20 Yr Old 117 Lbs FisherBarb - Miami, FL

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Okay sooo My mom will be driving down to Miami to...

Okay sooo My mom will be driving down to Miami to get a procedure done by Dr Perry In Miami and im sooo Happy for her that Ive decided to get My own BBL !! Im 5'7 weighing 117 Pounds i thought i was too small for this procedure but when i spoke to leo dr fisher coordinator she told me I was perfect but i need to gain some weight 140 to be exact... I model sooo this will affect my modeling career for a few months But BABEHHH when Fisher is done with me I'll be shooting King Magazine Loll ( I wish)

Mind made !!

My mind is already made up I know who I want to get this waist snatched by and that MR FISHER ugh!! Just got a second job I should be making my deposit before August !! Hopefully I have a date locked in for January soon !! Reading everyone reviews choosing dr fisher because he does numbers on natural skinny girls !!

Ready to make deposit !

The last time I spoke to vanity was in May they quoted me 5500 for 10 areas and requested me to gain 25 pounds. I recently just lost a ton of weight on purpose I've been skinny all my life and last year I started putting on pounds I was not ready for lol !! My but was huge literally my mom and sister always told me I just need hips! I work at hooters so the weight gain will show in front of the customers oh well !

Booty everywhere Lol

Soo dolls my mom just had her surgery with perry last friday and is now 4 days post op. She is taking this like A G and its really not that serious how some people is making it. Glad I get to go through her experience with her before i had my own so i know what to expect . She is just very sore. My bf thinks we want to be this big booty kardashian family lol. I start my new job friday I cant wait to make my deposit (:P

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