Decided on Dr Campos - Mexico

I've been wanting get a BBL for the LONGEST time...

I've been wanting get a BBL for the LONGEST time and have spent hours on here reading everyone's reviews. Dr campos responded by the next day to ask for pictures and responded quickly after I sent them with my quote. The only question I have is they want me to stay for 5 days but I can't . Has anyone left after the second day?

Made the Deposit for Dr.campos Bbl

Yay!!! I'm so excited ! I put down the required deposit of $1,200 to book my surgery day which will be March 24 !! I can't wait! Any advice ?! What should I purchase ? Any recommendations on where to stay? I will be going with my husband from Thursday-Sunday. They suggested I stay for 5 days for the massages. Has anyone left before the 5days?

Dr.campos assistant changed schedule date without notifying me!!

So I'm super irritated!!! ???? I called today to ask about what happens if I pay off my balance because when I paid the 1,200 deposit in October I never received a receipt Angie just told me to save the receipt I got from the bank and today when she asked the date of my scheduled surgery I told her March 24th and she told me i was scheduled March 21st!!! Wtf! I have emails of her tellin March 24th and nothing notifying me of the change! How do they think this is acceptable especially when someone works and has to ask for time off ! She said campos is not even going to be in the 24th so she's going to see what she can do. Has this happened to anyone? And what about the payment?
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

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