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I have been wanting a butt augmentation for a good...

I have been wanting a butt augmentation for a good 10 years. Living in Florida (esp south) it was a big thing , but I always felt like there wasn't enough information out there until recently. I have met with a few doctors, who don't have have much of a portfolio, but I recently booked an appt with Dr. Gongora in Mexico after seeing a lot of his work on here which are comparable to the results I wish to achieve.

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I never actually made it to Rosarito to consult with Dr. Gongora -- the thought of having such a major procedure done out of the country never completely set well with me. I spent the last 3-4 months consulting aggressively and I found that I was limiting my search to LA/Beverly Hills area because they're done so frequently there. I booked a consult with Dr. Stanton, but was kind of bummed that the next available date was several weeks out. I was becoming impatient and wanted to get the vaginoplasty out of the way first since most have said it's a rapid recovery. I went online and started searching local doctors and I stumbled upon Dr. Chacon and a few others. So, I initially consulted with Dr. Chacon for vagina portion, but while meeting with Iris (Patient Care Coordinator) she convinced me to talk to Dr. about it about implant and far transfer as well. Dr. Chacon didn't have many pictures on his online portfolio but he did have a significant amount to show me when I met with him which was really reassuring. My consult was close to 2 hours and I was really impressed with the time he took to explain the entire processes and passion that Dr. displayed. I wanted to pay my deposit then, but I still had my consult with Stanton that I was adamant about because this is not a surgery I would want to have corrected.
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