33yrs Old with 3 Kids in Need of a Mommy Makeover - Miami, FL

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I've been looking into getting a mommy makeover...

I've been looking into getting a mommy makeover for years now and I'm finally gonna do it this summer. I did a consultation last week with Dr. Valls but now after seeing pictures and reviews on Dr. Ortega I'm torn! I don't know witch Doctor to go to. If any of you guys had surgery by any of these 2 Doctors please help me!!!

Me before surgery

Getting closer to my dream body!

Today I went and put more money down towards my mommy makeover I'm so excited I'm getting closer and closer! I haven't set a date as of yet but I'm hoping I can get my sexy back before August lol

almost paid in full yay!

Here's some wish pics!

I'm soooo upset!

My date was set for June 13th but my blood test came back and my blood is to low to get my mommy makeover, I'm sooo upset so now I have to take iron pills for a few weeks to get my blood up and retake the test. Hopefully the next time I take it everything is good. So as of now I don't have a date and Dr. Ortega is booked until August that date is not good for me I didn't want to wait that long. I'm so pissed right now hopefully when my blood comes back up in 2-3 weeks I can find another Dr at the office that can do my mommy makeover sooner then August. I'm fully paid and I really want Dr Ortega but I don't want to wait that long OMG!!!!
Dr. Ortega

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