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I found this website after searching for Accutane...

I found this website after searching for Accutane results. A little history regarding my journey to this point. I'm a 32 yr old healthy guy. I never had any acne problems till I started college. I think I was a late bloomer. I used antibiotic pills and creams throughout college and that helped keep the pimples away. Through out my 20's I've had periods or clear skin and times when my face just kinda blew up like a pack of red skittles. Again, trips to my dermatologist and being prescribed antibiotics time after time, you start to wonder is this ever going to solve the problem. Maybe it's my job that gives me stress or living in S. Fla and the constant humidity and sweating??? Fast forward to now. My face has once again gone into overdrive. I don't want to keep taking antibiotics so my dermatologist has prescribed Accutane(Claravis) 40mg 2x day. I hope I don't start to see any of the serious side effects.
On the third day I started to notice my skin and lips are starting to feel drier. I use lotion in the morning and at night. I apply lip balm constantly throughout the day to keep my lips from cracking, so far they haven't. On the fifth day I started to notice my eyes are feeling tired, maybe they are getting dry? I'll try some eye drops to see if this helps. Also, my scalp is starting to flake like I have dandruff. I use head n shoulders everyday so that sucks! Other than these, I haven't noticed any other side effects. My skin has gotten a little worse since I started taking the medicine, however the little bumps under my skin seems to be slowly disappearing. Also, the black heads are also decreasing. That is a good sign. I'll take some pics and post them when I get a chance.
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