2 Kids and Need my BBL Fisher Doll Soon!!!! April 2016

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Hey everyone.. I'm not entirely new to RS as I...

Hey everyone.. I'm not entirely new to RS as I have been stalking... For more than a year now. I really want to do a BBL because since my second child I have been really insecure about my body. I want to thank all the ladies for being so detailed, truthful encouraging and supportive.. It's amazing when I read some of these reviews and comments. I have been looking at doctors and I narrowed it down to Yily, Duran, Fisher and Hasan. But I don't want to go to DR as I have read that recovery is no joke... I like Hasan but I also want hips.. I have been looking at a few Fisher Dolls and man.. You guys look amazing.. I am sure I am going to need as much help as possible guys so I will need all your help. I have not set a date yet.. I am waiting for a quote from Dr.Fisher. I know I will be paying cash.. I could go on and on.. So let me shut up... I don't even take pics of myself anymore.. I will be posting a pic of me.. Oh and I want to get into surgery either end of March or early April 2016... I'm ready girls help...

Surgery Booked 4/8/16 - Fisher Doll To Be

So Ladies I'm excited and nervous at the same time.. I really need help from my real self sisters. I paid my deposit and booked my surgery date with Dr.Fisher for 4/8/16. They send me my invoice, access to the patient portal and reference for blood work and for iron supplements. I am so confused.. I need help.. What do I do next. What is the best recovery place, what supplies do I need to get. What will I need to take with me while I'm in Miami. I didn't schedule any massage with Vanity because I've read where othe RS sisters say they are not good. I am excited and counting down

Recovery House...Help RS Vets!!!

So .. I have been stalking this website even more because I have confirmed my SX date... I think I have information overload!!! Lol I now need to schedule flight and recovery house.. But I need help ladies...#TeamFisher
Jonathan Fisher

I have not had the opportunity to interact with him as yet.

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