Complete Facelift - Mexico

I had a complete face lift done by Doctor...

I had a complete face lift done by Doctor Koelliker in March of this year 2012. It is now November of 2012 and I get nothing but compliments on the way I look by people who know me and people who do not know me at all.

My reason for going through this surgery was very simply that I wanted to look how I felt. "Young, healthy" Metapause left me looking droopy and tired looking before my time. I had gained weight and lost it and I hated the way I looked with the droopy neck and face, eyes. I also was afraid of losing my job and not being able to find another because of the way I looked. People are very superfical now a days.

I continue to go to Medical Spa's for skin treatments and have been told numerous times that this doctor did a exceptional natural correction, that they can't even see any scars.

I had upper and lower eyelifts, mid and lower, and neck facelift with the SMAS face lift. I had a upper lip lift using the bull horn lip lift to get that pouty look back again, along with fat transfers in my upper and lower lips using my own fat lipoed from my thigh as well.

I feel pretty again. This doctor is conservative in his facelifts, meaning he leaves you with a more youthful natural look. I love the way I look now. My husband even said he thinks I look better than I did when he first met me 18 years ago. I'm not sure if that should bother me?

I went to Mexico by myself and stayed 10 days and booked my trip and surgery. Pat Marino set everything up for me and everything went very well. They took very good care of me. I felt safe and in good care at all times before and after my surgery. The hospital was spotless, the staff were very friendly and took excellent care of me. I never felt afraid. My recovery went well. I had no problems at all. I followed the doctors directions when I returned home and all went well.

You do really feel pretty good only a few days after surgery, but you should still try and rest and not over do walking around in the hot sun and such. You do need to recover before trying to fly home. That being said I was very gratful that I stayed at Casa Marino in San Miguel De Allende. It's beautiful there and I felt very safe and even walked into town one day by myself. The Authentic Mexican culture is just beautiful. I had a real life awakening as to the real Mexican people and there culture, and it was not like what you here on the news with all the drug cartels and such. It was a normal town nestled in the mountains in central Mexico. I could just go on and on about this place, its so beautiful with the climate and all the flowers everywhere. It's a wonderful place to recover from surgery. I did the package deal for my surgery, with three days at hospital and the rest of the 10 days at Casa Marino and that was just fine. I took a loan out for my surgery from my 401k and I can tell you that I will never regret doing so. It was the best thing I ever did for my self esteem. I feel confident again.

Really the only CONS I had were that the hospital staff needed to learn more english. I brought some translations books for using simple terms to get by until you arrive at Casa Marino after surgery, but that was really minimal cons because Dr, K comes in numerous times during your time in the hospital and he speaks english really good. I understand that they are working with the staff to learn english better, but it really did not casue any problems, becasue they get alot of english speaking patients all the time.

I have posted picturesSome before just after and one three months after. I would like to note that the post three month picture shows face still alittle round, I have since lost an addional 10pounds and my face is more thinner. when I get another more recent pic I'll post it. The post pic was in June of this year, which was three months after surgery and I still needed to lose a little weight. just after andshows

I forgot to add that I also had dermabrasion on my...

I forgot to add that I also had dermabrasion on my upper and lower lips to get rid of those lip lines. In other words I had everything but the kitchen sink.

I wanted to tell those who are considering plastic...

I wanted to tell those who are considering plastic surgery, about one con in this process that I never thought would happen, but after a little research online I found that it very common, and that is jealous friends and family.
It never occurred to me that my friends some I've known since grade school would turn on me like a spitting hissing cat.

Since my surgery in March of this year I have lost one good friend do to her insecurities through no fault of my own, and am getting catty remarks made in front of people who only just met me, inparticular men from another. Some don't return my phone calls ECt. It really makes me sad to have this reaction. I would of thought my friend would of been happy for me?

So when or if you decide to get work done make sure you can handle the back lash...

I did not boast, or brag, infact i acted the same around them as I always

I finally scanned all my pictures from my surgery...

I finally scanned all my pictures from my surgery in Mexico. I took photo's every day of my face and where I was at. I will post them in order.

I just thought I would tell people why I decided...

I just thought I would tell people why I decided to go public with my surgery,I am a caring person and would never want to send someone to a place that would cause them harm. I want to let people know there is a safe place to go there, where they can have confidence in. Not everyone can afford these plastic surgeons in the states. It's just not fair that only well off women can get work done and the rest of us have to suffer.
that is why I am here. I thank God I found Pat Marino who sent me to Dr. K.

I talked to three different past patients, and I seen there pics so I know that they had work done. That's what helped me make my decision. I also checked better business for anything on Pat Marino and or FaceliftMexico and could find no bad info.

Also the fact that they were on the news on CNN 5 years or so ago and were interviewed right on site, told me that they had to be legit. My view is that Pat Marino's business is run out of the states so she could be held responsible and subject to our laws if this was not legitimate. All these factors made my decision to go. I'm not a stupid person as not to think that going to another country such as Mexico and having surgery could be a grave mistake, but I did months of research going back in forth in my mind about all this and I do not regret it.

Hi everyone, I thought I would update with info...

Hi everyone,
I thought I would update with info regarding facial peels at medical spa's. I went for a full year before I went for facelift. I had alot of sun damage, as I was a sun worshiper and tanning both user.

The first appointment was to see how much damage I had to my skin on my face. They put me under some kind of light that shows the damage and it floored me. I looked like a monster under that light.

You know those dark spots on your face here and there, well let me tell you, you should see under that light. I had so many that they blended together to almost completly cover my face.

You don't realize it, but that's what makes your face look so dark and rudy looking. I can tell you that these peels will make your facelift outcome, oh so much better.

My skin looks so much better and I think that really helps my overall outcome.

So look up "Medical Spa's" in your area and get some micro dermabrasion and some facial peels. You can go about every 6 to eight weeks for the treatment, so it gives you time to save the money up for a peel.

The first 6 months treatments I went for a microdermobrasion and peel combo. It's about $150.00 for a combo. The microdermobrasion helps get the pores on you face really small and makes your skin look smoother. It sucks out all those black heads and junk in your pores. Then when they feel you don't need the micro dermobrasion they will give you a more intense peel that will require a few days down time. I found that if you get the peel done on a Thursday, after work, you can go to work Friday and still be ok, and by Saturday morning the peeling will start. You will still have a little on Monday, but with a good makeup you will be fine.
I really suggest doing this even if you aren't thinking of facelift. It really brightens your face. Also start using a really good sunblock everyday under your makeup. UV Rays not only causes spots but also breaks down your collegen and makes you sag even more. I know we all say you look better with a tan, but there are great sunless tanning sprays now that really look like a real suntan and not that orange look.

There is this new face peel out now that I am going to try around my lips for those little line right at your lip line and here
is the info on that:

Enerpeel® EL Eye & Lip Peel
first “Eye and Lip Peel”, 15% Lactic Acid/ 3.75% TCA Acid, For the eyes, it helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, hyperpigmentation, gravitational eyelid droop, and dark circles. For the lips, it helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, help to produce rounder fuller lip shape. This peel is a great add on to one of our other peels.

Another thing , get a really good Mineral make up, its healthy for your skin. I have tried alot of different make up, but the spa I go to got my hooked on Jane Iredale . I copied and pasted a description about the makeup just below:

"Jane Iredale mineral makeup is the makeup for the new millennium. Formulated with pure micronized minerals and pigments, these all-natural cosmetics have the ability to cover almost any skin problem. Unlike so many makeup collections, the Jane Iredale line contains no oil to clog or enlarge pores and no talc, which can dry the skin. Each product is free of perfume"

It's a little pricey, but not bad and it last for a long time, like 2 months or so. I have Five suggestions that I use, and I think you will do just fine with this and take care of all your foundation and blush and bronzer needs. I list them below.
1. Quad Bronzer - It comes in 3 different color options. I've tried the Sunbeam and Rose dawn. The sunbeam is more of bronzer and the Rose dawn gives me a really glowing blushed look. I absolutly love, love , love these quads.
2.Amazing Base® SPF 20- I use the color "Suntan"

3. D2O™ Hydration Spray - sets the makeup and gives you moisture also.

4.Corrective Colors _ has Four shades to correct and conceal discoloration
Work absolutly fantastic for cover bruises after surgery.

5. Obagi SPF 50 Nu-Derm UVA UVB Sunscreen Sunblock Fragrance Free. You can get this on Amazon for about $28.00 and it will last almost all summer if you use on face and neck, and looks really good under your makeup. I use the 50 spf because I like to garden and go out in a boat. Don't want those spots back again.....

This make up is healthy for your skin and it's what I have on my face on my 8 day pic. If you get the foundation, don't remove the sticker that hold the powder in and only poke a couple of holes in it and it will last for months. My spa person told me that.

take care.

I have another tip for everyone. These tips I have...

I have another tip for everyone. These tips I have posted here are things I have tried and worked for me. So when I get new ones, I'll post them. I am always looking for things to help improve myself with this darn aging crap we have to go through and when something starts going wrong I try and find a solution that won't cost me a lot. I'm not independently wealthy ,so like you I have to find the cheapest solution. Some might sound stupid, but they have worked for me.
Buy a bottle of Castor Oil, and apply every morning with a Q-tip on your eye brows, and rub lightly into your brow skin. " I read this online and it took a little time maybe 2 or three months before I really noticed a difference, but it worked for me. My eyebrows were really thinning and getting shorter by almost half the length over my eyes. They now are grown back in enough to run from corner to corner of my eye. There not really bushy but they are definitely better than they were before. Sometimes I think some of the thinning is caused from your skin being dry and we don’t rub moisturizer on our brows, and some from aging or hormonal. Make sure if your eyebrows are shortend that you rub the oil where your eyebrows use to be so that they will fill in. It doesn't cost that much and it worth a try. Be diligent though and do it every morning and night if you want before bed.

I would love to be able to afford “Latisse” for my eyelashes, but it’s just to expensive.
I use Revlon “Grow Lushes Mascara by Fabulash , and it most definitely helps my thinning lashes. I stopped using it for a little while and tried something else and my eyelashes returned to the thinning shorter eyelashes and then I started using it again and they lengthened and filled in more. So I feel that it really does help you.

Have a nice day....

Woops that's Grow Luscious by Revlon. LOL :-) . I...

woops that's Grow Luscious by Revlon. LOL :-) . I hate this update thing, it doesn't let you correct your miss spelled words. I feel like a moron when I re-read what I wrote after I post it.



Hi All, I thought I would touch on the topic...

Hi All,

I thought I would touch on the topic of importance and is Fat Transfers. When I had my facelift a year ago, I did have fat transfers in my lips and alittle in my frown lines. What I didn't know at the time is that I should of had some in my face during this process. I have found that after a year, I have lost alot of volume in my cheek area, after all the swelling has gone. I am going down in The End of May to have fat transfers in my lips again and in my cheeks. From reading more info on facelifts after the year mark, I found that this offen happens, and that you should get the fat transfers done while having the facelift and that it is possible you might have to have more in the future, as your body does absorb some of the fat you have transferred. So it may take a couple times of fat transfers to keep the youthfull cheeks that you have like in your three month mark after facelift, and as your face loses more volume do to the aging process. Soooooooooo, what I am getting at is. If you are planning a facelift, or thinking having one in the future do get the fat transfers in you face, especially in the cheeks. I will take some pics before and after these transfers and post them in June sometime.


Hi Everyone, Well I am going back down to see...

Hi Everyone,

Well I am going back down to see Dr. Koelliker for my fat transfers in my cheeks and touch up in my lips. I also have a spa week in San Miguel de Allende at Club Casa Marino planned in less than three weeks. My husband wanted to go to get some work done, but can't get away. I am so excited about going down again.

I am going to save more money for next year and go down to get something done with my butt, and upper thighs. I have tried and tried to get these area's thightened by excercise and it has helped some but just not enough. Maybe a thigh lift to get those tight thighs back. I feel so good about myself. I feel the best I have in years.

I had a family get together yesterday and my niece was lounging next to me and said, " Aunt Lis you look soooo good" and my sister said " Sis you look fantastic."
I also had a get together with some old frieds who said the same things. I feel alive again. When you feel good about yourself, I think it changes the way other people react to you.

Talk about getting a boost to your selfesteem. Don't let anyone tell you it is wrong to get work done, and that you should embrace your age, BOLOGNA. When I see blogs online of women who make comments about women who get facelifts and such, and say were trying to look young and that we should just embrace our age, I think to myself "Dam right I want to look the best I can look. I think that if a person doesn't care about there looks and want to let them self go that's there prerogative, and I think some say this because they don't get off there behind and do something about the way they look and look down on those of us who try to improve ourself. What Ever!
I will take before and after pics of my face before and after transfers and post in June sometime. Mexico here I come....Yes....


Hi Everyone,

Well I'm back from Mexico. I stayed at Club Casa Marino Spa for 6 days in San miguel de allende. I had fat transfers to my lips to get more fuller look and also to cheek bone, as well as a neck lift revision under chin.

I have a series of pictures of before fat transfers and neck lift 2013 and after, to my cheek bone and a refresh on the lips, and neck lift revision.

The after is on day 5 other than the hospital pic which is day 1. My lips are still swollen a bit in pictures, and the cheek fat transfers are as well. Dr. K says that after the swelling and bursing in cheek fat has gone, I can massage the fat to smooth out if needed. The neck revision left me with small scar under chin that I can use mederma cream to fade. Its so thin already, I don't think it will take much though. My neck is still a little swollen and probably will be for a few more weeks, I notice it but do not feel anyone else will that is not aware of it. I am very happy with my results and its looking better everyday and I am at day 9 now. I am so glad
I had the under chin neck lift. My neck is nice and flat now. no loose skin.

I will post some update photos after the three month mark again, when it is completly healed for the most part. Just remember if your going for a facelift and have some weight to take off even if its only like 10 pounds do work hard to get it off before, because I feel this is partially the reason I had to have neck lift revision. Also if you are getting facelift, absolutly get the cheek fat transfers done at the same time. It is really important, because although the facelift does help to put things back where they belong, it doesn't address volume loss due to the aging process. The smas facelift does move the muscle back which gives you volume where is used to be, but it can only do so much with the loss of fat in your face do to the aging process. At the one year mark you want to have those nice cheeks still and not have that flattend look to your upper cheek bone.


UPDATE: Mid Facelift, Lapiscopic brow lift, and last but not least my third lower eye lift yest again year 2 10 April 1st, 2014

I had to go for a mid face lift April 1,2014 by a surgeon in my home town. The face lift I had in Mexico did not lift my mid face. after swelling went away my face started sagging. I went last year to have fat transfers becouse I had these indentations running from my lower eye tear through through my cheek. I started getting marinete lines again. I did not get a complete face lift. What I had was a lower facelift only.
I had to spend another $13000.00 dollers to get my face right becouse although the lower face and neck looked ok, when the swelling went away and things settled I had sagging again, I also had a neck lift done twice! I am disappointed in my overall out come two years later. It did not last.
The mid face lift and brow lift/ and lower eye lift was a package deal.
The surgeon I used said when you lift the mid face and muscle back on cheek bone, you have lift the rest of the upper face as in the lower eye and brow. He said otherwise you will have loose skin under eyes. When I went to Mexico the first time, The things that bothered me the most was the mid face and neck, as my muscle had fallen which in turn caused sagging in lower face, and also left me with creases running from lower eye through my cheek. This was because my cheek muscle slipped away from its normal position on upper cheek bone, which in turn caused the crease in between muscle and upper cheek.
I thought this was addressed in the complete facelift in Mexico. It stated cheek lift as part of the package. So I assumed that was mid face. IT WAS NOT! I went back down last year in May because after just a year these creases were getting worse and worse and I wanted to try fat transfers because I thought It was from volume loss. It was because I never had a mid face lift which lifts the actual muscle back up to the cheek bone and is held there. So what I am saying that the facelift I had in Mexico did not last because I did not get the mid face addressed.
The doctor said that it looked not to bad at first because the skin was lifted up and tightened. But as time went by the swelling receeded and the skin became looser and so everything started going south again. I seen it change monthly in the mirror. I also had people guessing my age at first in 2012 as early 40's when I was 50 and before my recent surgery the were guess nearly my correct age and saying what are you 49 or 50. So that tells the story right there. IT DID NOT LAST! If you want an over all lift to your entire face , have brown lift, upper and lower eye lift, mid face lift, lower face lift and neck lift. this is a complete face lift. Volumizers are not going to give you the lift to get rid of sagging. It will help but it is expensive and does little to help this. It may make you look a little refreshed but you will still see sagging, and the don't last forever! When I get a chance I will try and take pic tonight and post of my mid face. I'm still a little swollen as its only been a week and a half, but you will see what I am talking about.....

The before pics show the flatness in cheek bone area and the fold are deep around mouth. Im smiling in pic, but if I wasn't smiling It would show deeper folds around mounth and marinette line as corners of mouth.
I went this last Friday for a 2nd follow up with surgeon and he said he took an inch of skin under my eyes and pulled up. He said I will have an asian look until I start massaging at corners of eye and push ups under eye area and said that my eyes will return to normal shape after about 3 weeks doing the massaged 3 times a day for one minuet. You can see how my upper cheek bone is now elevated and muscle that had fallen towards my nose is now lifted and returned to the cheek bone. The doctor said this will last for a long time.

Two Year Mark and My unhappy outcome

After 2 years have passed, I find that I am less than happy with my outcome. I feel that Dr. Koelliker is a nice man no doubt , but I feel that at this point in time, meaning two years later and attaining more knowledge about face lifts from a highly accredited surgeon in my home town, that I did not get a complete face lift and after hearing others who went to him and have issues as I did at year mark, and what I did have did not last. So unfortunately I no longer can say that DR. Koelliker is a excellent surgeon. I feel he does alright, but is so conservative that his face lift does not last and also he did not address my mid face, and looking at others pictures on hear who have gone to him, I see that he did not address there mid face. People still have deep folds around there mouth and I can see the indentations on there lower eyes and running through there cheeks as I had. Go get a opinion from a surgeon in your home town to see if you have had a mid face lift. I did not and also did not get a brow lift because this Dr. said I didn't need one. I have deep frown lines and and saggy upper lids because I didn't have it. So I am lowing my rating as this is how I feel and the pictures I posted in my recent update confirm this.


Here is a line up a photo, starting from 3 months after first surgery in Mexico 2012, second is one year later , 2013, and you can see how I have the grooves running from lower eye through cheek area, and the flatness in upper cheek bone, and folds around mouth are deeper and returning as before. Third photo is March 2014 before mid face lift. You can see how my face has changed drastically. I have dark circles and loose skin under eyes, the cheek muscle is still fallen towards my nose creating the deep folds around my mouth. The fourth in day 12 after mid face lift and lower eye lift and brown lift in April 2014. The first photo at 3 month mark my face was still swollen but if you look at under eyea and cheek area can see the groove starting there even at 3 months after surgery in Mexico in 2012.


Mid Face lift and brow and lower eye lift, 2014 DAY 16 POST SURGERY MORE PHOTOS

I am posting DAY 16 PHOTO 2014 mid face, done by Dr. Vito C. Quatela.

The face I wanted from the beginning

Dr. Vito C. Quatela, at Quatela Center for Plastic Surgery in Rochester, NY. has finally given me the face I wanted from the beginning. I love what he has done and I am still slightly swollen and have began my massaging exercises for my eyes yesterday.

4 months update, post mid face lift, brow lift, lower eye lift.

Hi Everyone,

Well its been 4 months and 19 days since I went to Dr. Vito C. Quatela And Had Surgery April 1. I am very happy with my outcome. I have never looked better. I'm told I look like I'm in my thirties and I'm 53 years old. Wow that gives a person a good feeling.

My under eyes look flawless. no tear through indents and dark circles , no indents running down my cheek, no saggy jowls, no deep frown lines, which all came back after 1 year after surgery in Mexico.

It took alot of money and alot of recovery but I now am so happy. I only wished I would of just paid the money in beginng and went to Dr. Vito C. Quatela in first place. I spent alot of money in Mexico going Twice and not having a good outcome.

I still had some need for volume in cheeks after raising my muscle up to where it used to be on cheek bones, but one volume of Scuptra did the trick and Dr. Quatela did that for me to. I love that man. He is a pefectionist.

So I want to review what you should do if you want a smooth wrinkle free facelift that returns your face to look 20 plus years younger. It's more than just having a face lift. So I will list what I think you should do if your want to have a great outcome from face lift and treatments and proceedures that compliment the facelift to give you a youthful look again that will last for a long time.

A facelift should last more that 1 or 2 years . I base this on my experience with all this surgery. I tell you these things because I experienced them first hand. And these proceedures are what I found to bring my face back to a youthful face again. So I will list what you need to do in my oppinion to get this smooth wrinkle free face again.

1. Find medical spa in your area that gives micro dermabrasion, and glycolic acid peels, based on what your needs are you might need a few mico derm treatments on top of facial peels. I had alot of sun damage so I had 6 months of both. Then when they feel you don't need micro derm, then just continue with glycolic acid peels every 8 weeks. The reason why you must contine the peels is because exfoliation creates collogen which plumps skin out and removes wrinkles and gives you that plump smooth skin on face you had a young women.

2. Get a really good mineral make up, throw out the over the counter crap. Young women can get away using it but old skin needs nurishment and the cheep makeup makes face look rudy. I use jane iredale mineral makeup and it wonderful.

3. Drink alot of water. Water will help keep skin nurished and moist.

4. For facial surgery I would get these proceedures done.

Neck Lift

lower face lift ( this along with neck lift get rid of jowls

laparoscopic Mid face lift ,and brow lift

upper eye lid lift

lower eye lift ( this one goes hand and hand with mid face lift and brow lift.) my doctor said when you have mid face lift your must lift everything above mid face to achieve a natural look.

upper lip lift, (bullhorn lip lift this one if you have alot of space between nose and upper lip.

3 months after surgery ( get Sculptra injections to bring volume back in cheeks, temples and around mouth and chin it will last two years and give you time to save up for another treatment down the road for volume loss.

These things are what will give you a full overal great outcome that will last for years and you will get compliments up the wing wang, LOL.....:)

I have two pictures taken recently for this update.

4 months after mid face lift / brow lift/ lower eye lift

4 months after surgery in USA

6 months mid face lift /brow lift and lower eye lift

7 months post mid face lift/ brow lift

Year mark Mid face lift

well it's been near a year now since my mid face lift. I'm very happy with my doctors work.

Update more pics at year mark since Midfacelift, brow lift, lower eyes lift

my review on second plasic surgeon here in states

Here is link to second surgeons review that I gave regarding my recent outcome from midface lift.

two year mark since Mid face lift

After 2 years have passed, I find that I am less than happy with my outcome. I feel that Dr. Koelliker is a nice man no doubt , but I feel that at this point in time, meaning two years later and attaining more knowledge about face lifts from a highly accredited surgeon in my home town, that I did not get a complete face lift and after hearing others who went to him and have issues as I did at year mark, and what I did have did not last. Dr. K is way to conservative. When swelling completely leaves you are sagging again. I had terrible black under eye circle for months and months from his lower eye lift , and when I went to knew doctor here in states, I barely had any bruising and what I did was gone in a week and a half. So unfortunately I no longer can say that DR. Koelliker is a excellent surgeon. I feel he does alright for those who are 60 plus years old, because at that point any improvement is noticeable. He is to conservative that his face lift does not last and also he did not address my mid face, and looking at others pictures on hear who have gone to him, I see that he did not address there mid face. People still have deep folds around there mouth and I can see the indentations on there lower eyes and running through there cheeks as I had. Go get a opinion from a surgeon in your home town to see if you have had a mid face lift. I did not and also did not get a brow lift because this Dr. said I didn't need one. I have deep frown lines and and saggy upper lids because I didn't have it. So I am lowing my rating as this is how I feel and the pictures I posted in my recent update confirm this. Also my last surgery in May 2013 , I was not sedated enough and I felt him cutting me. I was not under sedation enough and felt it the whole way through but was unable to really let them know. Don't waist your money, it won't last........

1 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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