22 years old Hasan doll! |3 weeks post op belly pictures! **deleting pics**

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I am a relatively fit person, I hit the gym 4...

I am a relatively fit person, I hit the gym 4 times a week, lift heavy and eat well. I have a body that I'm happy with, but I just want that POW booty! ;) My stomach is extremely stubborn to snatch, and i'm scared to go down even lower in weight and lose what booty (and boobs!!) I have as well! Constant battle I'm telling you LOL.

I'm looking into Hasan and Fisher right now, they both have excellent results! My biggest concern though is lumpy belly, like it's haunting me and it's honestly the only thing holding me back in my mind!!!

Wish pics

Ultimate wish! I want that tiny waist and bubble booty, suitable for my frame :)

I'm gonna do it.... but which doctor???

I'm at such a LOSS! I don't know whom to choose in miami for my goals! I don't want to gain too much more weight, as I think for my goals it is unnecessary... I could be wrong though LOL. Advice ladies? Here are some pics of me... (and wish pics... of me altered LOL)


:) I spoke all day with my coordinator Leo, she is so sweet and amazing! The doctor reviewed my photos and said I'm a perfect candidate and he's in love with my shape already. Yaaaass honeyyy! I'm going to call her back later on today (hopefully if work permits!!!) And make my deposit for hopefully early october. I'm in love with his work, I've stalked his bbls all the wayyy back haha. His lipo is on point.

She let me know that while I'm on the thin side, I still have enough fat stores for the results I want. They said I already have a big butt lol, but just need a small bit of plumping and some bit of hips. I just want that snatched waist and hourglass curve!

I'm super excited, can't wait to call her later and make it official! :)

Wish picss

Am I being unrealistic? Hahaha I just want her waist really, super tiny!, her booty toooo big for me but her proportions are bomb!

When did you girls start your weight gain?

My surgery is scheduled for Oct. 1st, but I want to gain a few pounds before then. Also, I've read that weight gain doesn't matter? I mean, our bodies don't produce new fat cells, they simply shrink and increase in sizes. So when they lipo, is the weight gain more for the aethetic part? Don't get me wrong I want a fat booty hahaha, but I don't want the cellulite and arm fat LOL sooo what do I soooooo haha

It's official! and which fajas?

Put in my $1000 deposit for Oct. 1st! I was gonna do it later but i'm too excited! It's 4 weeks away and I can't even right nowwww ! Time to start buying supplies haha, which fajas do you girls recommend?

Bought a faja!

It gets here wednesday, also picked up some iron supplements and bought a few things off amazon. This is getting real! So excited I can't stop thinking about my new boootyyyy yaaas

More befores... enough fat?

I don't want a hugeeee stripper booty haha, but I do want hips and a little projection... what do you all think? I also want my waist super tiny though! I can't wait till that belly pooch is FLAT FLAT FLAT! Don't want a pouch when I bend forward lol so annoying!

All ready with supplies!!!

:) Hey ladies, just updating. Been collecting all my supplies and I think i'm pretty much ready!
I have so far:

Arnica gel
Arnica tablets
Iron vitamins
Chux pads
Tylenol extra strength
Baby wipes
5 maxi dresses
comfortable shoes
Compression socks
Boppy pillow
GoGirl pee cup
Antibacterial SOAP
1 faja (will buy another soon!)
Lipo foam
Alcohol pads
Bromelain tablets
Folding Chair

Trying to think of what else I might need.... Also been eating SO MUCH STEAMED RICE! I think i've gained, I'll post photos in a week to get everyones opinion.. I'm so excited I wish I could do it sooner LOL!

Ultimate wish

I think this is a very realistic goal? she's not too dramatically curved, i hope i can look even close to this! Will update with my weight progress and faja when it comes in the mail next!

Boppy pillow vs. Foam roller

Soooo... Got my Boppy pillow in the mail today but girls, this thing doesn't support my booty at all! I feel like it's squishing into my butt, and I can only imagine after my surgery it'll only be worse? I tried my foam roller I had in storage, not only is it comfortable but look at that BOOTY FLOAT! Sat on it for a half an hour today just to test it, no numbness or pain, totally comfortable and no pressure on the booty. I found my winner!

Ugh, forgot the second pic

Foam roller


All the goodies, minus a few dresses :)

Lab work?

I don't want to wait until the day before surgery, only to find out I'm not cleared! Where did you ladies have your lab work done? I don't have insurance so looking for the most affordable option! Thanks!

Anxiety, stress... also, labs?

As the days get closer I get more and more nervous! ! Sleeping is so difficult at bedtime, and I get high anxiety and chest pain ! Wooo, this is crazy girls!

Did anyone wait until the day right before surgery to do their labs??? I'm stressing so hard!

Fat transfer to areas in the face? Psyched ..

Does anybody know if Hasan does this, or has anyone gotten it done? Considering cheek fat transfer, not sure whether with hasan or another doctor... also... 7 days away!!!!

I am freaking out

I keep retaking my urinalysis, and it keeps coming back with results that don't make sense!!! Last time it was clear with traces of occult blood (forgot to mention I was on my period) and this time it's crystals! Wtf! Went to my physician and he said I am in perfect health, but I know vanity won't clear it! Omggggg I can't deal right now!

My gosh, the stress is real!!!

So i just got off the phone with Vanity, they said my results are fine I just have to drink tons more water before going in tomorrow. They believe the counts were off because of the cranberry juice I've been drinking so here to hoping all will go well! I sure hope so because I'll be so upset after traveling and all this planning to have my surgery cancelled over my pee! LOL will keep you all updated, flying out tonight!

I'm here!

Taking the rest if my labs today :) been drinking so much water I'm a water balloon currently lol. So excited

Bought my faja!

I had an issue with buying from marboston, they sent me the wrong product awhile ago, sent it back and I never received an exchange or refund. Only after contacting ebay 3 weeks layer I got a refund instantly. :) I was freaking out, but around the corner of vanity there is a large pink building with a faja store. I will post pixtures, but what is great... they let you try on the fajas!!! From a sanitary standpoint I was turned off a bit, but as a customer I was so happy !!! I was going to buy the Vedette 929 size M online, turns out it's way, I mean way, too big for me and a small is way more appropriate *even with swelling in mind and foams etc.* best of all... $60! The lady was so nice, I was super happy! All ready now ladies, just waiting on word from Vanity about my labs!


CLEARED! All set for surgery girls! :) only thing... I got a call from Hasans assistant, she told me that Hasan had an emergency and I need to be rescheduled to Friday... honestly I don't even mind, just so happy I'm ready to go!!! Also I think I may go back and but the M size faja, just in case my swelling is astronomical LOL. Better than waking up to find out I'm in vanity 120 dollar faja! If anything I'll just give it to my mom haha :) Friday girls! And I'll be the first one in surgery! So excited!!!

I'm ready!!!!!!

See you ladies in bootyland!!!

This booty!!!

I'm all padded up, swollen and in super duper pain on my booty and stomach. I made it ladies, I'll post some pics

Video :)

I made a promise to myself to update my review how I'd love to see a review. Video time :)

Let's hope the video works..

7 hours post op video

Explicit - Click to view


So much ab pain....


Just came back from Marian...

She is so amazing, all the reviews on her drainage massages are 100 percent true! She was gentle but effective, bought a 3rd faja from her, they have the Vedette 929 that hooks and zips! What an excellent experience, thank you my dolls for the recommendation! Here are some pics after my draining, and later I will post my full vanity review! :)

Didn't post

The other pics were kinda raised at an angle, this is my booty head on.

My overall experience at Vanity!

So on the days following to surgery day, my communication back and forth with Vanity was very smooth. They answered me promptly, and only once can I recall that they left me hanging (for lab work approval) but to be fair, I sent them in pretty late that day.

Surgery day:
I woke up at 5:30am to get ready and head out. I thought that if I left at 6am, I'd easily make it to Vanity by 7:30, boy was I wrong. I completely underestimated Miami traffic, already at 6am bumper to bumper. I was stressed out, worrying about my time arrival.
I got into the Vanity parking lot when I got a call from Ari (i believe?) at 7:34am, she said "You're late I hope you know that." I found her tone rude, and I replied "I'm walking in right now." Walked in the the back, there were already people there that had seemed to be waiting for others in surgery. I knocked on the personnel only door, Ari came out with a cup and rudely, again, told me "Go pee. Hurry up." I felt rushed so I quickly went to the restroom and did my business.

I came back, said bye to my mom, and went ahead inside. She complained still about my arrival time, and I just kept being really nice and friendly (just how I am lol). I joked a bit about being naked for the photos, which made her laugh and from there she complimented me a few times on my lashes, teeth, and boobs lol. Broke the ice, so i was content about that.

I changed into my dressings and put on my socks, and head cover. I sat there staring at the room around me, not nervous really at all, but shaking a bit because I was cold. Ricky then came in, introduced himself as my bartender for the day, and how he was going to hook me up with the equivalent of 8 margaritas. I laughed and said "omg you're gonna kill me!" he shook his head and said "not on my watch munequita! (doll in spanish)" He stuck the IV liquids into my arm, told me that Hasan will be in shortly.

I waited about 15 minutes, super nervous now and then Hasan walked through the door. First thing I noticed, he was handsome! We spoke about medical school, being a surgeon, my career, and of course my body. He told me I didn't have a lot of fat but it was sufficient for what I was requesting. He also said "your waist is going to be tiny" so i got super excited lol, that was my main thing. He walked out, and I could hear him say to the others in the lobby hospital area "she's so perky and sweet!" Made good with the doctor, i felt great about that.

He walked me slowly to the operating room, continuing talking about medical school, giving me advice and we spoke abit about the surgery. He helped me onto the operating table, and said he'll see me later.

Ari wiped me down with coldddddddd iodine, and then Ricky came in saying "this won't knock you out, just help you relax." Whatever it was I knocked out cold LOL.

I remember waking up freezing, already dressed in my faja and laying on my belly. I had a heated blanket around me, and the nurse (never got her name, she was older lady) was so sweet and attentive. She grabbed me gatorade, extra blanket and comforted me that this was totally normal. I remember falling asleep, and waking up again, finally the shakes had gone. She helped me up from the bed, and I walked over to this couch they had there on my own. She was shocked lol.

Called my mom, and the nurse rolled me out on a wheelchair facing the chair. (to not sit on the butt) she spoke to my mom for a little, saying that everyone in the OR and the doctor said they were "extremely pleased" with my results.

I don't remember the drive back home, and I slept as soon as I got there.
Vanity was very accomadting to me, I know there are so many complaints and whatnot but the staff in the surgery section of the clinic were amazing, the front office (girls that take calls and whatnot) were also nice, not overly so but they were definitely not rude to me.

I couldn't be happier!!!

2 days post op, changing my garment and heading to bed..

So swollen and stiff today, I was wearing a garment that was too tight on my butt and now waiting for my other to finish drying. The pain is manageable, but definitely more lightheaded today and felt nauseous a few times. recovery is no joke, dolls. I wish realself had a better update system... constantly posting new posts and not being able to edit is annoying. anyways, before and afters :)


I'm healing way too quickly! one of my incisions near the pubic area has closed... is there any safe way to re open them, or is that a bad idea? i need to drain a ton more!!

Oh my lord.

Just took my first (sponge) bath. My skin is so tender to the touch and the hot lymphatic liquid, feels like razor blades mixed with lava under my skin. I can't wait for my 2nd massage tomorrow, I'm counting the hours lol.
My butt is huge, pictures do not do it justice. I am a petite girl and it's just... bam. Loving it though, whether it goes down a bit or not I love it lol. It's so much fuller and rounder, Hasan gave me exactly the shape I wanted.

My upper back, waist, and hip incisions are already closing. One of the incisions in my public area has closed, I treated the other two with alcohol to prevent clotting and fast healing (I still need to drain a LOT)

Feeling good though, I have no muscle pain in my abs like yesterday, but that hot liquid omg. My worst enemy currently.

Hope all you ladies are doing well, whether with recovery or preparing for the big day!!

Also, if you think you have enough chux pads... buy more lol.


Just laying here with a suppository up my bum so I can poop, sexy huh? LOL what we do for big booties girls!

4 days post op

Video update from this morning! Did it nude, so you guys can see the swelling in my thighs and lower public area. Massage in 2 hours, yay!

Just got back from my massage...

oh my god.... so much FREAKING pain today. Literally felt like there was active boiling oil under my skin while Marian drained me. My waist started at 23" before the massage, after I was 21.4"!! I was so swollen and I drained over 5 cups of liquid! Marian was shocked how much I had accumulated. God, it was so painful today, but I didn't get lightheaded or nauseous, just cried a bit lol. I feel so. much. better now though. Get those massages ladies, they make a WORLDS difference.

Decided to answer all the questions on why I chose Hasan..

I keep getting lots of messages with the same questions, so I decided to make a post with necessary info you ladies may need! :) All opinions are my own, I believe both Fisher and Hasan are AMAZING doctors but I will explain why Hasan was a better fit for ME.

~Most asked, why did I choose Hasan over Fisher?

#1 thing, his lipo. Hasan has a talent for finding fat in areas I didn't even know I HAD fat. With all the reviews I have read on him, I've seen smooth beautiful results, no lumpyness or fat left over! (on this girls I saw how smooth it was... I know that lipo on thin women puts risk of lumpyness, but i didn't see this with his patients at all) I found with a few fisher girls, they were unhappy about a little extra fat on the lower stomach, or the back. Not to mention, more than a few of his patients have had "garment burns". The majority of that is due to technique, with -overly- aggressive lipo. Garment is secondary to further agitating it, but it's technique. Didn't see that with Hasan.

#2 the amount of patients they both see a day. Hasan works on 3 girls a day, Fisher well over 5. I didn't like that, it didn't settle right with me... I am a comic book artist, I create with my hands as these surgeons do. I know, that when I am swamped with work, I need to ask a fellow artist to help me with inking, or cleaning a sketch because I need to move fast to work on the next. I have read a few reviews that Fisher sometimes utilizes his assistants to help him with lipo. I did not like that AT ALL. I wanted to be sculpted by the surgeon, guaranteed. Considering I'd be under, I'd have no idea and I do not like uncertainty and doubt.

#3 the shape. Hasan for me, creates more of a natural but NOTICEABLE shape on girls (especially thinner women) . He likes the heart shape, I like the heart shape, we were meant to be! LOL. Fishers butts start high, I like a little bit of a more natural look and not such a dramatic curvature to the back. Aesthetically for me, Hasan won this round as well. Fisher gives hips yes, but so does Hasan. I don't know why people think he does not...? He will tell you how it is. He told me, "Hips will make you look fat.. but I can probably fill you out just a bit for a better contour." He delivered!

#4 Flakiness. how many times have I read that Fisher switches dates.... nu-uh honey. I have a very strict schedule, I travel a LOT and I need to know my schedules months in advance. The deal breaker was it seemed that over 80% of girls were getting re-scheduled with Fisher because he was on... vacation, hurt, family issues, etc.!! I got re-scheduled to the NEXT day with Hasan, because he legitimately had problem arise... It seems like Fisher constantly had something going on!

I know it's a SUPER TOUGH CHOICE on which doctor to choose, but this is why -I- chose MY doctor! You have to choose the best fit for you ladies!!! This is what worked for ME, and I went with my gut to proceed with Hasan. :)

Hope this helped!!!

So I was going to leave Wednesday night...

But I decided I should stay until Sunday, to continue getting massages with Marian! I bought another massage and will be doing them wednesday, thursday and Friday! Today my stomach got so freakin' flat, all the ladies at Marian's were clapping lmao! My waist is beyond tiny, i'm ecstatic everytime I get these massages because I look so small but my booty is huge. I wish I could take her home with me to drain me all the time! LOL

Drainage massages are extremely important.

Just wanted to show a before, and after draining. :)

5 days post op...

Hey ladies !

Been feeling rather nauseated lately, tylenol 3 isnt doing much for pain anymore. I called vanity after my massage with Marian to see if i could get something stronger prescribed, but they said thats the most they can do. They informed me that i can take two instead of one every four hours, but it seems like a bit much... i think i might to sleep tonight, because the nerves that went through the lipo trama are starting to recover, and the pain is indescribable. My massage today, I fainted breifly, it was no joke!! :/

Right now i feel okay, i drained a ton more today but my tummy is finally getting flat! I still have two more sessions, which will drain the remained even more.

Pic update, do i post too many....? Let me know, if so, ill start an instagram specifically for this recovery!

Hope you are all doing well! And thank you all for thenpositive and lovely feedback, youre all amazing Chicas! :)

Booty :)

I will be making a proper update when I get back home. Flying out tomorrow!!

Is my garment too tight?

What do you ladies think??? I feel maybe but improbably paranoid.

Booty greed is so real.

I have to be honest, I wish my booty was bigger. I know, I know... I have to be realistic, there wasn't much fat to work with to begin with and I am a very petite girl. My butt it big, don't get me wrong, but I'm super paranoid about it losing any more size. That's why before pictures are so important.

Bbl is not just about booty, but overall shape change. My body shape looks SO much better, I am ecstatic with my results. I am curvy, but slim, which fits my height. My booty is big, but not overly so and I am really happy. Take lots of before girls, while I still have the itching of greediness LOL looking at my pictures side by side make me feel a whole lot better. :))

Does fluffing actually happen?

Just curious, and if so, when did you girls see it happen?

Almost 2 weeks post..

Girrrrrrrrrrlllllllllllsss....... this recovery takes forever LOL. I want to rip this garment off and be done with it already, I swear!

Finally back home, god it feels so good to be back! The plane ride was an absolute nightmare lol. My legs kept getting numb from sitting on my half foam roller, my boppy would shift out of place, some girl next to me wouldn't stop staring at me hahah oh my gosh ladies. I was so elated to jump off that plane! I was greeted by my husband at the terminal, and he looked at me wide eyed, "Wow, omg, you look like a cartoon!" LMAO i was blushing hard.

The stares at the airport oh my lord... the stares everywhere ladies, prepare yourselves haha. My hubby is proudly showing me off, though i'm still slightly waddling around.

Booty is getting softer, swelling in my abdomen has gone up though... I woke up today with a bit of burning sensation and noticed I had a lot of liquid in my lower tummy.
I made an appointment right quick with a local lymphatic massage place. I didn't feel too much difference afterwards... and my liquid went down just a tiny bit. Not the draining I was used to the first 5 days! I'm going to stick with it and hope it works out... the lady told me I had some lower belly hardening, probably because hubby can't keep his hands off... yessir, we've done the nasty a few times lol. VERY CAREFULLY, he doesn't want to damage the goods haha.

Not sitting is a bit nightmareish, but I DID drive myself today to my massage! Numb legs again lol, but it was a lot easier than the plane ride for some reason? My foam roller kept sliding off the plane seat, is probably why..

My booty definitely seems smaller, but I do love my shape. My waist is super snatched, I have not an ounce of fat on my upper body. I measured it today, 21"! Before surgery I was about 25", so that's a huge change. My belly is healing a bit funny, but I know it's too early, and I still need more massaging and swelling to go down.

Overall I am really happy, I am just so done with recovery .... so so so done lmao

I know you all want a booty pic

Lol booty pic

Before after update!! 2 weeks post op, and pre op pics

So I've been hit pretty hard with booty greed. Some days I love it, other days I feel like there's no change... I make these collages to make myself feel better, and it really really works. Love the change in my body, Hasan is life!!!

Garments are too damned expensive!

And massages as well... I swear it's almost as much as surgery itself! (exaggerating... but still lol) 6 massages for $500? I've already spent about $485... smh LOL

Butt feels warm??

My butt feels warm on both sides, and warm to the touch... is this normal?? Vets chime in!!!


I had two small seromas on my belly, but I drained them myself! :)
Hubby helped me out as well, he had all the tools (he's a RN) and showed me how I can do it on my own. We used 3cc 27g needle syringes, and it was really a piece of cake, didn't hurt at all. My husband told me they were definitely seromas, as the liquid was a light yellow and abundant. We took out about 18cc's of drainage!!!

I was wondering what was happening because I had these two lumps that would NOT go away with massage.... my tummy is super flat and smooth otherwise. Sure enough, seromas, and I was glad to catch them early!!!

I will update with pictures soon! :)

3 weeks!

:) the more my waist swelling goes down the happier I am. I measure at an amazing 20.6" today. I knew all those years of corseting couldn't had been in vain! Tiny ribcage hiding all along!!

Still have swelling, swroma filled back slightly you can see it next to my belly button... but extremely happy with my progress!!

Some more normal angles.


Current weight:

Miami Physician

Hasan is an amazing surgeon. he will let you know what is realistic or not, and shape you so beautifully! His lipo is top notch, and he is truly the best at giving a nice heart shaped booty. I couldn't be happier!!

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