Ready to book BBL for 2017! Miami, FL

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I have been on this site for about a year and a...

I have been on this site for about a year and a half and have finally taken the plunge to put a deposit down and finally schedule my BBL... The problem is that I don't know who to go with. I am down to either Dr. Alvarez (with spectrum) or Dr. Blinski. Can girls who have been to either doctor tell me how their experience was?? I have seen a lot of Dr. Blinski's work but barely anything for Dr. Alvarez. I have had a consults with both doctors and don't know who I should go with. Thanks in advance! :)

It's official! I'm a future Blinski Doll!!!!

After a lonnnng decision and plenty of research, I have decided to go with Dr. Blinski to do my BBL. I had a few other doctors in mind but when it came to looking at client photos, personal reviews, accreditation, etc. no one came close to Dr. Blinski. Although he is a little higher than a few other places I looked at, I feel much more comfortable going with Dr. Blinski and I'm super excited!!!! I put my deposit down & my surgery date is set for 5/23/17????????

My doctor is AMAZING!!!

THIS is why I chose Dr. B!!!!! His work is phenomenal. I am so happy that I chose him as my surgeon & I really can't wait for my surgery! I'm currently sitting here looking like the left pic, but in a few months I'll be looking like the pic on the right. This is exactly how I want to look! ????

Requesting time off for surgery

Surgery Dolls,

I have thought about this over and over again. How did you all go about requesting time off for your surgery? I'm having my BBL done in May and plan to take 2 weeks of PTO off for "vacation" but would like to request it before the end of the year so that it will be approved. Is that really realistic or did you actually tell your job what you are having done? Or that you are having a "surgery"? Also, i work in a hospital so I'm trying to figure out the best way to word things so that people don't know what I'm getting done. I don't mind them noticing after the fact, but you all know how nosey coworkers can be.
Dr. Blinski

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