22 Years Old 3 Kids Seriously Need a Tummy Tuck and Bbl - Mexico, MX

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I am going to Dr luis suarez in about 3 weeks my...

I am going to Dr luis suarez in about 3 weeks my suergey day is April 18th I just would like some opinions on the suergon him self ?I am going to get a breast lift bbl lipo on my upper back and a tummy tuck.
Basically doing a whole make over on my body the closet the date gets the more I'm freaking out.

Update my surgery date is in a week!

I am freaking out now more then ever! I have tons of people telling me horror story's about things happen to some one they "heard"about but I am just praying everything goes well...
Anyways would any of you ladies have any suggestions on what I should be packing? I know loose fitting clothing but anything else that might help?

Got my siergery yeserday????????

Hello ladies sorry i havent gotten back on here i had my suergery yestday at 7 am got aa bbl liposuction tummy tuck and breast lift and implant i feel like i got hit by a car but the pain meds are a big help i dont have anything bad to say about my doctor he made me feel super comfrterble and reasssured me it would all be okay. He also came to see after suergey and made sure my piam meds where ready to strated and made sure i was okay. Im so sore and in some pain i hop it gets better from here
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