20 Years Young, No Kids....Just Tired of This Spongebob Booty - Miami, FL

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My butt's shape is ridiculous! My Brother and...

My butt's shape is ridiculous! My Brother and friends always jokingly say when God was drawing me his elbow accidentally slipped of the table when he got to my butt and he kept it that way......Sad, right? I've had a square hard sponge looking booty all my life. I just really tired of it to the point where I can't even get my car yet but I'm willing to get a BBL done first! I can't stand the way I look naked, especially from the back, it makes me so self conscious and sometimes even hate myself. Years of being picked on, rejected, bullied and disgusted and I've always worn a smile. If you ask anyone that knows me, My parents, friends, boyfriend, they would say I didn't care about it because I'm always happy and optimistic anyway....but truly I do. It's so bad that I've actually prayed for God to change it....Then I found out about the Brazillian Butt Lift. At first I was like I don't want a lift, my butt is high and square already lol, but I researched it and found out what it really is and I just knew I had to get it! .....but then I saw the prices Lord! I am now determined to save for it. It's hard because I am being to have to pay bills and buy my own things and I work at a sucky organic good market. Also I was born and raised in Christian Faith and God doesn't make mistakes so if I go to a family event with my new bootylicious self when everyone knows me for my lack of it, it will cause chaos. But I want to be happy. Therefore hopefully the will be happy for me, If not....I'll still be happy not to be Miss SpongeBob anymore lol
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I want DrPerry or DrSalama I haven't had any connection with any Dr yet. I just sent a consultation request to Dr.Perry I guess. I have to research more and see more results before and after. I haven't seen any one on here yet with a booty like mine.

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