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I entered a study so the treatment was free. My...

I entered a study so the treatment was free. My jawline and neck were the areas treated and I had it done in May, only once. I saw a slight improvement immediately after they finished. The reasearch team has been taking 3D pictures every month and you can really see a significant improvement now. I am 40 but I've been told many times that I look about 5-10 years younger (I barely qualified for the study), so perhaps the results have to do with already having good skin.

Now the down side. It was VERY painful. However, to be fair, I refused the valium and percocet because I had little kids to take care of that afternoon and the Percocet makes me sick. I also had some loss of sensation of the affected area for about 6 weeks.

I would definently do it again, pain and all. My jaw line and neck look like it did when I was in my late twenties. I can't do anything to my face while I am in the study, but I do plan to do the Ulthera on my forehead and lower cheeks.

I love my doctor and her staff. They are very available for any questions and they treated me with the utmost care and respect.

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