21 Years Old and I Want Some HIPS! BBL - D.C.

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Hello Ladies, I am a student. I'm 21, no kids,...

Hello Ladies,
I am a student. I'm 21, no kids, 32B-26-37, 133lb. I began my search for my butt last year. I worked out constantly, lifting weights but I still didn't get the results I wanted. So I got lazy and started putting on some weight. I added 10 pounds and I liked the results. I am now putting on my weight for my surgery this summer. I am very particular with what I want. I want to go from a full B to a full C-light D. For my butt I want 1000cc in each cheek. I want more hips also since my sides are really flat lol. I don't want to look like a stallion but I want a more slighter look-kinda like Draya.

I have contacted a bunch of doctors who can perform a Breast Augmentation and a Brazilian Butt Lift at the same time. I wanted to try Vanity but they wont do a BA + BBL at the same time so there out of it. I have done a lot of extensive research on Dr. Ortega. He is great, very well experienced. He also has great deals for both BA and BBL + Lipo +5 day recovery. Which is great since I will be there by myself and I don't have to get a hotel. He is extremely busy so I will have an online consulation and if everything goes well I will put a deposit on the date. I spoke with Karla and she is great and answered all my questions. Many Many Many updates to come lol

I changed my mind

So I had a phone consulation with Dr. Salzhauer. He convinced me not to have my breast done. After sleeping on it I decided to wait on it. So I am just looking for a BBL.

Spectrum Aesthetics Update

So I haven't heard from my case worker about getting a online or over the phone consultation with Ortega. But I feel very strongly about setting the date and paying my $300 to book my date. This deal is great since I don't have to pay for a recovery home, just a ticket and some supplies. I have been working on gaining 15lbs so I have some more fat to move since I also want some fat on my hips. I have been obsessed with getting more wish pics!

I also would love to post pictures of myself but I'm not sure you can take them down if you post them


So I have been trying to get in contact with Dr.Ortega for 3 WEEKS. He hasn't picked up the phone and Karla who is suppose to be helping me never emails me back. You would think they would be ruthless with keeping in contact especially with me calling to put my deposit down....ughh Vivian said she will make sure someone calls me tomorrow. If not I'm just going with Dr. Fisher and pay the extra $1,000, even though he is unorganized I would rather be able to keep in contact with someone.

Spoke with Karla

Hey ladies!
So Getting in touch with Dr. Ortega is basically impossible since he is either seeing a patient or in surgery. I was getting so irritated and called in today and luckily I got in touch with Karla. I was going to tell her off on not answering my phone call but they were in surgery till 11 PM yesterday so she was excused lol. I am still waiting to schedule with the doctor but I have to gain 20 lbs before August! If anyone is in the same situation or was please message me. I am trying the CB-1 pills I had ordered a while ago to see if that sparks my appetite so I can eat the extra 2400 calories in my diet. I'm the 2nd surgery on the 4th of August. I also found out I can fly in anytime on Sunday (since my surgery is monday) and if necessary I can stay an extra day for $100. I'm more focused on gaining weight then anything. But Im glad my date is coming soon.

So Slight Change of Plans But Same Doctor....

So I began searching around and found out that Dr. Ortega works at CG Cosmetics ALSO. So I decided to do some research. Great reviews, very organize, always picks up the phone. I spoke with Nora who also pointed out that for my results they will have to inject some fat into my hips which is exactly what I wanted. So I get a quote and it was for $4,500!! The same doctor for $1,500 less!! So of course I changed my mind. I was also told to call Magna, a nurse who works very closely with CG, she came highly recommended by my case worker Nora. She charged me $250 for the day of the surgery and $80 for all the other days, total of $570, which is cheaper than any hotel plus a nurse and a home cooked meal! She only takes one patient at a time which is great and she seems really nice. I think I have decided that this is where I want to have my surgery. I will be putting down my $1,000 deposit. So my total cost is:
4,500 (surgery, blood work) +
570 (5 day stay with Magna) +
300 flight +
560 (eat, supplies move around) = 6,000 which is the same cost as just the surgery at Spectrum.

Some Changes!

So I finally got to talk to Dr. Ortega on the phone. He basically told me I needed to gain weight - 10 pounds. He said he will be taking it from my back, stomach, sides, and thighs. I have been on my CB-1 pills which increase my appetite and a daily vitamin. A lot of other ladies start taking more vitamins but too much of that makes me nauseous. So I'm just gonna stick to one pill and I'm counting my calories. I use the MyFitness Pal app on my phone to keep count of my calorie intake and use a weight gainer/protein shake for the extra calories.
They changed my date to the 6th which is on a Wednesday they also gave me the same price as CG Cosmetics so I decided to stay with them. Karla also texts me with updates and answers all my questions. I also am sticking with Magda as my care taker. I spoke with her and she put a women on the phone who was staying with her for the 2nd time. She also had a BBL with Dr. O. She had nothing but positive things to say about Dr.O ad Magda.. My main focus is gaining weight!

Weight Gain?

Hey Ladies!!
So just a few updates! So I spoke with Magda and she changed my date for me. I also spoke with one of her patients at the time and she is from Philly. She saw Dr. Ortega for a BBL as well. This was her second time staying with Magda and she really enjoyed it. She charges $250 the day of the surgery and $80 any other day. She feeds you, picks you up from the airport, takes you every where else you need to go and waits for you till your surgery is over and take you back. She is so sweet.

Anyways the main thing that happened is that I stepped on my mothers scale and it said I was 142! OMG thats like 10lbs in a week! My 3,000 calories a day diet has been working. I almost don't believe it. I have noticed little things like my thighs are getting bigger and I can't suck my stomach in like I used too. I hope the scale is true because I have been eating like crazy, the CB-1 pills made my appetite to the point I can eat a full meal every 2 hours. I hope my weight gain continues so I can gain 15 more pounds before August.

-I am buying my own garment off of Amazon. I bought two sizes a Medium and Large. I also bought a boppy pillow, lipo foam, compression socks, 4 maxi dresses, a funnel, and a carry on bag to control my packing lol I need to post pictures but I want to make some before and after weight gain.

My Thighs!

They are constantly rubbing against each other. This weight is getting noticeable. Its on my stomach, back and especially my thighs. I hope he can suck all of it out! lol

Change date to December

So I spoke with Karla, and I had to change my date. I am the first surgery on 15th. I decided to change till after the semester as a graduation gift to myself. It works better, I have a longer recovery and I will also saved a bit more money to do the 5 day stay in Miami. I probably will just stay till Thursday. So no more Magda... But I'm still excited.

I can also focus on gaining wight. I meet this women who had one and her hips are huge. I know with the fat that I have now I wont be able to get the results I want. So I will have to wait.

Dr. Ortega Discount

Hey! For all those interested in getting a BBL in the states by Dr. Ortega. The BBL (12 areas of lipo) with a 5 day stay is only $5,000. Before it was $5500 so I have decided to stay with them. The only thing I have to pay for is my flight. Which is perfect. Also here are some pictures of me - after weight gain. I originally was 133 and now I am 145 lb. I cant wait to get this lipo in my thighs!! They are HUGE!

So I have made a huge change in plans!! DR next MONTH!

Yup. I have not only changed doctors but country and dates. So I have decided December will be too busy of a month for me to have my sx so i have decided to move it to September. A close friend was going to the DR but had to cancel due to work. I am going to see Dr. Baez who has nothing but great reviews. She is awesome and answered my emails quickly (hint: use her outlook account). I have put my $200 deposit on my date and tomorrow will be picking a recovery house and doing the same. I am not taking B12, Iron, Multi Vitamin, Vitamin C pills plus a protein/mass gainer shake. i have been looking at wish pics and to get the results I want I really want to put on MORE weight lol Thankfully it will only be on me for a few weeks. I cant weight to get this surgery done with so I can finally go shopping!

To the women who have had a bbl do you fit all of your same clothes?
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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