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I've done a lot of research over the few years...

I've done a lot of research over the few years about "on all 4/6", looked at many location, many prices varying from 10k per arch to 25k per arch. Most places point to MX to do it, although I found one in Florida for about 9.5k per arch (dr arocha). I'm looking for full upper and lower, I currently do not have any teeth, they were all removed 4 years ago, i had dentures i wore on and off for 1 year. I had nothing but pain when i ate, it took tons of adhesive to get them to stay, not to mention, they felt WAY BIGGER then my normal teeth since my lips would not close in the middle anymore. I have't worn any teeth in over 2 years, when i was pregnant with my second child, whenever i had the dentures in my mouth i would do nothing but gag.

Anyways, my biggest problem is convincing my husband a place in mex would be fine. Of course he has bad views of anything there (although he has never been there). OR Has anyone been to Dr. Arocha in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. usa?

Any info would be apreciated

G4 from Golpa or Cancuns Dr Arzate?

It's kind of up in the air between the two. They both have great reviews, costs are not so bad if I can get in on Golpas special.

Argh I need help deciding


Ok so the hubs doesn't want to spend 30k if he doesn't have to (dr golpa special currently) and he wants to look around here. So I'm in PA so if anyone has any suggestions. We are near central but I am willing to travel.
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