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I just sent my last payment last night and now its...

I just sent my last payment last night and now its paid in full. Now Im looking into my travel arrangements, I want to stay for a month. I am researching fajas ANY SUGGESTIONS ???? Also how do you choose the sizing ??? ANY RECOMMENDATIONS FOR LYMPHATIC MASSAGES ?? I want to get everything scheduled and paid for so i can relax lol

I found where I'm going to stay via Airbnb

Now I have to wait until I get paid to book it ???? Hopefully it's still available by then ???????????? crossing my fingers. I still haven't book my plane ticket but I have time lol

Today is the day

I'm on my way to vanity right now. Woke up with a headache and I'm hungry lol but I feel surprisingly calm ???? GOOD VIBES :)

I'm back

Omg fisher is nice and down to earth ???????? he's funny too lol he made me feel super comfortable even when I was taking the pre op pics. The surgery went smooth, last thing I remember is getting injected w the anesthesia and I felt sleepy lol the man (not fisher ) I think his name was Jorge he asked me to blink or open my mouth or something like that then I was OUT lmao and he warned me that the anesthesia might burn but honestly it was just cold lol Keeping in mind I went to sleep at 4am the day before so I was napping before surgery lol I was holding my faja like a teddy bear lmao but all in all when I woke up I was good. Couldn't stop shivering but the lady gave me something and it immediately went away. I just feel sore but it's not that bad. They gave me a prescription for Percocet :) honestly feel really sober though. Actually feel better than I thought I would. My tummy and but is sorry but I'm good I have a high pain tolerance. I just felt super tired when I woke. Oh and my left driver was so lovely and considerate ???? I was laying on my tummy for the ride to the airbnb I'm staying at. For some reason when I got out of surgery o was speaking Spanish or Spanglish I didn't notice for a while but the left driver was Spanish so she understood me. I was saying how smooth the surgery went and she was like oh now you're making me want to do that too lol She was so sweet lmao when I went to get out she said oh you got your butt done too I said yes I got a bbl she asked if she could touch I was like sure Lmaoo she was like ooooh I want to get that done.

Side note

I am 19 120 lbs 5'2 so I was already petite I gained 5lbs for the surgery I was originally 115! I purchased a garment and foams at vanity since I totally forgot to it was 120 but 60 for the foams = 180 cash. My hemoglobin levels were 14.8 so I was assured a chance of needing a blood transfusion post op are slim to none ???????? I already knew this but I am happy fisher explained every little detail. I have to go back tommorrow before 12pm so I can do the check up but I feel good and super calm and positive. I honestly feel like myself no loopyness or dizziness just sore on my tummy and butt but I've been drinking a lot of liquids and had some puréed rice and beans Lmaoo can you tell how Puerto Rican i am :D lmao oh btw after surgery fisher said to drink 2 gallons of liquid everyday Gatorade or Powerade I forget lol I'm buying some more Tomorrow I'm drinking the yellow one :( but I'll get my good flavors tomorrow lol I took my pill with this organic cream soda Posting pic tomorrow :)

Airbnb recommendation For anyone needing a place to stay by vanity its in homestead and the lyft is super cheap going to vanity

Senora Juana, the lady I'm staying with on airbnb is soooo lovely omg She is Puerto Rican mother/grandmother I am her first airbnb and she is my first aswell lol she is so hospitable and down to earth. Anyone looking for a place to stay near Miami I highly recommend her. She is like the grandmother/aunt I never had. I cannot recommend her enough. I'm here till September 28th I might extend that depending on how I feel. The one way flights on delta from Miami back to New York are like 69 dollars for 28th and like 70 something for October 5th let's see :) I feel pretty good tho I just don't have a boopy pillow so I am looking into purchasing that ???? I also called sapphire for the lymphatic massages aswell and I should book it for maybe Sunday. Fisher said to see how I feel but the sooner the better ???? Ik its going to hurt pero yo soy bien fuerte (very strong) I'll be Igh im from New York lol ????????????????


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