27, 5'8 150lbs Ready for my BBL - Miami, FL

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Hello RS dolls, I have decided to get a bbl with...

Hello RS dolls, I have decided to get a bbl with Dr.Fisher. After researching, hearing from ppl first hand and viewing so many amazing results I have decided to trust him with this procedure. I am a little nervous with the reviews about vanity comestic center but so far I can complain. I went in for my consultation, I was a little disappointed I wasn't able to meet Dr.Fisher but my consultant was very nice and try to accommodate me and explain everything. She was very open and encouraged me to gain a few more pounds so I can achieve amazing results. I am very slim and have worked out so I don't have lots of belly fat. I wasn't able to get an earlier date due to work my surgery is scheduled for 12/26. I wish I could have it earlier but I will have to wait. I am so ready for my new booty!! I will use these months to gain healthy weight approx 10-15 lbs while working out a bit so my legs and arms are not as thick. Is anyone else going close to those days?

Vanity date mix up :/

Had to change my date because I was booked for 12/26 and Dr. Fisher is going on vacation this year 12/15. I called and spoked to Anna and she clear this out for me. She didn't understand why the girl had booked me for that date when Fisher is not going to be there. Anna was nice hopefully this is the only mix up I have. The only thing Im a little upset is about having to call if not I would have waited on a date for nothing. My new date will be 6/27/17 almost a whole year :/, this is due to work related issues.
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