Upcoming 2nd Revision Surgery Advice Needed

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I wanted higher,fuller, more youthful breasts. I...

I wanted higher,fuller, more youthful breasts. I had previuosly had a anchor lift only done in 1993 without any augmentation with excellent results by a different MD.

I had augmentation and lift (vertical incison only) with 400cc mentor moderate profile implants done 9 months ago. I had a revision for lateral displacement and poor result with lift, at which time the pockets were closed bilaterally and a anchor lift was done to correct the problem. Within 4 weeks, lateral displacement was again noted and the breast have dropped, but not as severe as the last time.

I just recently saw my surgeon again, I am 4 months post-op of the revision. He agrees that I need repair again and wants to wait until 6 months post-op. Following are the suggestions made, another lateral repair bilaterally, a larger implant (min of 600cc was suggested) and a vertical incision lift again. He also mentioned going to a textured silcone mentor implant for better adhesion. I have read that these implants have a higher risk of rippling and can make furure sugeries more difficult. I am trying to weigh my options. I would appreciate all thoughts on best course of action. I am a 46 yo 5'10" 150#

6-23-2011. I have had 2 revision surgeries with a...

6-23-2011. I have had 2 revision surgeries with a surgeon in sarasota, took out the 600cc implants and now have saline 350cc, much better. A mesh was used to hold implant in place...much better result, although you can feel the mesh a bit.

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he seems very knowledgable and has been very willing to make the breast augmention correct

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