Scared Nervous But Transformation Excited

I've decided to go with Dr. Ghurani-I made the...

I've decided to go with Dr. Ghurani-I made the right decision- I'm nervous, excited all at the SAME DAM TIME!!! Thank God I found this app and the community on here giving in-depth detail about their experience- I've learned ALOT the couple weeks I've been on this site!!! I too want to share my journey

If decided to post pics...Here we go

Before pic...Not taking anymore until after surgery lol


Before pics of the back...Fat BE GONE! Lol...I CAN NOT WAIT to feel like a new person...Last pictures until surgery


Flight Booked....

Booked my flight today.....

4 WEEKS.......and counting

4 WEEKS.....To a NEW ME!!! Beyond EXCITED

Cleared for surgery

YIPPEE!!! I got cleared for surgery????????????????????????????????


2 days????????

I'm HERE....

here in Miami and excited.

Tomorrow is the Big Day

It's finally here- Tomorrow is the Big day! Not nervous, just anxious- I pray everything will be ok????????

I'm READY!!!

About to see Ghurani!!!! I'm Ready!!


Today makes day 7......I haven't had Any pain from day 1. I'm told I have a high pain tolerance. I've been having headaches the past couple nights but I feel it's because I've lost so much blood and my iron is low. It amazes everyone that I don't have pain. I THANK GOD- I feel Dr. Ghurani did an amazing job- Dr. Ghurani was very nice, he told me what he can and couldn't do. I didn't get snatched like I wanted, however he did make my figure better than before. I have an hour glass shape so I'm liking what I see thus far but I wish my tummy was flatter. My faja seems a bit big but Dr Ghurani told me not to go to stage 2 faja, just take it in on day 10. I already bought one yesterday here in Miami and I will be wearing it after my massage tomorrow when I get home LOL- I had an amazing experience with Spectrum Aesthetics staff- The massage therapist Yazna was great with a bubbly personality. I didn't wait at any time. I was literally in and out of every appointment. My recovery isn't like anyone else's on this app- I haven't felt pain YET!!! NOW LETS GET TO the recovery house called "A New Life Recovery"- THE WORST EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE- The so called owner William kept me there all day and night without feeding me! He did not have 24hr care and meals as suggested on website and per discussion! Thank God I had help!!!!! Beware of this recovery house!!! He is money hungry and don't want to do the work! He does everything on his own and can't accommodate his patients- I was treated unfair and I ended up getting a hotel spending over $1300 in addition to paying for that fraud of a recovery house- I paid for a private room and was told I'd have private bathroom- I had to share bathroom with another patient and her guest!!!! When I asked for food he told me to eat food made by a family member that was refrigerated days before- He brought drama to me 2 DAYS PostOp- This drama was an additional stress factor increasing my blood pressure- The WORST EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE!!!!


Day 9....Still swollen and the lymphatic massages HURT LIKE HELL!!! But I feel so much better after- Trying to get the right fitting faja- they gave me size 2XXL after surgery and that was WAY TOO BIG- Day 6 I went to Colomiana store and bought size L but didn't wear it because Dr Ghurani told me not to go to next size and take in faja day 10- it's day 9 and I'm wearing the large and it's still big- Now I'm trying to have a seamstress take in the large- if that doesn't work I'm going to buy a medium faja- I feel my results would've been better if I stepped down to smaller faja couple days after surgery- I'm still not in any pain except for the headaches- Haven't taken any pain meds, didn't even get prescription filled- Just feeling soar so I take Tylenol- I thank God I'm not in pain...the journey continues

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