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Hi ladies! I'm one of those stalkers that sits day...

Hi ladies! I'm one of those stalkers that sits day and night and reads everyone's reviews, comments.... EVERYTHING loll. Anyway, I'm 5'7" 168 lbs. live in Dallas, Tx and I'm scheduled with Dr. Fisher in Miami on 6/21/2016. I originally had 6/14 scheduled but Vanity called and said Fisher wouldn't be available. I've read all the reviews about Vanity (good and bad) but will take my chances so I can have Fisher give me a tiny waist and a juicy booty!!! (I come from a family of severely flat's so depressing). I'm doing this all alone, so I'm staying at Keyla's recovery house for 10 days. I'll upload some "before" pics a lil later. Anyways, happy v-day ladies and I look forward to documenting this whole journey.. Oh and any ladies having surgery this June???

Before pics...

Well here goes nothing... Hopefully these pics don't post upside down lol apparently they are loading sideways or upside down... There's not much to see anyway lol

Underarm lipo? I

This may sound like a strange question but has anyone ever had their underarm area lipo'd? I can't stand this chunky area by my underarms. I can't wear tub tops or strapless dresses cause of this plump lil guy :-/


I'm a little under the weather today...allergies.. and decided to take a day off of work. I've been online all morning and have been making purchases, preparing for my bbl. It almost feels like I'm im getting ready to have a baby.. lol. Anyway, so far I've purchased:

The Booty Buddy (Its on backorder, If you need one, I suggest pre-ordering it. They will be available again mid march)
6 lipo foams sheets
ab board
MAT (the medical and therapy body positioning system so i can hopefully sleep comfortably)
2 arnica gels
bio oil
collace stool softener
SSS Tonic to keep my iron up
Luden throat lozenges
Hibiclens wash

As my date gets closer, I will purchase 2 fajas, maybe a bp monitor (an I going overboard???) lol, my airline tickets, soft cotton tees, slippers, and a few maxi dresses, and all other little necessities. Am I blatantly missing anything? To all dolls out there, please let me know what made the biggest difference in your recovery. Also, has anybody tried the "make me heal" post op supplements?

Lumps and uneven lipo.. Having second thoughts

I'm so scared about having lumps and bumps all over my stomach from uneven lipo. It's making me think twice about this whole thing :(

Is that a main side effect?

Supplies so far...

Hi Ladies! Here are my supplies so far.. The big lumpy white pillows is the MAT body positioning pillow. I'm naturally a tummy sleeper,so this is more for my lower back and neck. I'm shopping right now for some maxi dresses and thin cotton tank tops. :) June 21st can't come fast enough!!!!

12 areas of lipo with Dr. Fisher? Chin lipo anyone? :)

So my patient profile with Dr. Fisher says full body lipo (12 areas) with fat transfer to buttocks. Does anyone know exactly what those 12 areas are? I'm wondering if the areas around my armpits/ upper back and sides are part of the 12 areas. I guess I need to email my coordinator. If not i will likely add the underarm areas and my chin for an extra 1500 ($500 additional per area). I havent seen many girls on RS with bbl and chin lipo. Anyone out there than can tell me what the recovery is like when combining chin lipo and bbl?

Added Chin and Underarm areas

So I went ahead and added my chin and my underarm areas for lipo. Came out to an additional $1000. I figure.. go hard or go home lol. I have to wear a chin strap for 2-4 weeks, depending on how swollen i get.

pillows pillows and more pillows

I think I need to chill on the far i have the booty buddy pillow, MAT body positioning pillows, long body pillow and a boppy pillow. i had to stop myself from buying another pillow today. I dont know how im going to fit all these pillows in my luggage. smh

Getting Closer !!!!

Encore death, Uneasiness, Fisher still the best?

After reading about the 29 year old girl that died at Encore (not a Fisher patient), and then coming across a girl's review that got a burn from Fisher (he's saying its a garment burn but the girl had a bunch of gauze in that area right out of surgery), and reading girls reviews that are not happy with their results because of uneven or lumpy lipo from Fisher... I am having second thoughts. I don't know anymore. I'm wondering if I should cancel, work out hard and save my money for Dr. Miami Or Dr. Hughes, or Dr. Schulman. I'm so confused and scared that I'm going to come out fucked up or dead. This sucks


This is the first IG comment I've ever seen that's negative regarding Fisher :(

Fisher VS Dr. Perez Gurri

Dammit. So I'm freaked out over the death of the girl at Encore and now the negative Fisher reviews that I've some across and the negative comments . I also have been communicating with a girl that had surgery with Fisher on 4/25 and got a terrible infection and septic shock and needed two blood transfusion right after surgery. She sent me pictures and I wanted to cry looking at them. Her comments were quickly removed from Fisher IG but I snapped a screen shot of one before it could be deleted. Then another girl had lipo burns. So with all this, this lead me to why I contacted another surgeon... Another RS sister is having her surgery with Dr. Perez Gurri so i decided to check him out. I had a consultation with him and love his staff and facility. The facility is fully accredited and he spends at least 5-6 hours on his BBL patients. He does not have a million patients in one day and I like that. I was quoted $7300 for him to lipo all the areas I want, including the armpit area. I would have to change my date to later in July and change my airline tickets and see if Keyla is still available and is willing to drive to Dr. PG's facility. So I texted Keyla, to see if she would be available for the dates in July in case I change and she quickly called me and wondered why on earth would i change from Fisher. lol Then she put a girl on the phone that just had surgery with Fisher and told me how great he was. She was from the bay area and I really appreciated her input and her attempt to put my mind at ease. She was at Keylas's with 2 other Fisherdolls and one girl from McAdoo that still went through with her surgery even after the death of Heather Meadows. Man...these woman are so brave. Keyla and the unknown Fisherdoll both said I would be CRAZY to change my mind. Ughhhhh I dont know what to do. and I cant follow my gut because it doesnt know either lol. HHHHEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLPPPPP

My indecisiveness is expensive

I put a $500 deposit down with Dr. Perez Gurri for surgery date of 7/12/16. Imagos Plastic Surgery center looks very nice and is a fully accredited facility. I looked at his before and afters and like most of them but I'm scared they are not dramatic enough. They look good from the back and side but I want a snatched waist and a noticeable hour glass figure (which is why i fell in love with Fisher). I will ask Dr. PG personally if he feels he can give me a tiny waist and big round juicy booty. If he believes i'm setting high expectations and he cant deliver...then i loose out on my $500 deposit and off to Fisher I go (scared shitless and all)... If I do this, it needs to be this time and this time only. I dont want any round 2s!!! and of course, time is NOT on my side. Im 32 days away from Fisher and 52 days away from Dr. Perez Gurri. I think I also need to take a break from all this obsessing for a few days and then decide. You ladies have to be tired of me debating all this. Shit, Im tired of myself.. Well to all the ladies out there recovering and those about to head to surgery..god bless!..ya'll are the bravest girls on the planet!!!

What happened to Fishers Instagram?!?!?

Was his Instagram deleted? What's going on?

Made up my mind...Perez Gurri it is!!!!

Man this has been an emotional roller coaster and I havent even had my surgery yet lol....Anyway.. i went from excited (seeing all the beautiful Fisher beauties) to nervous to apprehensive to scared (Vanity), to shocked (Encore and Sophie's IG post) and now back to being excited (Dr. Perez Gurri) ..aaaannnnd I want to add one more feeling that I really cant say I genuinely felt during this whole process...SAFE. Safe girls. I feel safe and excited with Dr. Perez Gurri!!! :) oh and broke lol $$$ Perez-Gurri is $3k more.. Well now i need to try to convince American Airlines to change my return flight...I only bought a return flight home so far....YAY!!!!!!! I cant wait!!!!

My To-Do list:

1. Contact Keyla. Done :) I told her I changed to Dr. PG at Imagos Plastic Surgery and asked if she could still take care of me with my date change of 7/10-7/20 and she said yes. :) ?? 2. Get deposit back from Vanity. I'm so glad all I gave vanity was my deposit of $1k. I sent Ana an email letting her know that I cancelled and I have a document from Estrella Rojas that says Vanity has a 100% money back guarantee. I gave them 30 day notice so we'll see how effective they are in returning my money $$$. I will definitely let you ladies know about that lol 3. Contact Amercian Airlines and see if I can change my return flight to 7/20 instead of 6/30. Then purchase my flight to Miami for 7/10. I think that's all I have on my plate right now :)

AA flight change and Vanity Refund

I had purchased a first class ticket back from MIA for 6/21 because I was originally having my surgery with Dr. Fisher. Since I changed my sx to Dr. Perez Gurri on 7/12, I was able to change my return flight to 7/20, but it cost me $172 :( Ladies...if you are looking for money saving tips...I am NOT your girl lol. Anyway, I also contacted Vanity and their refund department emailed me a form to fill out and email back. They said it may take up to 4 weeks to get my refund. Fine...I'll wait, but I want my money back lol. We'll see if they keep their word.

Facial fillers, chin lipo and BBL? Am I doing too much at once?

Annnnd Im asking Rosemarie about facial filler for my cheeks and nasolabial folds during my BBL recovery time in Miami (maybe post op day 5 or so)...she might just tell me that I need to chill lol

Arnica Montana and Bromelain

So i went to a health foods store and bought a bottle of Bromelain and some arnica Montana pellets. There are so many different kinds and didn't know which one to get. One was 12c and the other 30c. The 12c said for large areas on the body and the 30c said for multiple areas of the body. Which one should I use?

Vanity Refund Update

So they asked me to fill out a form, and send my routing number and account number to them. I thought that they would send my $1000 back via wire transfer. Vanity told me it would take 4 weeks to get my money. I sent them everything the "refund department" wanted on 5/24... So 4 weeks to the day still no refund. I called and emailed and they said my refund is "scheduled" for Saturday, 6/25... Well guess what ladies...NO FREAKIN REFUND. they are complete a- holes. If they don't plan on giving my money back, then why don't they say that the deposit is non refundable?!?!? They shouldn't say that they have a 100% money back gaurantee! That's all f'n BS to just get your money. I plan on paying a visit to those hoodrats reaaalll soon if I don't get my money back

Staying with Miami Escape

So I cancelled fisher and Keyla and as many of you surgery is scheduled with dr. Perez Gurri... And I changed recovery homes. I'm now staying with Dani at Miami Escape recovery home. I got her summer special for $150 a night. I'm staying 7/11-7/20 and so excited to stay with them. The house looks spacious and gorgeous and they provide all meals and transportation... I don't have to worry about dinner or bringing a ton of supplies because Dani has EVERYTHING! I am really looking forward to meeting everyone at Imagos surgery center, Dani and the Miami escape crew, and hopefully Puppet, the shih tzu :)


Oh! And I did my labs and everything looked good so my doctor faxed everything to Dr. PerezGurri... So like always, I will call Rosemarie at Imagos and make sure everything is good to go. I swear I love that woman! Lol she's so awesome... I call her my BFF and feel like I've know her forever.. :) ok I guess I'm done updating for today... Happy healing girls!

Surgery is in 2 weeks!!!

So my labs are good and I've been cleared for surgery.


GOD i dont even know where to begin....Oh yeah....VANITY STILL HAS MY MONEY!!! I was told over and over that my refund was sent on 6/25 by certified mail and of course, I get an email with a picture of the tracking slip and the date stamp is 6/28, even though they said over and over that it was sent on saturday the 25th!!!! So I track the mail and it said the post office would delivery on Friday afternoon. Well, I get a phone call Thursday, 6/30 at 4:40 pm CT from Vanity telling me that I need to deposit the check on Friday because the there was fraud and the check will not be good after Friday!!! WTF?!?!?! So I get the check and decide to try to cash it at Bank Of America because that is where Vanity's check is from. Im not stupid and I refuse to deposit with my bank and have it later charged back to my account with additional fees. So I am at Bank of America and what do they tell me? "Im sorry ma'am but we are unable to cash this check. Please contact the issuer" I was so angry. I called Vanity and apparently the number that is all over their forms and a call center ran by idiots. I had been speaking to a supervisor named Nagali and I told her that i was unable to cash the check. She said she would have the money direct deposited back to my account on 7/5... Well guess what? refund! I asked to speak with Estrella Rojas since Nagali refuses to call me back or answer any of my calls. I've gotten hung up on twice and am ready to do all I can to shut that business down. I hate everyone that works at that office...all the doctors, coordinators, staff....they are all scum of the earth. I regret the day that I even learned about Vanity. These thieves obviously need my money more than I do. I really feel sorry for those girls...they seem so uneducated and talking to them really makes it apparent that they are people that will never really amount to anything in life.

So...are there any girls out there that cancelled with Vanity, Encore, Spectrum or Broward that are having as difficult a time as I am, getting their refund? I will post pictures of their check and the certified mail slip. Girls, if you have a check from them with that account number, please have your bank verify funds before depositing or go directly to Bank of America to cash your check because they can tell you if the check is good or not.

Bad Vanity Check and late certified mail receipt

Vanity (eyeroll) Refund Update con't

Ok, so after a million emails and phone calls that got me absolutely nowhere with those people, I get an email from the "refund department" saying that my refund will be sent to me by direct deposit and that the "driver" is on the way!!! WTF? Ive worked in the banking industry and a direct deposit is sent electronically via ACH (automatic clearing house) by EFT (electronic funds transfer) These transfers are typically "guaranteed" funds because the account and funds must be available to even process the "direct deposit", unlike a check that can be written regardless of the status and availability of funds. These dummies went to my bank and deposited a freakin check in my account! THAT is NOT DIRECT DEPOSIT! If this check is returned, that deposit will be charged back to my checking account and I will be charged fees! I got an image of the damn check they deposited and took it to Bank of America (Vanity's bank) and they told me that if I was to come into the bank and try to cash that check, that I would actually be able to. So that was a relief. The downside is, the banker at Bank of America said that the check will take several days to clear since due to their customer's (vanity) history!!!! Im praying that this damn check clears and nothing happens. Oh and my refund was supposed to be $1000 and they deposited $1100. They cant get $hit right. I plan on sending their $100 back in the most inconvenient way... in pennies over the course of several weeks. nah, i don't know lol. I definitely will wait at least two weeks to make sure that these funds are mine and then i will send them their stupid $100 back.

On a happier note....

On a happier note, my surgery is next week!!!!! Im so excited!!!

Hellllllooooo Miami! :)

I'm in Miami and I met Dani from Miami Escape and so far everything is awesome!!!!! So excited!!!

Today is the big day!!!!

Good morning dolls! I am scheduled for surgery today, I need to be at the surgical center at 7am and then surgery is at 8. I had my pre op with Dr. PG and their staff is AHHHHHMAAAAZZZING. Completely amazing :) I finally got to meet Rosemarie and she is just the prettiest sweetest girl on the planet! Love her!!!! Dr PG was so thorough and answered every question, took pictures and then they gave me and another doll a tour of the surgery center. I'm not as nervous as I thought I was going to be. I'm just ready to get rid of this belly, love handles, and flat ass! Im so torn between a HUGE ASS and a more natural one lol I will just leave it in Dr. PGs hands because I will never be able to decide. :) well, to all the girls out there about to have surgery... Good luck!!! And here are some "before" pics I just took a second ago. Ughh I gained more weight so I'm now about 175...yikes!

Unhappy and angry

Hey dolls. I know I completely fell off the planet. I stopped posting because I was trying to be positive and optimistic about my results.. but 6 weeks of post op optimism hasn't helped. I am unhappy with my results. My recovery wasnt too bad and I didnt bleed at all after surgery. I got massages, took my prescriptions as directed, stayed off the booty, and ate healthy. Miami Escape was the best and I miss Dani and Brenda. I love those girls. :) They are actually the best part of the whole experience. They care for you like you are family. Well, getting back to my butt..I dont have the projection that i wanted, i broke out in itchy rashes at all the incision sites, and i dont like the placement of all the incisions,...and my side are so uneven. I dont know why my surgeon had to make an incision so high on my abdomen. I wish he would have hidden those scars and maybe gone lower. Now I also am dealing with what I believe is an infection or fat necrosis. I have no idea because when I emailed my coordinator, she said Dr. PG was going to prescribe an antibiotic. Im on the last day of the antibiotic and I see no improvement. I have a hard red hot lump on my left buttock. Im debating whether to go to the ER or try to find a surgeon in Dallas to help me. I really dont know what to do. I was told by my surgeon that the red bump will resolve on its own, but I dont know if I trust that. I did get my neck and chin lipo'd and i love my results. Im very happy there. Oh and another thing that bugs me is that I paid to have my underarm areas lipo'd (both sides) and he only did one and I did not get any compensation or refund for not getting the other side done. I think it might have been a blessing in disguise because it is one less round scar on my body. I hate being so negative and pray that this bump goes away, my scars lighten, and my uneveness smooths out. Everything that i was scared of happened to me and it just make me cry my eyes out. I was terrified of lumps, uneveness, and infections, and thats exactly what I got.

Day of surgery

Day 2

Day 3

1 week Post Op

10 day post op rashes all over body

4 weeks Post Op

4 weeks post op

Red hot golf ball size lump on left cheek

Day six of antibiotics and it looks worse

Headed to my primary doctor

At the request of Rosemarie and Dr. PG, they advised me to be seen as soon as possible. I was able to get an appointment with my primary care doctor this morning. I have no idea what is going to happen. I just want whatever this is to be healed.

Infection and abscess

Well worst fears have been confirmed. I have an infection and an abscess. My primary doctor thinks it is strange that it is almost in the center of my buttock region. He said usually its close to the incision sites. I really want to know how and why I got this infection. Anyway, he gave me an injection of some pretty strong antibiotics and said if I do not see or feel an improvement in 24-48 hours, to call him so he can cut and drain the abscess. Please send prayers that these medicines work and i dont have to get cut open.

Emergency room visit

Well my primary doctor was supposed to cut and drain my abscess but he wasn't available until late afternoon. I was in so much pain and decided to go to the ER. I was leaning on my bed at home in pain and felt something wet and hot drip down my leg. The abscess was leaking yellow puss. When I got to the ER, the surgeon on call cut, drained and then packed the abscess. It was the most excruciating pain i have ever felt. He squeezed that super tender area to get all the contents out. I had never screamed and cried in pain like that. This is no exaggeration. He swabbed the hole and sent it off to a lab. I have an open hole in my butt and have to get it re-packed every 2 days until it heals.

Botched BBL

Infection and fat necrosis. Day out of surgery I had fever and was
coughing up blood. My caretaker was told that all was normal when they
called Imagos. I broke out in rashes all over my torso and had a hard
painful lump. I was told all is normal and the red painful lump will
resolve on its own. It didn't. I am under the care of my family practice
doctor and two surgeons in my hometown. I was so careful and hygienic.
Also, no one can tell I had a bbl or surgery other than all the dark
incision scars. I have no projection and a ton of fat left. I am not
happy with this experience at all.

Girls, if you scar badly or have sensitive skin, be sure to ask where
and how many incisions there will be. I have 12... Yes 12 incisions.
The skin around the incision is dark and about the size of a quarter. I
look like I have a bunch of dots all over my body.

the fat seemed to be injected towards the bottom of my booty. I have no
roundness towards the top. And now I have a huge piece of necrotic fat
in the lower CENTER of my butt! I look like a freak :(
Miami Plastic Surgeon

He is usually rushed. I waited two hours to see him post op and he just briefly looked at me even after expressing my concerns about my rashes and the hardened buttock area, he came in and immediately left. I overheard a girl saying that he was in surgery. If he left surgery to come see me, I don't know how I feel about that. 1. I shouldn't have been scheduled for my post op during a time when he is operating on someone else. And 2. I would be pissed if I was that other patient on the operating table that was left. Doesn't seem safe to me.

2 out of 5 stars Overall rating
1 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
2 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
2 out of 5 stars Wait times
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