25 Yrs Young 3 Children ....finished Birthing Now I Want to Feel Beautiful Again and Not Ashamed - Miami, FL

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I'm 25 yrs old with 3 children by c section. My...

I'm 25 yrs old with 3 children by c section. My youngest is 2. I was pregnant at 16 with my first and he literally stretched me so bad that my stretch marks use to burn like open cuts. I have always been 5' 6" weighing 150. Even with my horrible stomach, I pretty much maintained a small frame with my first two children I remained 150-155. With my 3rd child I was 200lbs on my day of delivery I cried. I nursed my baby and the weight began to fall I went all the way down to 165, which I wasn't proud of but hey. Well today I weigh 175 and I feel disgusting. My body isnt bad it's just not what I'm use to. My stomach is blah . I will put pictures up. I haven't really decided on a tummy tuck or bbl to help round my butt and get rid of my two back flabs. I've seen ppl on here get bbl and it cures every thing, however my stomach has loose skin so I have to get a tummy tuck later. I don't know where to start my friends tell me Miami is the most cost efficient so far I like Dr.Miami and Dr.Fisher. All your opinions count so please.....HELP ME!!!!! Lol


So I reached out to Dr.Fisher office and emailed Thursday night. I received a call from his office staff Friday morning. She said Dr.Fisher would be out of the office in December. ???? She said I can do a consultation through email so I just sent my picture to her. Waiting for a response???? Someone asked for my pre-op pictures here goes nothing????

Wish pics

Love blacc chyna and Tammy Rivera body want hips and ass like theirs please
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