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Well,let me start off by saying I suffer from FBS...

Well,let me start off by saying I suffer from FBS (FLAT BUTT SYNDROME)lol I am scheduled for May 10, 2012 for a Brazilian Butt Lift/ Lipo of 5 areas/fat grafting :) I'm 5'8" and I weigh 215 right now but my goal is to get down to 190 before surgery. anyone have a mircle weight loss answer let me know haha.

I've wanted a butt forever, I even have the butt pads...yea the suck! So I'm sooo happy and I can not wait!!

I'm almost 6 weeks away from my surgery and I can...

I'm almost 6 weeks away from my surgery and I can honestly say I'm not prepared at all! By now I thot I wud have all my stuff ready to go ...but I've been slacking! I gotta get myself in gear!! Any suggestions or a check list that wud help me haha wud be greatly appreciated right about now!

I am a few days away from my surgery. I'm really...

I am a few days away from my surgery. I'm really nervous but really excited at the same time. I wanted to loose weight but instead I foolishly added on weight :/ hopefully he will still do my surgery! I'm trying to stay positive and keep my expectations low so I'll be happy no matter what...anything is better than what I have now and as long as everything goes good there's always a round 2 :D

On my way to airport now, my nerves are going...

On my way to airport now, my nerves are going crazy! I hope this is normal! Shew weeeee!

Well, my first day in MX at Beauty Care and let me...

Well, my first day in MX at Beauty Care and let me say if you have any worries of MX being a scary place you need to trust me wen I say its beautiful, and EVERYONE is so nice and ready to cater to u! ALSO, for ANYONE that has said Dr. Campos isn't friendly or has poor bedside manner is 100% WRONG! He is brilliant, skilled, and very passionate about his work AND was so nice and caring! He spent a lot of time with me trying to help me anyway possible to help me achieve my goal body! Today was great and I'm definantly ready for surgery in the morning! Nite and I'll post in a couple days!

Day #2 (surgery day) Everything went great. Dr....

Day #2 (surgery day) Everything went great. Dr. Campos was able to take out 11 liters of fat. I'm not sure how many CC's yet but as soon as I find out I will let everyone know. Even having that much lip I didn't have to stay the night in the hospital. I was up walking with no problems only a little soarness.

Day #3 well its the day after surgery and Gods Grace has really helped me. Everyone talks about how horrible day 2 is but I'm doing good. Just taking tramadol for pain. Took a shower by myself. The worst pain been putn on my garment lol now that's kinda bad. I can not express how awesome Beauty Care is!! These women treat u like a queen! I love it here! I have my first massage tomorrow, I'll keep u posted.

Day #4 swelling really bad no #2 since surgery,...

Day #4 swelling really bad no #2 since surgery, had to take 2 laxitives :/ hopefully this swelling will go away.

Day #5 still really swollen I have took some pics. I'll post more details later promise just a pain to b on tablet on my stomach. Between the swelling and laying ONLY on my stomach I'm about to go crazy!

I'm 11 days post op now. I'm still very swollen...

I'm 11 days post op now. I'm still very swollen and only sore after I sleep or lay on my stomach for long period of time. At this time I honestly can't say that I'm 100% pleased with my experience with Dr. Campos or his office. I'm happy with my stay at BC, they were very nice and i felt safe with their care. Dr. Campos office to me was not professional. They messed up my appts. Granted it was Giselle that originally made my appts and she is no longer there, but Angie should've confirmed my appts. They had my final appt with Dr. Campos scheduled a day after I was scheduled to leave. So they had to fit me on the day I was leaving, causing me to miss my flight! I missed my flight that was originally 2 flights with only sitting 21/2 hours at a time instead i had to sit on a flight 5 hrs straight. It was horrible! I also had to pay extra to get a new flight. On top of all this, in my last appt with Dr. Campos he told me that he put 1050 in each cheek but my skin was so tight that the fat injected kept spreading to the side. The middle of my butt is flat and the sides have volume. I'm so worried that the whole reason I went was because my butt was flat and now its gonna be flat and even wider than before. Dr. Campos just kept sayn how great my hourglass figure was...which is true I'm happy with that BUT i paid for a butt and at this point I'm afraid I'm still going to be flat. I wish I would've went to Dr. Salama, he was only $2000 more and mayb his office would've been a little more professional, scheduling wise. Now I'm going to wait and if nothing changes I will seek professional help from Dr. Salama, which is unfortunate. If anyone is going to Dr. Campos I would definitely make sure your appts are exactly like ur emails state before you go! I would make sure you have pictures and you tell him exactly wat u want and wats the most important to u. And i wud definitely have his massage therapist do ur massages, every day if possible. She's the only thing that remained consistant. Dr. Campos started out good, but between his office messing up and him not accepting responsibility and him telling me after the fact that the fat transfer didn't go as planned...(he didn't say anything til my last day) has made me very disappointed! Ill keep pics posted and keep everyone up on how my flat butt is going. :( I have requested info about what Dr. Campos states happened to see if its possible for fat to spread or not, and l will let everyone know wat the professional says about that.

2weeks 4 days and I'm still very swollen! Not...

2weeks 4 days and I'm still very swollen! Not really sore anymore. I'm still sleeping on my stomach. I wear my garment all day except for an hour. I'm actually ordering a stage 2 garment, a size medium. That males me happy. I'm really happy with my curves in the front...still not happy with my back. I have a wide flat butt. Before my surgery I always had to make sure i wore long shirts to cover my flat booty....well nothing has changed :( ill post pics tomorrow, even tho I hate how they look from the back...

I'm almost 12 weeks post op and I'm ok with my...

I'm almost 12 weeks post op and I'm ok with my results. I kinda wished I wouldve just saved an extra $2500 and went to Dr. Salama...but I didnt lol I'm ok with my results as long as I have clothes on. I'm still flat looking at my butt from the back, but I'm good from the side view. I'm just now at the point where I'm laying on my back due to my foot swelling, and sitting more. I have stopped wearing my garment all the time, now its during the nights and sometimes at work depending on my outfit that day. I'm going back for a round 2 in about 2 years, but not 100% sure with who yet. Definantly not Dr. Campos due to his position of fat graft to my butt and his unorganized, rude and immature staff that caused me to miss my flight returning home...yea that was horrible. I would only go to him if he offered a HUGE HUGE HUGE discount... which I dont see that happening. I have posted some of my pics.

Well I'm 6 months post op and I'm soooooo ready...

Well I'm 6 months post op and I'm soooooo ready for a round two! For round 2 I'm hoping to get Dr. Cardenas and I'm going to get a breast reduction/lift, an ETT revision, and maybe some more lipo with fat graft since I feel my butt is still kinda flat. I have posted new pics. I look better in clothes then naked but at least I look better than I did....

1 year post surgery

Its been a while since I updated, it took a while before I was happy with my results. My fat grafting could have been a little better but overall dr. Campos did a great job with my lipo and my bottle shape. Its kinda funny...I just recently became happy with my surgery and I end up pregnant lol my luck...but thats why there's a round two!

front and back

1 year post op

Ready fora round 2!

I'm recently 4 months post beautiful baby girl! I had my bbl done May 2012 and I became pregnant Feb. 2013! I didn't gain a lot of weight but my skin is stretched out.... so I'm ready for a round 2!
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

Have not had follow up care yet but everything else has been great so far so I'm sure that will b also

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