42 Year Old, 5'3" BMI 32, Wanting to Be Sleeved - Mexico

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Hi all. I am 42 year old female who is sick and...

Hi all. I am 42 year old female who is sick and tired of the constant yoyo'ing. I have been battling this for over 20 years and have gone thru many emotions from losing 55 lbs and having a TT to gaining 45 lbs back. In the past 20 years my lowest weight has been 155 lbs, which was a few months after my TT. My highest weight has been 210 lbs (maybe more as I went years without weighing myself).

I have a strong family history (maternal and paternal) of obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease. I am having issues with ankle joint stiffness and pain daily as well as hip and low back pain. I feel this pain is related to my weight.

I love to exercise and have had minor succcess with different diets (weight watchers, nutrisystem, Medifast, personal trainer, calorie counting, low carb) but have never reached my goal and have never been successful at keeping the weight off. One week I may lose 3 lbs but as soon as I eat one meal (within moderation), I gain that 3 lbs plus some back the following week. My metabolism sucks big!!

I have been researching the gastric sleeve. However, I keep hearing from people around me about how I don't have much to lose, I will regret taking such drastic actions, how others would love to be my size, how I should love my body the way it is, how Mexico is so dangerous to have surgery because they don't follow the same guidelines as the US, etc. I'm really getting discouraged hearing all this and not sure what I should do.

All I know is, depression kicks my ass frequently because I am miserable at this weight. I desperately want to look in the mirror and love myself. On top of that, I do NOT want to battle diabetes (like my brother is doing and my maternal aunt did prior to passing away from complications of diabetes). I have already been on medication for high blood pressure as well as reflux. I was able to stop the blood pressure medication after I dropped below 200 lbs. However, it keeps climbing as my weight continues to climb.

HELP!!! Any advice is welcomed. Thank you in advance.
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