19 Years Old Who Thought Was a Great Idea to Have the Most Visible Tattoo Ever - Mexico, MO

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I did it almost 5 months ago. The first 2 weeks I...

I did it almost 5 months ago. The first 2 weeks I was in love and amazed, I thought it looked very cool and the meaning was very deep, basically is my philosophy of life and the universe (I'm a physics student) represented by the greek letter "phi", which is related to the golden ratio in art. Anyway, I feel so embarrassed of having a huge letter in my hand with any kind of aesthetic style, just plain bold. It was made poorly by a "professional" artist, you can see some parts lack of enough tint but I can't stand the idea of getting more ink into my body. Maybe if it was a litte faded with something more stylish I could bear it.
I don't want to try any kind of removal for 2 reasons. First, I live in Mexico City and the best laser I could find was a Q-switched, the clinics don't look as professional as the ones in the US or any other first-world country. And second, it surely makes some damage to the sking and since it is in my hand it is exposed to many possible harms, so a scarred hand is not something I want. Ironically, I love my skin and don't want to damage it further.
Actually what I am looking here is strength to live with it, at least for a decade or so. I have faith in technology and as soon as I can get it treated in another country with cutting edge technology of the time (maybe a super cream that doesn't damage the skin) I will totally consider it.
Any words of sympathy for this poor soul? I would be very thankful. Thanks for your time reading this.
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