Need a Second Opinion, I Ask my Plastic Surgeon Why in the Middle of my Nose Its Going Down Its This a Cartilage Collapsed - MX

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I had open surgery on 21/12/2013, I put on a photo...

I had open surgery on 21/12/2013, I put on a photo before the surgery and after my surgery, I don't like my nose now, it looked better before than now, I ask my plastic surgeon why in the middle of my nose its going down, it's this a Cartilage Collapsed, when my nose was swollen it looked a little down on the middle of my nose, but now i can see it's more noticeable, also my hump is still there. It's my nose having a Cartilage Collapsed it will go down more or its just because the hump looks like that, what about my hump, when I touched Its just hard from the sides put in the middle its not, my surgeon just told me to wait more time, but it's been 6 weeks now, am i going to get worse, what should i do, am i going to need another surgery. I still can breathe normally. I need a second opinion. Thank you.
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