32 Years Old, No Kids, Heavy Saggy Boobs - Miami, FL

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My surgery is in 10 hours and I'm so excited. A...

My surgery is in 10 hours and I'm so excited. A little nervous but very excited. I have wanted to have a breast lifted for over 5 years. I was waiting to have kids, but that has yet to happen. So I've decided the time is NOW to have the breast I've always wanted. I'm having my breast lift and lipo done with the "Boob God", Dr. Hochstein in Miami.

1 day post op

My surgery went well, I'm
alive :-)! I was very nervous about the whole procedure. I'm currently in a lot of pain., but I can tell I'm going to love my new boobs. Dr. Hochstein aka "The Boob God" and his staff were very friendly and helpful. I decided to add lipo of the waist yesterday morning. I have been bleeding quite a bit from the lipo. Dr. H called me around 8:30 last night to check on me. After, I got off the phone with him I got up to use the restroom and noticed a lot bleeding from the lipo. I call Dr. H back and he answered immediately, so said that was normal. I go back today for my 1st day post op. I'll keep u guys updated.

3 days post op

I'm feeling much better today. This has been my best day thus fa, I was starting wonder if it was worth it. Finally had a bowel movement and got rid of lots of gas, which made me feel great! The pain has subsided some, but I still feel lots of pressure. I had an appetite today and as able to keep down my food. Looking forward to this weekend!!! Took my first full body pic.

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