21 , Mother , Nursing Student .. Thinking About Dr. Hasan???? Miami, FL

I just love just about every bbl review from dr...

I just love just about every bbl review from dr Hasan .. I have reached out to about 4 well talked about dr here on real self and my heart is stuck on Hasan.. I am about 5"0 I weigh 140 lbs .. Any suggestions for me ? I'm new to this but so excited to be on this journey. I want to book around October because I finish nursing school in September and I want to be able to have the time off to heal ..

Just sent in pictures to vanity

Super excited to hear back from vanity .. I am so ready to start this journey , I am obsessed with dr Hasan results I just can't get enough of his work !!!!!! I've searched a lot of dr and so far Hasan is the only one I am truly 100% about.. Other then the Dr I just haven't seen consistency.. Any suggestions ???

Recovery house ?

For everyone who got their surgery done at vanity cosmetics Miami , did you'll stay at their affiliated recovery house , hotel, or with a nurse ? Please share your experience with me, final cost , etc . Thank you in advance hope to hear some reviews from you all !

No comments ?????

So what's the catch to get people to actually comment and help you with questions you've answered ?

Hasan doll vets

I am so interested in your overall experience, please comment on your journey. I would like to know if your happy with your results and if not why ? Where did you stay , how long did you stay , how long did it take for you to recover , was getting back to work or school a breeze. How was it on your family , taking care of your children etc.. I really am passionate about getting this surgery this is truly something i want to do for myself any insight will be amazing but I singled out Hasan patients because that's the dr I want to see. All advice and experiences are welcomed though. Thank you in advance hope to hear from somebody !!!

Anyone ??? Please

Has anyone gone back to work or school 1week post op ? If not one week how long did you wait and what was your experience ? I really want to get my bbl done before summer but with school I just don't see how ..

Pre-op pictures

Do you think Dr. Hasan will have me gain more weight ? I'm not skinny but I'm not fat either I'm simply out of shape but working out won't give me the figure I want. My entire mid section and upper back is where I want the fat taken from and put into my butt! I feel like he could really make me look the bomb !

More pre op pictures

Can't wait to get snatched !!!!!! Chileeeeee dr. Hasan please work your magic on me !!!!

Pissed !!!!!

Ok so now I'm getting pissed tf off !!!! I've called and emailed Anna from vanity 3x's in reference to the pictures I sent it. She told me I would get a call 15min later and I never did I then emailed her and got no response! I want this procedure done and I really want to go to Dr. Hasan in fact I'm not going to anyone else ! Any suggestions ? Should I switch coordinators , anybody experience anything like this ? Ugh I'm so annoyed !!!!!

Surgery Date ?!?!?!

Originally I thought I wouldn't be able to get the bbl done until late September because of school, however I just found out the exact dates for spring and summer break. Spring break is only two months away so I'm thinking that's a little too soon to get everything together physically and financially so I'm pushing towards summer break. I just emailed my coordinator at vanity in regards to openings for Dr.Hasan around June 20 - June 25. Praying he has something so I can get this done soon! Any Hasan dolls going around this time ? If so how much was your flights , where are you staying and how many messages etc do you plan on getting during your stay ?

Price going up ????

My coordinator just emailed me and said the quote I received from vanity of 5k is only good until Saturday then it's going to go up ??????????! Anybody else hear this ? If so what's the new price , I told her I wouldn't be able to send in a deposit until next month and she told me the price will change after Saturday like WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!

Discouraged ???

Hmmm not sure if I'm upset, confused, discouraged , sad in doubt etc or if I'm just fed the hell up with vanity's bullshit !!!!!!!!

Recovery houses or nurse ???

Hey, can someone tell me about the recovery house they stayed at or if they got a nurse to come out to the hotel .. I'm trying to get all my expenses layed out.. Also how long did you stay after surgery ? I don't want to be away from home more then 4 days after surgery

Recovery houses / hotels ???

Please help me find a recovery house and or hotel ???? I really would prefer to get a hotel room and only pay for someone to come out and do my massages because I'm expecting to have someone travel with me. However if that doesn't work out I want to stay at a recovery home. I'm only staying for 4 days. Please help me with prices and locations and services you experienced ! Thank you in advance hope to hear from someone

Vetssss help

Compression garments
First one is vedette 929 size M for right after surgery? I'm petite but I've heard to order your current size then another garment two sizes down ? If so the second garment is what I would order two sizes down along with 3 pairs of the side zip compression socks .. Are these items hit or miss ? Please help before I place the order. Thank you

Hassan or fisher

Ok from the very beginning I was obsessed with Dr. Hasan but now I'm thinking about fisher strictly because of the hips. I want to be completely satsified with my body after surgery. I don't have any hips so I would love have hips and butt. I have a butt now but you would never know until I turn around because I have no hips ... Sooooo I would hate to have a Huge ass and again no freaking hips !!! Decisions , decisions .. Any advice ?

What God has for me it is for me

I know with out a doubt , that he will bring me out .. What God has for me it is for me !!!!!
Going through a hard time right now, I don't have any social media to post on. Had to share it with someone. God is so good, he will get you through the darkest times!

Dr Yily ????

Hmm so I've always been intrigued with her work but I couldn't imagine me flying over to the DR.. I'm terrfied of the language barrier and " terroristic things " happening to me if I go over there. Probably sounds silly but that's my fear. I love her work tho, she does an amazing job the results I've seen are all long lasting and the Yily dolls look freaking amazing! Any insight on personal experience going to a different country for bbl ? Please feel free to share you can even private message me if you'd like. I'm super stoked about dr Hasan but the recent new of the rescheduling and all that has gotten me a little paranoid

I'm backkk

So I'm back, I went away because life changes happened and it saddened me that I could no longer afford the procedure. Things are back on track and I hoping to get it done in October when I finally finish my nursing program !!! That leaves me recovery time in the midst of finishing school and getting ready for my state board testing. Im planning to do a new consultation with dr fisher but I'm opened to suggestions. Hope to hear from somebody.

Price change / Fisher

So, last week i decided to get back aboard with this procedure and even after all the mishap with vanity and dr hasan him and fisher were my only choices other then the DR and the thought of going there just scares me. So when I called last week I was told the price is $5500 and that dr Fisher price was going to change so indeed it has to $6000 and when I inquired about financing she said it would go up to $6500 .. At this point the date I was shooting for might not be realistic but I will begin to pay on this surgery and if I need to change my surgery date that's what will happen.
Any suggestions anyone may have for me please feel free to share. I have also gained a few lbs since my last update with pictures and etc.


Dr.Yily DR ??????

Sooooooo before I was considering going to the DR but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't completely worried about traveling out of the us ! However I love her results and the price is also much better then anything in the states. Any Yily dolls can share there experience I would gladly appreciate it !!!! Please let me know thanks in advance !

Yily ???

Not so sure anymore , not liking her results at all and I've seen no new reviews from her !

Dr Duran or Yily

So indecisive but for some reason I am set on going to the DR. I am in fear of traveling out of state but this is something I want and in my personal opinion they give out the best bodies with the exception of dr Hasan .. However Hasan hasn't been so reliable and vanity prices are starting to be ridiculous!!!!!!
Waiting for quotes on Yily and Duran .. Will keep you guys posted !

Dominican Republic it is !!!

My mind is made up, I am going to the DR still not 100% on the dr but so far I've heard back from Yily and I'm waiting to hear back from Duran ! I'm excited .. Once I talk to my dr I will put my deposit down to lock in date I'm looking to go late February, early March !

Yily doll

I have decided to go with Dr Yily in the DR , I will put a deposit downand save the date after I meet with my dr go over my health and get the ok to proceed ????


I'm so excited to get this procedure done FINALLY , however I'm going to hold off on sending in my deposit and getting anything for it until I get clearance from my primary physician but once I get that it'll be a new beginning ! My gf is suppose to get hers done too same dr so we was wondering if it's possible to book our surgeries together and request the double room at the recovery house ???


The more reviews I reAd the scarier I get about going to Yily .. All of this she's not performing surgery shit is bothering me ???? some of the dolls look great even the ones who have burns etc. I am aware that burns , hematoma and cellulitis can be a result of lipo ?? So why is it such fuss when this happens ? Or am I wrong

Duran ?

Oh the famous Yily duran debate .. Please help me dolls I'm in love with most of the results I've been seeing from duran .. I feel like I should go ahead and pay my deposit with one of the two because if I don't I'll never go .. I REALLy way Hasan tbh but o just don't see myself paying that price plus out of pockets expenses when I can get the same results in the DR ..
Hmmm I just don't know lol

Conflicted HELP !!!

So I'm so conflicted about dr's
Apart of me wants to go to Yily
Another part wants Hasan
And the last part is really considering staying home and going to dr Dimario which happens to be the dr my Aunt went to and she looks great. I need your help real self dolls ? I feel that I'm already small framed so it's not too much work that needs to be done my biggest issue with my body is my mid area and back I want that flat stomach , small waist no back fat and then next is my butt it has no projection I have no hips and it's flat at the top !!! Any suggestions on dr's ?????

Considering staying home

Please help my logic could be wrong
I'm considering staying home in Philly for my procedure because being as tho I'm already small framed and have a some what shape I'm thinking it shouldn't be too hard for them to give me my " dream " body .. I chickened out on my consultation for a dr my aunt went to here .. I just need help

Dr Hasan it is!

Ok so my mind is made up I will be going to Dr Hasan. I realize no price is worth the risk of traveling outside the country. Yes anything can happen anywhere and I am full aware of that chance however in the event that something happens to me I want to be close to my family. Staying where I from isn't what I want to do because I don't like the results I've seen. My aunt stayed in Philly and although she looks nice I'm still not sold on her dr. Any time I've looked into dr's I've always come back to Hasans work. I know I'm my heart he is the dr for me and I will save and plan for this procedure that I've been wanting for over a year now. I tried to begin a new review but it wouldn't let me. Any advise, tips, etc would be appreciated.

Just some more pictures

Can't wait to get this body together. I look better sucked in but had to post my " RealSelf " right lol


Sucking in and angling really changes things huh ? lol can't wait for this to be my reality with a smaller waist and fatter behind of course haha

Tummy tuck ?

So far every consultation I've had it has been recommended that I get a tummy tuck. However a tummy tuck is something I DONT WANT like at all .. i am terrified of that scar that is left Behind ( no offense ) but it is the most ugliest thing to me and I rather have a bulging belly then a scar from a tt


I am so determined to go with dr Jimenez from the DR and I love his results but this communication process is driving me nuts. I'm used to the detailed quotes and recovery house messages received from other dr and with him it's like pulling teeth for information. I haven't seen anyone else with this problem and I'm starting to feel like I may be talking to a fake person since everyone else seems to talk via what's app and I'm taking via email. Idk I'm getting a little discouraged to say the least

Arm lipo ?

As of now I am 130lbs I'm 5ft tall and let's just say I'm very tiny lol.. so of course I'm going to gain weight for surgery about 20lbs to be exact but I'm afraid my arms are going to blow up just as much as anything else on my body and I don't want to walk around with a snatched waist and big ass arms .. thoughts and opinions please ?

Who's the blame ?

I think it's crucial for people to do research on any procedure no matter if it's cosmetic or not but since we're talking bout Bbl's let's be informed before blaming certain things on the dr who performed the procedure. My biggest thing with some of these reviews is the volume lost , if you researched you would know that every body absorbs fat differently you have some who don't loose any volume and you have others who don't even see a difference this isn't the surgeons fault I mean it's really nobodies fault it's just the way your fat reabsorbed .. my fear personally is not being able to keep up with my results because of my metabolism and how easily I loose weight .. moral of the story you got to do research and be realistic about the possible outcome good and bad .. stop making these dr look bad over things that's not in they control
Dr. Anthony Hasan

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