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I'm a soon to be GhuraniDoll and I can't wait, if...

I'm a soon to be GhuraniDoll and I can't wait, if anyone has had this doctor please comment your experience, things needed, hotels near Spectrum and the ocean! At least I can look out the window while I'm Miami recovering. What was your down time pain level do the meds work for pain! Also what type pillow of works best ,

Countdown to bbl

So I'm here in the new year and I'm 7 weeks away from sx! I'm wondering if I should look for a wish pic to take but as I keep looking at the Dr work he is amazing !

Medical clearance !

Everyone anyone could you tell me what is needed on the medical clearance letter form from your primary care provider

Hemo 10.9 slight anemic !

So I'm sad I found out my hemo was 10.9 I think Ghurani ask it be 12 or 12.7 I'm about 33 days away from surgery I don't know what to do in order to raise my blood level up ! Read something about pure absorb? I already take iron pills but only one a day can someone help me please

Anemic!!! Dr Ghurani

So I find out I'm an anemic, was told to take floradix and iron pills every single day! Eat liver, spinach , beets basically anything with lots of iron. Let see what's happens!!!!' I need 12.7 hemo or this surgery is a no go.

Low hemo taking this is in daily

So I have been takin two caps of this daily plus 325 mg of iron eating liver spinach beers and anything else high in iron, I must say the liver has got to go I don't think I can take another bite of that mess I hope this helps.

Shots of Floradix

The longer I take this the more I don't like the taste ! I'm taking it like shots now just to gulp the intake daily. Well I get labs checked next week fingers crossed meanwhile I had added spinach and beets to my diet

Ghurani looking for recovery homes in Miami

Help I need help finding s good recovery home.

Medical Clearance

I got my clearance from my doctor today, also she said my iron is within range now, but I still need to get my labs for spectrum done here goes luck! Hopefully this stuff has increased my hemo as I only been taking this stuff for two weeks!!!! Fingers crossed

I need wish pics


No sx!!!! Hemo is still low

So I have been taking floradix plus iron pills for 2 weeks and my hemo has went Down!!!! This means no Sx 4 me;( my period came in between to two week timeframe so blood loss is what has causeed my iron level to drop even more, Spetrum told me to continue taking the supplements and we will retest in two weeks ..... time will tell

Doc prescribed prenatal iron pills

I'm all over the place with this hemo!! My doctor gave me a new prescription. Of a higher dosage of iron hopefully it works!

Health food store bbl

So I visited a local health food store today at this point I'm trying everything iron! Got me a green spinach smoothie frozen is good but they had some natural liquid iron that is just like floradix but all natural so I purchased that also I learned if your stomach doesn't produce some type of Chlor ::: something acid the iron won't absorb so maybe that's my problem so I got those pills too! They are all natural so it's no harm anyway Spectrum is putting my date off until we rest in two weeks! I share this because I have had a very hard time searching this sight for answers with results. I see what people have tried but then they disappear and I don't if it has worked. I will keep everyone posted! I see it's a lot of us who struggle with anemia and want a BBL

These are my daily supplies

I'm taking all of this yucky crap! Lol but it's healthy in vitamins and I need them either way it goes I have to go pickup my prescription today for iron but hope this helps my anemic sisters out there

Salad, spinach kale

So this is lunch spinach kale beets tomatoes cucumbers all that iron stuff

Pur absorb help

The taste of taking this stuff is really yuckier !!! I've been looking of ways to test my hemo at home looking for pur absorb looks as if nobody in the world sells this anymore ??! Where did you guys purchase it! Anyway I got something call hcl activator which helps with absorption it's from a local health food supply store so hopefully this assist as well! I'm a week away from retesting

Ghurani wish pics

Guess I throw some of these in there! Everyone says I need them ;)

Can't find ur absorb

I can't find it! Sold out on amazon no stores has it so I've decided to not stress wth that search and keep taking what I have ! I'm feeling a lot more energized I can surely say that so I believe it's absorbing dolls lol I have faith that this time I 12.7 and above ! Fingers crossed

Milk plus iron is no no

I forgot to tell you ladies that if your anemic and trying to raise your iron do not drink milk!!!! I had some Early on with my so call iron fortified cereal and guess what milk cuts iron level in half !!! So stay away from it! I wish I had someone to tell me this before hand! So I'm here to give all info that I can since I'm going through this low hemo ordeal ! Anyway happy Valentine's Day weekend xoxoxo

4 days away for hemo test

So I get re tested for my CBC on monday, hopefully all of this iron has absorbed fairly well! I'm hoping for 12.7 at least????Fingers crossed I'm so tired of taking these supplements I promise feels like I'm drinking prunes or something! And then the pills smell like iron????????????

Today is the day

I got retested to check my iron, will know what's up tomorrow! Fingers crossed all is well


So today is the day I'm supposed to get my results and no answer! I guess results aren't there yet I don't know no one is answering! But I might have to go with another doctors I see Sergio alverez requires his hemo levels to be at least 11.4 or higher ? So that will. Be plan B. Or maybe I willl just do get me a new BMW and so forget it ;(

Low hemoglobin low iron bbl

I thought I title this for all my sx dolls looking to get sx but have found out iron levels are to low to proceed or found out they were anemic last minute. Ladies I had no idea that was anemic but I learned something that is beneficial for my overall health. I have been taking these supplements and let me tell you I have found new energy out of the wood works lol I remember being completely exhausted sometimes really cold and all of this is symptoms of anemia. Lucky it's a simple fix that takes a little time but it's fixable. We get health checkups and sometimes overlook those little minor things. But I know we want to look good but we have to feel good inside and out! So if your wanting sx get a good bill of health and take your vitamins ladies. Stay prayerful and all will prevail I have faith in this and will get it done!

11.1 iron level

Hi ladies just spoke with spectrum and my hemo level is 11.1! Yes it has went up from 10.4 so I'm happy about that but sad at the same time I thought I would be at 12.7 but I guess with time it will get there. So I have to retest in 2 more weeks! So supplements we are still daily buddies lol

bBl must haves

So I'm getting pretty close what are some of the BBl must haves? I haven't shopped for anything yet except for the pee pads and arnica gel! What are the must haves to get ?

Positive BBl vibes

So it's Almost time for me to retest for The Who knows how many times lol, I'm going Saturday to labcorp so I will know the answer Monday. I also learned that labcorp tests on a different scale than quest so I guess that makes a difference in results ? I tell u I have learned so many things through this journey! Hopes this helps someone else. I searched for answers getting my iron level up and it was a struggle here and there. At least I can be helpful to someone else!


Take these things to raise hemo

10.8 hemoglobin ;(

Well my iron has dropped again and again Mother Nature came during my two period of retesting. I'm just almost over this I'm tired of taking these supplements I'm just tired of it and bummed about this;( huuuuuuuuh! So I will do this test one more time and that's it! I figure since my period doesn't come until the 23 I will Retest right before that day so I have full couple of weeks of taking this stuff right when it ended which was the 27 and right before it starts again I can't belive this keeps happening to me ;(

Update -bbl struggle with iron

So I have added folic acid and vitamin C supplements to my daily hemo cocktail ! Let see what this does, I've learned that folic acid helps transport the blood and vitamin c helps absorb the iron into the blood so with my blood builders and all shots of floradix I should be well on my way loves, I'm most certain that this should help, when I say I don't take vitamins on a regular I don't but I can say I'm not sluggish as I was ! I have so much energy it's crazy! So this has been very informative for me and my health! Health is always key and should.be our main priority. I can't wait to see my results and finally get to meet Dr Ghurani and staff lol I call Evelyn every week seems like :) and she has been so helpful throughout this process :) chat with y'all in about 14 days!

Medical history

Ladies when have sx make sure you work with your doctors and be totally honest about your medical history, do whatever the contract states if says to stop taking certain vitamins medicines stop taking them there is a reason why such is stated sometimes medicesand others vitamins cause reactions to the meds for sx be up front and honest I know we are wanting to improve our bodies but we must do it and a safe healthy way. I'm still working on my hemoglobin levels slowly but surely they are getting to where they should be! I have done a lot to avoid certain things and omg how I wish for a drink lol but no no Ive come to far! lol I be wanting a glass of milk sometimes too! But oh well come Monday I will retest


So re tested on Monday and labcorp has this patient portal that will send the results directly to you! Only thing is they send them to the doctor first and then to you like three days later you get them. So I still don't know what's up lol, but I'm continuing to take my iron daily cause who knows what the results will be it's such a struggle! After I took the test I went an got an ice cream cone! I couldn't help it I haven't had dairy since this stuff began I love milk !!!!! So this is hard lol but you live and learn

Sergio alvarez April 8th

Hey dolls Since I have been having issues getting my hemoglobin raise above 12 I have decided to switch doctors and go with dr alvarez. He requires 11 or for patients with anemia to do cell saver! This is what I'm sure I needed anyway for happy recovery since I'm low in iron. I encourage you to look in to cell saver if you are as well! So I had to get all of my things re done labs ekg medical clearance asap! Flights bookedrevivery home booked which they assisted with this!!!! Lifesaver I will keep you all posted once I touch Miami in 2 weeks!!!

Medical clearance

I go get a new medical clearance tomorrow! Labs done Friday and sent Mia aesthics! Recovery house booked! Thanks to Mia aesthics! Flights booked! I'm so excited! This weekend I will shop for the things I need. The place that sells the faja and foam boards are in Kansas ! ContourMd I can't believe it 20 minutes away from me! I just knew I would have to orderand wait! So I will just drive since my date is next week!!!!!! Wow!

Recovery house booked!

Anyone staying at assistance for life! April 7! Well ladies I'm one a week away to my bbl with dr Sergio alvarez I'm so excited! Going shopping today for a few things! I seen pictures of the RH it looks really nice, my package comes with 3 massages so that's nice. I learned that Mia aesthetics sells the foam boards that I. Need as well, hopefully they have the bbl pillow!

Pre op! Miami

Well I have finally arrived to Miami! I'm here at Mia aesthetics for pre op! Straight from the airport tons of paper to fill out!!!!! Then consult tomorrow is my day! Not sure of appointment time but I will find out shortly ! I'm hungry I'm tired lol wonder if I can prescription filled today

Bbl April 8 dr Alvarez

I had my sx today at 8am I was done and back at recovery house by 11:30! Dr Alvarez was super nice. When I woke up I was soooooooo cold and my butt was hurting a bit after I got to recovery house I got took my meds! I'm feeling much better I get a little stiff so I try to get up and walk every two hours! Ladies I suggest you get your pain meds the day before as some of these ladies were not able to get there's if they wasn't with the recovery house lady in person! Lucky for me Karla took me with her !!! Some women had to wait after sx to go get meds


So I'm home walking straight still swelling but it's going away can't sit without my pillow tired of laying on my stomach I do lots of walking I started drinking ensure yay lol my butt is starting to soften !!! My waist is shrinking by the day

Second stage faja

So my compression garment is getting a little loose and it's time to get my second stage faja, I was wonderfing if I could just take this one in but someone said there's a difference so I'm gonna get fitted for a new one , I'm almost three weeks and still wearing my foam ! Sergio Alvarez said to wear it for three weeks it makes me sweat sometimes so I can't wait to not wear them. But my swelling is going down! Somewhat and my waist is small

When to sit on your bbl

So I spoke with Dr Alvarez he said I Can finally sit without my pillow at 3 weeks ;)! But I'm. Scared lol I have tried it for no longer than 10 minutes feels normal but I get up ! Lol but I tell u it's way better than sitting on that pillow the pressure that goes on your thighs is horrible when your working maybe it a because of my chair but oh well now I wish I could sleep on my stomache

Faja bbl

So I had a seamstress to take my faja in instead of buying a new one and it fits well very snug, I'm 4 weeks now still swelling but you can tell it's going down starting to feel better each day moving around I still don't like clothes that fit tight around my waist it leaves swelling marks so I'm still wearing spandex !

Itching after bbl

I'm always itching really bad like for 10 minutes after I take my faja off!!!! It is so annoying some people have said this is due to healing and the compression garment ! I have noticed that is generally in the area of which I'm still swollen which right now is my lower back I hope is subsides soon

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