27 Years Old .. 2kids... Getting a BBL Soon - Miami, FL

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So April 2016 I had my appointment for a bbl and...

So April 2016 I had my appointment for a bbl and breast aug....the morning of my procedure I found out my hemoglobin was at 11 which is considered to be too low ...I was told by Tatiana and Dr. Miami it had to be at 12 or above ... Therefor he was not able to perform a bbl... Instead he suggested I get a tummy tuck which I figured I needed.. after having my baby 4 months before I had loose skin ... So I ended getting my boobs and a tummy tuck ....he explained to me that he would be able to squeeze me in a couple months later for a bbl if I liked..which of course I said YESSS !!! My procedure went smoothed ...I had pain but it was tolerable ... It's been 7 months since my procedure and I feel ready for my bbl...but I'm extremely worried that i don't have enough fat !!!! Remember I got a tummy tuck which the doctor removed all my fat and left me flat weighting 137 !!! I'm 5'4 and weight 144 I'm trying so hard to gain weight !!!

Weight gain

So I been trying so hard to gain weight .. I'm currently at 143lbs ..I want to gain at least 10 pounds and it seems to be impossible ... I eat everything and anything 24/7 but I've only gain 1 pound ...I'm just scared to go through all this and at the end of the day it will not be worth it !!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Dr Miami and his staff were the best !!! I really liked Jovana which was the person helping me through out my journey !!! Tatiana was also a big help ...she sO nice and cute ! I've read negative reviews on these people but I had a great experience with everyone there !

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