and its been a struggle. I honestly was obsessed with Dr J work from Georgia I had researched others but no other dr could compare to dr J work! I literally stalked his site for years but finally came across RS a couple of weeks ago and it was really hard finding a dr that would deliver like dr J. I am pretty much ready to get this surgery done and was really hoping for him his staff is super friendly and professional but they price is to high for me right now which lead me reading more and more about you ladies and your experience.. I came across Dr Hassan from Vanity Miami and I literally fell in love with his work! I have read super horrible reviews from the staff but never anything about about Dr Hassan himself.. But shit he is a lot cheaper and I think his work is amazing! I recently contacted the office my coordinators name is Lia she is really nice and I am really excited I am paying cash for the surgery but still haven't set a date will call her on Monday to try and come up with a plan before I pay. I have read that once u make your dp they go ghost.. I am going to get all the info I need from before I pay them any money lol Ladies I have a question I was looking at applying for fmla at my job any tips on how to do it or what to tell them? I live in Virginia also so if any ladies close by interested in bbl hit me up

Wish pics

These are some of my wish pics I just want the fat out of my stomach and a huge butt lol


Soo I been super MIA! I honestly just been busy with trying to figure this surgery out and work, family, etc... Y'all know how this goes but here's my update so last time I wrote I mentioned how I really wanted dr Hasan but with all the bullshit and him been MIA I wasn't trying to be stuck waiting for him to come back and put surgery on hold so my coordinator name is Lia at vanity can't complain so the whole time of course she wanted me to put a down payment on Hasan and I just wasn't ready to put my money down for someone who I didn't know was coming back not gonna lie tho thanks to all my RS sisters I found out about him being MIA so after all that I told Lia I was gonna wait til Hasan came back for sure to give them my money... Then a couple of weeks went by and I did some research and I really liked dr Mcadoo work so I gave her a call ( honestly luckily so far I never had issues contacting her she literally answers everytime I call) but I told her about the research I had done and she literally within 2 minutes emailed me pics of his work ... And she sold me.. Shit so I said fuck it I'm gonna put my dp so the price they gave me was $4,500.00 and I needed to pay half to hold date so I was scared but I went to my bank and took half out and then went to Bank of America and did a cash deposit it was scary as fuck tho bc the girl at the bank said make sure u keep ur receipts this is ur only proof .. I got the shit in a safe haha but then I called Lia and told her I had made my deposit and I kid y'all not not even 5 mins later I had all my pre-op instructions a list of things I need etc.. And my invoice I can't lie my coordinator Lia has been extremely promptly when it comes to getting the shit I need done! But I'm settled in for June 13th with dr Mcadoo!! I'm really excited and can't wait to share this experience with y'all! Sorry for the long ass update but has a lot to catch y'all up on since its been a while lol

Surgery with Mcadoo

Hey ladies! So I'm schedule with Mcadoo on June 14th my preopp is June 13th and with reading about what happened to Heather I'm not gonna lie it scared me .. Rip to her and my prayers for her family.. After reading a lot of comments and review from you ladies it has helped me more comfortable and feeling a little better .. I pray for all the future dolls and for de Mcadoo as well! We have to take good care of ourselves before surgery to try and be as healthy as we can and most important pray and ask God to keep us safe!


Hey guys! So I got my labs done yesterday I had vanity send me a prescription of what they needed me to get done and took it to my primary care dr she ordered the labs and they are done! I just have to wait for results and then fax them over to vanity I did get an EKG also and everything came back good! I called vanity to ask about what I can take right now as far as medicine and they said no vitamins, no protein shake, and diet pills.. They only think I should be taking is the iron supplements which I got from cvs over the weekend... I'm only 3 weeks away from surgery and can't wait :)

Pre op pics

Pics before

So confused

So my my surgery is like 2 weeks away and my mom, cousin, and bestfriend are coming with me to help take care of me they will be taking turns.. Now when I found out about Heather passing I chose not to tell them about it because o didn't want to scare them and them try and talk me out of it especially my momma.. Well my mom friend that lives in Florida messaged her yesterday and told her about it since she knew I was getting surgery.. And my mom was flipping shit she texted me non stop yesterday talking about why I should not be getting surgery and she's scared that something will happen to me.. And then sent me articles about how heather which I already knew she had a heart condition but she passed bc of a fat embolism which is something that happened from surgery... I was honestly fine up until now and I'm just questioning if I should go thru with this or not ... There's a RS sister that has surgery recently and last I read from her was she was at hospital and they were going to let her know if she need blood transfusion we haven't heard from her and I'm scared for her I'm praying she's okay!! But this scared me also bc she went to dr Mcadoo


So I am going to go thru with surgery and I'm excited and can't wait I paid my balance yesterday so surgery is paid in full and I got all the stuff I need already except I still need to get compression socks lol but so far I can't complain everything with vanity has been going well and thanks for the Rs girls that are Mcadoo dolls y'all made me feel much more secure and ready for surgery! My surgery 12 days away!

Pre op

Almost time!!

Items for surgery

Driving to miami

So I left my house like 1 hour ago and I'm on my way to Miami it's a 14 hour drive I'm driving my car and boy I tell ya I packed the shit out of my jeep lol but my mom, cousin and bestriemd are all coming to help and support my bf is flying down to Miami on Wednesday and then I fly back with him Saturday in really excited and have crazy mixed emotions I can't wait to meet dr Mcadoo I'm nervous and anxious


In Miami

So I arrived to Miami finally after a long ass drive! I'm staying at an extended stay and I like it so far tomorrow I go in for pre op! Can't wait will keep y'all posted :)

It's time


I will post more and about my experience later but I'm alive and doing really good just in pain but ladies all I can say is Dr Mcadoo gave me a huge ass lol


On my way to post op appt and first massage


I love my results but this makes me regret surgery sometimes.. What is sleep? Haven't been able to get none at all and I fly back home tonight and definitely not ready to sit on the plane :(

More pics

Review in experience surgery

I'm going to witted a review about my experience overall since I got to Miami... So after I arrived Sunday at hotel (extended stay in Miami springs, Miami) it's the cheapest extended stay btw but we just pretty much slept which was hard bc I was so nervous so next morning we woke up really to go to pre-op waited a little ladies were nice bought 1 garment ($120) and compressions socks ($10) For the socks that's the price for when u are pre op but after u get surgery if u want to get more socks u have to pay $25 which is kinda weird but whatever lol I was trying to be cheap at that time so only bought bought one of each I also bought massages from them which was 5 massages for $300 so after I paid all that and they took me to the back waiting room met with a nurse really nice girl she asked me a couple of questions and explain like basically what was going to happen and what I needed to do to take care post op etc.. She asked do you have any other plastic surgeries in the past? I said no she asked again I said no she said are you sure? Keep in mind ladies I got big boobs but they real lol and I guess she thought they wasn't? Idk but my answered weren't enough she turned to my mom and asked her if I had any plastic surgeries lol so then I said I'm only 22 like this is the first surgery ever so we finally moved on.. And then filled out long paperwork, everyone was right that shit took forever to fill out I don't think the waiting was that long but met dr saw him for like 5 mins he wasn't as funny as everyone said he was a little serious and was in his laptop mostly but then he asked what I wanted I showed him pics and he took his time in this part he looked up diff pics on his iPad of what I wanted also to compare and we came up with shape he also asked me to turn around and show him my butt so he could see what we working with and was was possible lol but he then asked if I had any more questions I said no and I shook his hand and then his assistant gave me my prescriptions which they gave me all except for pain killers they were gonna give me those the next day, and I also me my beautiful RS sister Karen! She is awesome!! Well after encore I took my happy ass to eat some Spanish food lol boy it was good afterwards went to Walmart to drop off prescriptions and do a lil shopping for groceries and what not ( it was all mostly wasted and thrown away by end of week be careful futures girl don't buy too much food bc u probably wount even eat it) but then pretty much day was over went to hotel packed my bag to take to dr next morning surgery was at 5:30 am I went to bed woke up next morning made it to office did pregnancy test and then they took before pics they had me in a little room then I took a nap lol they came woke me up and started heading to OR which is actually really big back there but the nurse which I can't remember her name was amazing and soooooo sweet she literally held my hand all the way we walked to OR before surgery and she told me everything will be okay then I met anesteciologist he was nice and got me a chair to wait then dr came in he was more outgoing that day and he marked me up we talked a little bit & he told me you're gonna look good he kept saying I was so young lol my 22nd bday is today btw but anyways I love dr Mcadoo so then he got me a stool and helped me up on the table then the guy put the thing on my wrist he was talking to me keep in mind I was waiting for me to atlesst count with me like I had read on other reviews but then he walked around table and the nice nurse came back in and said " hey I'm back now (she wasn't in the room while they were marking me up) she said I'm here it's going to be okay" and she smiled then I was out I don't remember shitttttt I woke up hours later and a little confused I didn't what the hell was going on lol but there was another amazing nurse and she was next to me literally as soon as I said a word she got up and made sure I was okay and gave Gatorade she held it and gave it to me she kept asking if I was okay I was a lil off and then I asked for my mom and she said yes I'm going to go get her right now so she went and got my mom and momma came in and I left soooo much better I tried to get up but could t my arms were so numb but then we finally got me up haha the nurse asked me if I wanted to go home and I said yes please I wanna go I just wanted to go to hotel then I got in car and it was a struggle but nurse walked with us all the way outside to car and helped get me in the car she was soooo nice too omg they were all amazing!! So my mom had to go to Walmart to pick up pain killers and my dumbass got out the car with her and I almost passed out at Walmart strangers kept asking if I was ok bc. I looked dead this random guy bought me water and gave it time me I shoulda stayed my ass in the car but I was fine I made it to hotel then slept and walked around and all that I think I had like soup that day I can't remember but my mom was cooking for me the first few days are the worst let me tell you I was getting light headed and wanting to throw up luckily I didn't faint or throw up but damn near lol

Review continued

So that ezper doesn't work for shit I kept peeing on myself and had to use cups I had a lot of people taking care of me tho so I was lucky! My mom, my cousin and bestfriend then my hubby flew in day after surgery which he was amazing taking care of me OMG I was so lucky


Yesterday was my bday so hubby took me out for dinner I stood the whole time for some way I just can't sit on my pillow bc my leg starts to cramp

After surgery

So I'm going to continue my review this time more focused about vanity/encore and my experience overall with them to help any future dolls so ever since I have surgery the first week when I was in Miami they called me from encore everyday to check in on me and see how I was doing me and last call I received was yesterday to check on me also I really liked that bc I could ask any questions I have and just the fact that they did that meant a lot to me! After surgery since I previously stated I kept peeling on myself lol the day after surgery I had my first massage at encore so as I walked in they took me to back nurse cleaned up my stomach, back, butt etc sprayed me with alcohol and made sure I was okay then I ended up buying 1 more garment and socks bc the others ones needed to be washed so afterwards I got my first massage which was painful honestly the lady was amazing and super sweet omg but bc I was so sore and stiff it was horrible but she worked with me and after a while it doesn't hurt anymore and it's crazy but after massage u feel so much better! The day after I was scheduled for 2 massages I wasn't too excited about that.. But I came in and she did first hour on my back and when she started doing my stomach is was just to painful she could not do to hours so she told me that Friday I would the 2 hours I was fine with that so I came in Friday which was the next day she did first hour on my back then the rest it was me standing up she did my stomach which was fine but when she cleaned my drain I almost fainted but my hubby and her just put me in the bed and she put alcohol by nose and was extremely helpful I did get my two hours tho that same day I saw dr and I literally waited to see him for like 1 hour and some change but they had me in a room so I was laying down and hubby keep me company finally dr came everything was okay we were joking and he was joking with hubby lol and then he told me I have to wear a waist trainer and then that was that.. Next day Saturday I had my last massage the scheduled this one in vanity b it was closer ( I switched hotels half way thru the week to a beach front so my fam could enjoy the beach) it was my first time going to vanity and it's a nice office I think maybe nicer than encore and it felt a bigger also I met this girl that worked there that helped me a lot and gave me lots of good info she had her bbl done 6 months ago and she looked really good! My last massage was with Neisy at vanity and she literally has angel hands lol it was so good she almost put me to sleep it didn't hurt at at all and her lotion she used was like really warm which was even better except they didn't let hubby in with me at vanity but it was okay everyone was so nice I literally have no complaints with them! I would deff come back and get more surgery there and refer to my friends & family!

NOTES: Loving my New Body

have a 3 year old son after pregnancy my body was just not the same I had a lot of fat on my stomach and I just wanted gone and placed into my butt! And dr Mcadoo did just that, I LOVE my results I would absolutely go back to him, he gave me exactly what I asked for! I decided to go thru with this surgery because I had no ass before no real shape, I tried gym and working out for stomachs and nothing that was stubborn fat! I did a lot of research before choosing dr Mcadoo but I'm just glad I found him he was nice, he gave me my confidence back!

Almost 5 weeks post op

5 1/2 months post op

It's been a while since I posted anything but here I am almost 6 months after surgery #McAdoodoll

Round 2?

So I'm almost 5 months post op and I wanna god back for round 2! I absolutely love my results and he gave a huge butt I never measured myself prior to surgery but now I'm 47.5 inches on my butt but I want it to be fuller and more work done on my stomach I will definitely be going back to dr mcadoo he is the best! I talked about it with my man and he supports me .. I'm too spoiled lol but we called seduction and paid to lock in the price already looks like I will be down in Miami again soon! I'm thinking around April may but not sure of date yet...will keep u guys updated .. so far seduction is doing good my coordinator is Stephanie

6 months post op :)

I'm not gonna lie I love my results and the attention can be real like especially girls they be asking me if it's all mine lol me and man went out last weekend and I had two girls asking him if they could touch it bc it was so nice lol but he loves also, still going for round 2 tho I know, the greed is real

Almost 8 months PO

just a quick update I know a lot of people say their butt has gone down with time but I feel like mine has gotten bigger since sx


I tried to upload the pic on last post it didn't work


Aventura Plastic Surgeon

My experience overall with dr Mcadoo has been excellent I have no complaints honestly he gave me exactly what I asked I actually think he exceeded my expectations! I couldn't be happier and also his staff were amazing everyone so nice and caring!! Nothing but great things to say about Encore/Vanity and dr Mcadoo. Dr Mcadoo was amazing, he took his time as I told him what I wanted and we looked at pics together and made me feel very confident, the day of surgery I was first surgery of the day he told me he was going to give me a flat stomach and a big butt and that's exactly what he did I had a fat gut before and it's gone he did amazing... And I honestly can't complain if I ever want a round 2 or any other surgery I would absolutely go back to him, I'm giving him 5 stars on everything bc I have no complaints about him or the staff at encore/ vanity everyone was amazing and professional with me. Dr Mcado gave me my confidence back and when I flew back home I had people at airport asking for my Drs name and also people at my job say I want to go to your doctor! I am so happy I stuck with him no matter what other people may say I had an excellent experience with him

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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