Hey real self sistas, so yes like everyone else...

Hey real self sistas, so yes like everyone else I've been stalking your reviews and journeys. I've got to say I'm so happy and envious off all off your post op pictures.. Dang ladies work those hour glass figures ;)
I'm from Australia and I've been on this site since 2011 stalking & creepin, hahaha. I'm so convinced that this is all I want before my 21st birthday (Feb 24th). I'm from a big asssss family, like I'm talking my sisters AND brothers all have the goodies but somehow my mama didn't bless me with all DAT JUNKK :(
Anyways dolls, I'd love to hear comments regarding traveling because I'm looking to be Salamfied by Mois├ęs Salama. Pleaaaase, if you're from interstate or had to take a flight for that bod let me know how it all went.


Hey dolls,
So I've totally decided to switch doctors from Salama to Fisher. After seeing photos off other real self dolls I noticed that Salamas booties are just a little too perky with the arch and not enough shape to the waist. I WANT THAT APPLE BOTTOM, that upside down heart shape and Fisher seems to deliver that.. YAY! :)
One thing i've noticed though, does Fisher ask for photos to review? Because before i switched docs Salama asked for 3 photos he could review and this morning i received an email from one of Fisher's surgery co-ordinators and all she seemed to be asking me off is the dates I'm interested in and telling me the price..

1- Has anyone provided pictures for Fisher to review before?
2- How long does it usually take for the coordinator to respond to emails?

Thanks dolls, happy reviewing!


Hey pretty ladies, well it's been a minute!
Ever since my last post I've just been soo busy.. I'm working longer hours, deferred my studies until next year. YAH that was a BIG deal for me and my family don't yet know about me deferring my course (only my boyfriend does, he's a babe) So the reason I did this is because all I've been living, breathing and working for lately is THIS procedure ladies. I need this thank done for MYSELF! I Need to feel comfortable in my skin before I do other things.. I find myself checking out other girls (lol) that have better bodies and wish that my body was shaped that way. I need this to feel positive :) I know some people may say 'you should love the body your in blahblahblah' NAH BABE LET ME LOVE IT WHEN THERES SOMETHING TO LUV.

Anywhooooo's, Ive finally got my deposit. It took me forever and a day to put it through because I wasn't sure about vanity due to their poor service. I had 3 surgical Coordinators contact me and never once asked for labs or pictures. It really annoyed me, they were just quick to jump to my deposit and persuaded me to do it sooner rather than later. I was legit about to look for a another surgeon, like doing my research and all, but watching Fishers interviews on YouTube really helped me stick with him, he KNOWS what he's doing ya'll. Ketzy from
vanity contacted me and asked for photos for review and answered some of my questions, that's when I got my chill and relaxed.

so I'm looking at December specifically the 10th for the procedure. I'll be flying from Australia so I still need to know how long I should stay? Has anyone got on an international flight? Mine is 16hours and LORD HAVE MERCY ON MY ASS THROUGH IT, we don't need all this phat squashed on the plane. Another question ladies, is anyone looking at December? Let me know. I've also got some wish photos!

On a last note, I know a lot of you are going in for sx on the 12th of June! goodluck dolls & happy healings!


Hey ladies, I'm so paranoid and anxious. I've always known that I had sickle cell trait and now reading all these doctors comments about having sickle cell disease is a high risk is really scaring me. I'm so so so upset about this. Am I a suitable candidate for BBL even though I have the sickle cell trait, I only have the TRAIT and not the disease.. Would this make a difference? I'm praying there's hope for me, this is all I want and think about :(


I've been so sad about my cell sickle trait. I need some good news :(

Annoying coordinators

Hey dolls, i hope you're all doing well, recovering well & waiting patiently!
A few things have happened since my last review. I still haven't heard back from my
coordinator. Vanitys coordinators really suck :(
I also started stalking Yily dolls and fell in LOVE LOVE LOOOOOOVE with her tiny waist and the way she sculpts the cheeks to NOT run into the thighs. i LOVE IT :) so i also contacted her and still NO response. I hate this waiting game, its driving me crazy.

Roller coaster with surgeons

Hey ladies, so i've been so crazy about which surgeon to choose. I've gone from Salama to Fisher to Yily and now HASAN.. it's insane because i always seem to read every single review when I'm obsessed with a particular surgeon until i find that ONE con that throws out all the pro's. I've come to realisation that theres pro's and cons within ALL the surgeons. Despite if its their professionalism, after care check up, results on post op dolls, or simply their communication with me. What I'm decided is that i can't or WE post op girls can't really decide on a surgeon based on the reviews off other people, but only can use those reviews as guidance but NOT the foundation of our decisions.
I hope this helps someone :)

Anywho's i am now completely set on Vanity, beauty is PAIN and pain means dealing with the unprofessionalism I'm receiving from the co-workers. I also uploaded a picture of me and how i want to look like. I actually don't look HALF bad, but don't be fooled.. its the shape wear and booty pants that are creating this look. I would mind coming out look like this, just a little more junk in the back

Stay bless dolls ' xoxox


Hey dolls, So i've been trying to find a sx buddy recently. I just want
a real self sister that will be there & we can go thru the nerves, excitement and chills
together PRE and POST op! I'm definitely going to be a HASAN doll on the 18th of November
so if you are going around that time please let me know!

I wish all you post dolls a speedy and easy recovery! xxo

anyone leaving from Australia?

Hello hello everyone, it's been a minute! Just here for a quick update and I hope you're all doing well :)
I'm still trying to look for anyone who would share the experience with me so if you're going to Vanity around the 18th of November don't be afraid to Messege me.

I've been pretty busy in the past few weeks! I'm now working two jobs and I'm ready to pay for my procedure in full. Yayyyyyyy!! Whoop whoop! :)))))))
I haven't just used money that I already had in my savings or where else, but I've saved the sx money from SCRATCH.. From
$0.00 from square one you guys so i am quite happy with myself :)
I will have the surgery paid in full by Wednesday 22nd, and from there I'll focus on my flights which are going to be about $4000 as its returns tickets for me and my boyfriend. You ladies already in the states are SOOOO lucky you're tickets don't cost you a fortune. I've decided to to stay for 3 weeks in the states before my everlasting flight back home. How have you ladies been? do you know anyone who has travelled from Australia before? Or
know anybody travelling from Australia? Please let me know!

Happy thoughts & Happy healing a dolls! Xo

From 3 years to 4 months

Hey real self followers! I hope yous are all doing great! I have been praying and wishing the best for this month dolls ! I hope your journeys are rewarding and speedy.

Okay, let's taken about me ! Heheh.
I'm soooooo So surprised at how fast time has gone by, I was just casually checking me email to the first time I was messaging Salamas coordinators about a quote and wow that was in 2013 dolls. It's gone so fast! I'm just so happy to be here today and so happy to have finally made not only the decision to have this procedure done but I am MAKING this happen. In another 3 years I want to look back at a challenging yet rewarding journey. I have 4 months to go and it seems like a lot of time playing the waiting game and wanting that body right NOW but I need the time. I need the time to prepare myself financially, mentally & physically. I'm going to use all this time as a big part of my journey and not just see it as 'the count down stage'.

I hope you pre & post op dolls are doing great & to the newbies on realself, welcome to the family! :)xoxoxo


So I woke up on the weekend to find that Vanity has refunded me my money . I have no idea why and they still haven't got back to me! It's now been 2 days since I sent them an email asking why?. This is soooo annoying! I remember with my old coordinator Ketzy after I sent her my
Money she didn't reply for a week and it was annoying waiting on a response. I have no idea why they would refund it. I'm so clueless to what's going on. Knowing I had the sent the money to Vanity and that they received it was an GOOD feeling and now they've just sent it back.

Saving Phase (Get your head in the game!)

Hey dolls ! I hope all is well :)
Well I'm just here for a quick update on what I've been up to. Sooooo before I had payed off the surgery I've been saving like
my life depends on it, like crazy ladies I was too set up on every cent I had was meant for surgery & wouldn't even spend $10 on food. Well let me tell you that this weekend has been one of enjoyment :)
It was my cousins birthday & I spend $100 on it (outfit, club entry, drinks food) and it felt great! :) I can't begin to imagine how amazing it's going to be shopping & treating myself when I get that improved body I'm waiting on! :)))))))

Anyways, now I'm back to being strict about my savings because I need to save for this fat plane ticket! & God help me with those travel hours on the flight :(

Where to recover?

Hey dolls, I hope all is well for everyone :)
As for me idk why but this month is going so slow! We're only halfway through August this week :( I can't deal. I live in Melbourne and it's extremely COLD like ice cold this time of the year. Actually Melbourne is always cold lol, but atm I feel like I'm living in Antarctica.

Anywaysssss! I'm not sure which recovery house to stay at :( I've done so much research and soooo many good ones but I haven't found THE one. I have a sx buddy & we're trying to work something else but I'd also like other recommendations from all you post op beauties :) xoxoxo


Hey ladies, wishing you guys well :)
I'm here to ask if anyone has used AIRBNB to find accommodation. As I'm staying for 3 weeks staying at a motel/hostel would be more suitable & affordable then a recovery house. Please let me know if anyone has stay there &

Today I went to the gym

Hey beauties, I hope everyone is doing well. Lately I've been lacking motivation to save and to go to work, I just feel like I work so much and I'm not getting anywhere because there is so much to do urghhh. I just dislike this phase of being so close to the surgery with yet so much to do and at the same time feeling like its so far away and I need to stop fast forwarding to plan for something that's ages away when I have other things that are happening sooner. So to help myself get through this I've decided to attend the gym 3 days a week for the next 2 months. This will likely also help prepare for the surgery as well as going to the gym will help me gain physical strength. Also being there yesterday I realised my body is not horrible at all it just needs to be a little better. Like sharing is caring and it's time for all the fat in this abdomin to move along to bum. Haha,

Some other good news is I've paid my
Flights! Yay! And I'll be paying half of my recovery house today and the rest in cash when I get there.


Gym selfie

Blood work

So I finally got my blood work done, I was really putting this off because I'm anaemic and I didn't want anything to be in the way of this dream off mine. But my family doctor has been the biggest support you guys he's such a blessing :) he reassured me that if he knew He was putting my condition at a big risk then he wouldn't and that just made me feel so much better. I have also started taking some vitamin D3 tablets! I'm now just waiting for Vanitys approval on the clear :)


Hey ladies, so it's been a minute since my last post. I've been so tempted to post but I didn't want to spam real self with useless post lmao. But let me just update you on some of the things I've completed! So..
Hotel= check!
Flights= check!
Thank heavens! These were the 2 big things I need to get out of the way. Now I'm just literally counting down and November seems so far away! I've got just over 50 days and it couldn't go any slower uggghh. But I'm sure it will be well worth the wait. Also dolls if anyone knows a nurse that could care for me in the hotel please please give me info! I need a nurse and need massages AT the hotel.. I don't want to travel to get these. Check out the photos off where I'm staying and stay well dolls! Xoxo

Compression Garment

Hey honeys, so I was going to get my faja at Vanity but I'm having second thoughts. I've looked at plenty of garments online and I'm a little set on the one I've uploaded as it looks like it would do a good job. In terms of size do I go up or down? I understand I will be smaller and
Bigger in different areas.. Also, does anyone have any suggestions on how I could boost my hemoglobin level? I'm at around 11.4 and Hasan wants me to work on it. I'm also anemic so it's a little difficult. The countdown is now real, I can not believe its October. Also ladies, has anyone tried a garment with a zip at the front? Let me know :)


Wish pics & questions

Hey dolls, I hope everyone is well.
I've been concerned that I wouldn't be able to get my hem levels up in time and sadly I think this is true. I've been taking prescriptions from my doctor and even others suggested by real self dolls and nothing has changed. My hemoglobin levels are still at 11.4. Question, has anyone seen Hasan with a low hem level before? I'm trying everything to try avoid the blood transfusion but if it comes to that I guess I have to accept it.
Have a wonderful day dolls & enjoy the wish pics :)

Stress, Stress & did I say STRESS?

Hey ladies, so it's been a rough week. I was just chilling thinking I've ticked all the boxes until I took a good look at my passport.. Only to come and realise it needed to be RENEWED.. *faints*
Any who's, so I quickly call up the passport department arrange for a new one to be issued, provide all the required docents etc.. then I payed for a PRIORITY of $500 so I can get this with in TWO working days. Two days go by, nothing.. A week goes by nothing.. So I went to the office TODAY after them repeatedly saying 'it should've arrived' etc.. I took a day off work drove 3 hours (yeah it's far from my place) and I demanded my passport. I had enough, I was promised an express service & 1 week later nothing.. So I talk to some lady and she says 'we'll see what we can do but no promises because it usually takes 2 business days' and I just sit there like it's all good take your time I'm not leaving without it in my hand. THREE hours later of waiting.. My passport is issued. The whe world was lifted off my shoulders. I'm so thankful for all the odds being in my favour & I cannot wait any longer for this! BRING IT ON

I leave for Miami in 3 days and I have my sx in 5. P.s, All my Novemeber dolls, it's our time! Xoxoxo


Hey ladies, so I'm all up in my feelings at this minute! I'm here sitting in Vanity waiting to be called any minute. As we all know you have to be here 2 hours before surgery it's 10am and my surgery is at 12am! I'm so nervous but I'm ready for this thing. Bring it on & good luck to all my other dolls who are having surgery during this time and the next few days!

Worst case scenario

Hey girls, you will never believe what have Happened. After everything I got to meet Hasan and he told me that he doesn't feel comfortable performing surgery on me because of my hemeglobin level (11.3) I've been working so hard on it and unfortunately that's the best I got it from 10.4 to 11.3. The minimum Hasan will do is 11.5. After repeatedly telling the coordinators and hasans asiistsnt if my labs were alright they always said everything was perfect. I have no idea what to do, they have told me that they can find another doctor to do my sx. 1- I want to consider it because I came all the way from Australia and all the other bull I've been through I just want it to end. 2- I do not want to put my health at risk. I'm so frustrated

Sweet turn off events!

Hey ladies, guess who's gone thru with the operation and now recovering! Yassss, I waited and worked my little ass off for this not to receive my bigger ass! I will update on everything when I can. Im feeling up & down but it's manageable. Please pray for me dolls as I need you all in this time


Hey dolls, here's just a few before after shots. Dr OSAKATUKEK OMULEPU came thru when Hasan said he couldn't operate on me. I'm 6 days post op today. I've had 2 massages so far with Marian was suppose to have a 4 with VANITY but they kept rescheduling and postponing (so done with their mess) so I've just booked some more with Marian. Will update on my experience on everything when I have the energy to write a lengthy post!

More photos

Hey dolls, I'm recovering nicely. I have one week left in Miami & then I'm heading back home. I don't homage a BAM butt but what I got is what I was after so no complaints. At this stage I'm feeling more pain from being home sick then from post op symptoms. Stay blessed, xo
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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