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So I want to get done a bbl, my first option was...

So I want to get done a bbl, my first option was Dr.Miami but he's like impossible to see and has no appointments, so then I started looking into Dr.Hasan , but he seems to have dissapear from earth... So I have consultions next week with 2 doctors, Dr.Valls and Dr.Carlos Vendeza, I'm looking for another doctor just to have 3 opinions does any one have someone to recommend? Or has any feed back on the doctors I will see ?

Thank you


Hi Ladies,
So I've gone to see two different doctors already, one Dr.Macdoo and Dr.Verdeza he's a small doctor clinic but he was recommend by a good friend that just had surgery 4 weeks ago liposuction with transfer and she looks good, one thing I love about his package was that in his full body lipo he includes the arms !! And between the thighs !! He believes skinny arms defines the back better and makes sense, now no matter where I go I will include this in my producer which with Dr.Macadoo is additional 1000, 500 the arms and 500 thighs :( I wish it was include in the BBL / Lipo package!!

Anyways I really like Dr.Macadoo before and after pictures but I've been hearing and reading horrible things about vanity period I'm just so confused on who to pick, I think I'm going to get 3rd opinion!! If anyone has gotten work done with dr.Macadoo please share with me experience and if you recommend !!

Thank you ladies ,

Macadoo ????

So I'm all set with Macadoo... I gave my deposit and saved my surgery date! I'm just so stress with all these reviews, if you have gotten surgery with Macadoo please tell
Me if you are pleased ! Positive reviews I'm tired of reading negative reviews !
Dr.James Macadoo

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