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I am scheduled to have a Lower Body Lift with...

I am scheduled to have a Lower Body Lift with Fleur de Lis, Liposuction to back, inner kness and Fat grafting to buttocks with Dr Laura Carmina Cardenas in Mexico on January 6, 2017. Surprisingly I'm more excited than nervous. This has been a long journey for me, I had a gastric bypass in March 2010 and lost 100 lbs. I have been waiting so long to finally have this procedure do so I can finally have the body I have always wanted. I have worked closely with the patient coordinator for the Beauty Enhance Center, Betty who had been so helpful throughout this process. My husband and I went to the center about 4 weeks ago for the lab work and EKG. The office was beautiful and everyone was very nice. We drove to the boarded and a driver from the Recovery House picked us up and took us to the doctors office. I am counting down the days to my surgery at this point and I can't wait. I have purchased several items for my after care once I get home. I will be staying in the Beauty Recovery House for 5 days after my surgery, I purchased the deluxe package. I have rented a recliner chair, I felt I would be more comfortable sleeping there than in my bed once I return home. I will post more and give updates once I arrive in Mexico.


Here is the recliner I rented for after surgery

The night before....

I went to the Beauty Enhance office today to make my final payment and sign the consent forms. For the last 3 months of going through this process I have been in constant contact with Beatrice from Dr Cardenas office and I finally had the pleasure of meeting her in person today. She is such a nice person, she is knowledgeable and so very helpful. She was able to answer any questions I asked and was very reassuring. I also had a chance to meet with Dr Cardenas today which was unexpected for me but I'm so glad I did. She absolutely put me at ease. She went over the entire procedure with me and did my markings. She explained to me what she would be doing and the realistic results I should expect. I have some fat on my sides that I wanted liposuctioned but she was honest with me and let me know that doing that area was to risky and she would not be able to do it even though I was willing to pay extra to have it done. I appreciate that level of honestly. She told me about all of the risks and the pain I would endure after the surgery, having had a LBL herself she understood exactly what I was going to go through because she had gone through it herself. I also had a chance to meet Carmen from the Beauty Recovery House, she drove me and my husband to the Hotel we would be staying at before the surgery. She was also extremely nice, I feel like everything fell into place perfectly and that I made the right decision selecting Dr Cardenas. It is quite obvious that both her and her staff truly care about their patients and their well being.

1 Day PO

I woke up in the Recovery room, my husband was there waiting. He said he had been in the room since noon. They brought me in around 6 pm. Everything with recovery went really well. My only disappointment was that the Dr didn't come to the room tell tell me how it went of if she was able to stick to our original plan. I don't even know how many cc I had transferred to my butt. I asked the nurses about my surgery but no one could provide updates. They all said the Dr would arrive tomorrow to speak to me.
I had a pain pump installed so honestly the pain is not as bad as I imagined. I do notice that taking deep breaths is a little harder because of the muscle repair. The nursing staff at CER Hospital been really great as well.

More Before & After Pics


Dr Cardenas was able to do 16cm of muscle repair, the skin she removed from the lower body lift weighed 6 lbs and she was able to lift my hips 10 cm. I'm not sure how many cc she put in my butt. I will have to ask.

Removed Skin

Day 9 Post Op

This has truly been a humbling experience, having to depend on others for everything is not something I am used to but I am so completely grateful to my husband and my daughter for all of there help. Getting my meds, helping me take showers, changing my dressing, cooking for me. They have been so great during this process. I am getting around much better than I was when I first came home from the Beauty Recovery House on Thursday. I have faithfully been wearing my faja and I see the difference. My swelling has gone down significantly and the bruising on my back is getting so much better. I had a lymphatic massage on my last 2 days at the recovery house and unfortunately I just wasn't draining enough so the masseuse took the needle and insert it into my back and tried to squeeze the pockets of fluid from areas of my back to try to drain the the excess fluids. That was one of the most pain things I have ever experienced. I know it needed to be done but I was crying because it hurt so bad luckily she was able to get some fluid out and it did relieve some of the tension and pressure I felt in my back. But after that needless to say my back was completely bruised. It is still bruised but getting better. I am able to sit down and not have as much pressure and tension in my lower back as I did before she drained the fluid. I think Dr. Cardenas did a great job on my incision line but looks very good and I can't wait to start using my Embrace scar therapy to remove any trace of the line once I'm healed. I tried to get up and walk around 4 to 5 times during the day mostly after I've eaten something up having a walker has been extremely helpful with that. I know that it is going to take time to heal and while I do see some results I still see the rolls on my back and I don't like it. I know that Dr. Cardenas did say that they will go away because she did aggressive lipo on my back so I will be swollen for a while. I pray that is the case and that everything will be smooth and flat by the time this process is done and I'm completely healed.

More PO pictures

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I am so glad I selected Dr Cardenas and her team. I received amazing service and care from not only her but the nurses at the beauty recovery house as well.

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