28 Years old / 5'6", 125 lbs: implant revision abdominal lipo and fat grafting.

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Eight years ago I got my first breast implant...

Eight years ago I got my first breast implant procedure done. I was young and didn’t take the best care of myself (smoked cigarettes, etc), and also had a lot of intervention (regarding size) from my mother.

The implants were sub-muscular and 280cc. I had some capsular contracture immediately, and although there was some corrective surgery a few months later, I never liked how they fell into place nor was happy with the size or position. I had terrible scars and was mildly ashamed of my body during intimate moments. I also felt that the implants being sub-muscular impeded some physical activity.
Eight years later I finally had the financial resources and several good recommendations for doctors who promised positive results, mentioning I was an ideal candidate for a change in breast implants over the muscle as well as some “light” liposuction in the abdominal area / back.

Yesterday I got to the clinic at around 7:15, was in the operating room at 8:00am, and was in the recovery area around 11:00. The doctor told my friends that my old implants were really sucked into the armpit region and 14 years old (so outdated).
From about 12:00pm to 6:00pm I was in a private room where I was given various dosages of painkillers and some juice.

The breast implants did not hurt anything like the first procedure, however the lipo hurt way more than I had anticipated. I could barely sit up, let alone get up or walk around. It took about an hour for me to finally walk around the room a few steps before getting to the car and getting home.

Day 2. Right now I am kind of regretting the lipo. I am what you would call a “skinny fat” individual. I’m sure that a month at the gym would have gotten me some good results, but lifestyle, stress and seeing the results of friends and family with similar procedures really made it seem like a good idea.

Hoping that the swelling and discomfort subside in the next few days.

One year later…

Initially I was thrilled with the size and position of my breast implants, and was a little underwhelmed with the Abdominal Lipo and Fat Grafting to Buttock. The lipo left me with some small but awkward circular scars, on my back behind my shoulders and on my backside, and on my pelvic bone below my pube line. (Though I must say that they've basically faded and are a non-issue for me now).

Lipo: at the time of the surgery it was perhaps the most painful part of the surgery, where I felt like I had gone to the gym and did 1000 crunches in one hour (I wish) or gotten run over by a car. I could barely stand up on my own and was kind of hunched over for about 2 weeks. I usually think I have a high tolerance for pain but this really did me in. By the third week I felt more normal but still had some discomfort. I would say that by week 4 I was doing much better and riding my bike to work again.

That said, the results were not noticeable for a longgg time. For a while I questioned if I had even gotten the lipo done, as I looked nearly the same as pre-op, or even a bit puffier. I used a compression garment for the first 2 months, all day and night. Then, to be honest, I was pretty over wearing the compression garment (doesn’t really make for the most accessible sexytime) and wanted to be more comfortable. I kind of just decided to forget about it, figuring it was water under the bridge at this point.

I would say that perhaps at 9-10 months post op did I really see what I had been hoping for all along... some definition / shape. Though sometimes I felt some "rippling" but after a few more weeks I definitely had a more defined shape and was a few inches thinner around the waist. The booty is hard to say as he didn’t graft that much fat but at least it was fuller. Nothing too dramatic but I could really tell the difference wearing anything formfitting, especially pants / bathing suits. Now it's really up to me to maintain this definition through exercise & diet.

However, I’m pretty concerned on my breast implants. Their overall shape and form are significantly better than the previous pair as they are fuller and a bit bigger (though maybe not big enough.. will explain in a sec). After having an areola incision the first time (with decent results for scarring & no loss of sensation), I had higher hopes for the second time.

After the surgery, the placement seemed okay, and it has never really crossed my mind to ask for smaller areolas – and in retrospect maybe this is where I didn’t think it though. Because instead, my areolas stretched, and stretched, and stretched… with hypertrophic scarring around the areola, which wouldn’t be so bad if they weren't so BIG and dominating on my relatively natural looking breasts. Not to mention this time around I lost sensation in both nipples (one side more than the other).

I’m a bit beyond despair and feeling sorry for myself at this point, and just looking for solutions. I know that tattoos can help blend uneven scarring, but what I really think would be ideal is to undergo an areola incision reduction. This is where I don’t know if I should just go in for another surgery all together, as I also feel that my implants are placed too far apart, or to not go that extreme and try a revision surgery - with the same surgeon? elsewhere?

ANY suggestions are appreciated!

the was a few days after surgery

just taking off all the bandages, lots of bruising

one month after surgery... already some redness appears

the surgeon at this point told me to wait it out...

1.5 years later - cc and intracapsular rupture

i've been hearing a weird noise coming from between my implants and chest wall for the last few months. about two weeks ago i was getting dressed in the morning and noticed that one of my implants was noticeably pulled to the side/armpit. i asked my bf if he could see the difference visually, (yes) and said it felt significantly harder. i have to be honest and saw that this last surgery was not the most well thought out. i was in a rush to get it because of this "packaged" deal (lipo/grafting/implants) and was trying to take advantage of the winter vacation i had at work.

long story short i started to feel really off. sharp pains in my chest, pins and needles in my arms, and overall weakness. i ended up getting a recommendation for another surgeon, who suggested i get an ultrasound to confirm CC and/or rupture. the first thing he mentioned was that my implants dont fit my body shape, and i feel like this was the biggest issue with my first set of implants 8 years ago.

this time my options are basically natrelle / STF 365?385 and SSF 370 (depending on how my scar tissue looks once im opened up / 1st surgery = unders, 2nd = overs). my scars are really bad but i have been more disciplined in order to really quit smoking tobacco, and will try to follow recovery indications 100 percent.

1.5 years later - lipo worth it, but in the end you get what you pay for

for about the 8 months i really didnt think the lipo was significant and i thought my implants were okayish (minus the scars). a year and a half later, my implants are way too small & narrow for my body, bad scarring, etc. (basically a nightmare) but the lipo around my abdominal section is actually quite nice. in retrospect, i would have gone to a surgeon who is more specialized in breast augmentation, as i am realizing that is a bit more complicated and varied in terms of results.

i will be turning 30 this year and really want to take ownership of my body and health, so i am going to give breast augmentation one last opportunity before really considering an explantation.

fingers crossed.
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