BBL and Lipo w/ Dr Llorente Miami

I just booked my procedures through...

I just booked my procedures through Topplasticsurgeonsmexico for Sept.19 in Mexico City with Dr. Juan Rendon.
I am super nervous about the tummy tuck and experiencing that kinda pain in a different country but So far the client consultant has been very informative and the booking process has been easy.
As of right now I weigh in at 213lbs but I am going to try and get under 200 before my surgery, im short 5'4 and want the best possible outcome for my body.

Tummy Tuck, Lipo, and BBL in Tijuana

Hello again ladies! I had to redo my whole review because I changed surgeons and it wouldn't let me edit my Dr.

I am now going to Cer Clinic in Tijuana with Dr. Luis Suarez. I have been dealing with Violet the lead coordinate and she is amazing!! I am 5'4 , 214lbs just want to feel good about myself again!

Changed Surgeons Again ????

So a week before my surgery I decided that I wanted someone who would give me a great waist / hip ratio and Dr.Fatima Almonte is amazing at that! Dolls she has amazing work!! If you haven't checked her out , do so now.
The reason I didn't book with her in the first place is because I was worried about flight times from Canada approx 15 hour travel time (layovers included)

After talking to her lovely assistant Lesley I've decided to stay for 15!days to be safe for travel. I am beyond excited!!
Surgery is Oct.31
Right now I am just working at getting my BMI below 35. I think today I was 38 so I have 47 days to reach my goal. Im sticking to a low carb, high fat; sugar free diet ( Keto) down 4 lbs in a few days, so off to the right start. I won't give up. I want this surgery so bad!

I am booked in with Essence Recovery Home. It looks beautiful. I chose them because they include supplies so I can pack super light.
Im traveling alone so need a light weight bag for after surgery.

WOW what a journey!

So due to low hemo I ended up missing my surgery date in the Dominican. My surgery buddy went without me and had some crazy stories while being there.
I have now decided to NOT go to DR but am now going with Llorente in Miami. Will no longer be getting a tummy tuck this round. But if I do need one after my Bbl then I will have round 2. I was just getting too nervous and too much anxiety over going to a third world country for surgery.
I am comfortable and happy with Llorente.

Llorente - weight loss

So DrLlorente has a bmi max of 33 so because of my change I now need to lose more weight. I'm down almost 20lbs now lost a total of 28lbs but that includes some holiday pounds I had to get rid of for the second time. Lol.
So yeah 20lbs in under a month using my TLC products. I basically lose a pound a day. If you want a link to my website let me know.

Total Life Changes - crazy weight loss!!

This is my website if you decide to order :

Anita's Recovery House

So in my $6000 USD that includes my rh. Which is Anita's. I'm excited to stay there. They seem to care about their dolls and drama free! I've been following a couple Recovery houses on IG and holy crap so much drama. I would NEVER stay with them!

Elena and New Life Plastic Surgery

Elena is amazing! You always hear horror stories about coordinators, especially after you pay your deposit. They usually don't care about replying to you.
I can tell you that Elena and her kindness is one of the main reasons I booked with Llorente. It's nice to know she will always be available for me if I have any questions. She is an absolute doll!
She even sent me a Merry Christmas text. I just love her and she makes this journey so much easier.
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

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