Laser Hair Removal - Mexico

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I got laser in a Mexican clinic above the lips and...

I got laser in a Mexican clinic above the lips and underarms. It took 12 sessions, first each month, and then every 2 months. They told me first to shave it, but at the last sessions I was asked to do it otherwise: wax it or tweeze it.

When I started to wax it, the hair took longer to grow, and now I can't stop thinking, even though it's written not to, that I should have waxed my hair all the time.

I can say that my hair still grows but like 60% less in my underarm and the same in my upper lip but much thiner... I spent a year and a half, 12 sessions for thiner hair, the same result as using a depilation machine but this one is HELL cheaper.

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They should have informed you from the beginning not to get high expectations. I got 12 sessions while other clinics give you 4 to 8 for the same result.

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